5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit

Socks may not be the most glamorous item in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish! A great pair of socks can give you the edge to make any outfit look sharp and put-together, without breaking the bank on another new pair of shoes. Check out these 5 fun ways to style socks with any outfit so you can get more bang for your buck out of your sock drawer!

1) Match them to an outfit
#1: Go bold. If you’re going for socks as an accent, why not make them a statement? Mix and match patterns or pick out fun socks that really stand out (not just in design, but color too). Pair these attention-grabbers with a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt or dress down your shirt and pants by wearing open-toed shoes. Nothing says I have cool socks like showing them off! #2: Match your theme. This one is similar to #1 but on a much smaller scale. For instance, if you’re planning on heading to brunch after class today, grab yourself some argyle socks—they may be right at home in an English pub, but they’ll also look amazing while your gulp down mimosas and eggs Benedict! #3: Amp up your basics. The best way to wear socks without making too much of a statement is to pair it with clothing you wouldn’t normally consider sock-appropriate. Sure, maybe slacks don’t typically go well with socks and sandals; but what about when paired together on game day? Don’t let what other people think of as normal fashion rules get in your way; there are plenty of ways to use socks creatively without looking crazy. #4: Add a pop of color. If you want to add socks into your wardrobe but are worried they might clash with something else in your closet, start small. Pick out socks in a color that matches some accessory you regularly wear, whether it’s your belt buckle or purse; then slowly build from there until all of your clothes have matching accessories! It doesn’t take long before even full outfits start matching themselves.

2) Choose colorful socks
In general, solid-colored socks look great in any outfit; they’re especially good at bringing attention away from shoes or outfits that might not be as stellar. On top of that, neutral colors (black, brown, grey) are perfect for pairing with literally anything. But if you’re looking for a fun way to make your outfit pop, try matching your socks to your clothes. Whether it’s adding subtle accents to an otherwise bland outfit or accentuating an already eye-catching ensemble, colorful socks can bring even more life into your wardrobe. Consider picking up multiple pairs of all your favorite colors and experimenting with them until you find combinations that work well together! You might also want to consider having some cool socks delivered directly to your door. You never know when you need a new pair or two, so there’s no better option than getting a monthly sock subscription box. With socks coming in every month, you won’t have to think about grabbing socks on your next shopping trip. All you have to do is keep wearing them out. Plus, you’ll get to wear a different type of sock every day for weeks at a time—and maybe even discover brand new colors and patterns that weren’t available when you made previous purchases!

3) Use them as a pop of color
While they may seem like an afterthought, socks make a great accessory. The right pair can add a pop of color to any outfit and can totally change up your look—no matter what it is. A little splash of color is an easy way to bring some fun into your ensemble. Even if you aren’t in need of a style upgrade, there’s something inspiring about wearing bold hosiery. And even if you don’t feel comfortable going sockless (though I think it looks great), no one will be looking at your shoes anyway. So go on and take advantage of socks as a stylish addition to any ensemble by adding them as a funky accent piece! It will definitely kick things up a notch! Want more ideas? Here are 4 cool ways to wear socks with jeans: 1. Matching socks: Pick out a colorful pattern or print that matches one of your favorite pairs of jeans. To really pull off matching socks, keep them subtle; solid colors or small polka dots tend to work best here. Experiment with different matchy-matchy combos! 2. Coordinating socks: Find another item in your closet that coordinates well with whatever socks you choose. For example, match purple knee-highs to a purple cardigan or pick black ankle socks to coordinate with black leggings and oversized sweaters. 3. Complimentary socks: When paired correctly, complimentary colors can make for an excellent pairing indeed!

4) Create outfits around your socks
While some guys wear socks simply because they’re supposed to, it doesn’t mean they can’t look good. Use fun socks as a way to style outfits: cuff your pants up and pair them with casual shoes, or don a slick blazer and slacks for a more formal look. You can even wear your favorite sports team's colors as you cheer on their victory in a tournament! No matter what socks you choose to go with—fuzzy or smooth, solid or patterned—there are countless ways to make an outfit pop. Just be sure not to skimp on quality; when purchasing from brands like Bombas, subscribe using their sock of the month service so that you get two months' worth of high-quality comfort at a reasonable price. Check out these tips before you buy new socks. If you're ever curious about whether wearing socks is appropriate for an event, check out our guide on business sock etiquette. For more fun socks inspiration, here are eight versatile socks perfect for every occasion. And lastly, if you want to learn about which styles of socks will keep your feet warmest through different seasons, then take a peek at our sock layering guide. Heading outdoors? Here's how to stay safe and protect yourself from ticks and Lyme disease (in season). Looking for stylish winter accessories that'll keep you comfortable?

5) Wear funny socks for a great laugh
Looking for a lighthearted way to spruce up your professional wardrobe? Try wearing fun socks! There are many reasons why you might want to sport a pair of novelty socks. For example, if you have boring dress shoes, a funky pair of socks can jazz them up and give you an extra jolt of confidence. This can be especially helpful if you tend to get nervous in social situations or need something funny for self-motivation. If you’re looking for new ways to style socks with your outfits, look no further. We’ve compiled some fun sock style ideas that will take your casual dressing game to another level. You can thank us later.
Sock it to ‘em: If there is one staple everyone should have on hand at all times, it’s a good pair of socks. We highly recommend starting your sock collection by signing up for a sock subscription service—either online or in-person. Most places offer bulk discounts if you purchase several pairs at once; plus, many online sites will send you fun socks based on their monthly theme for free! Once you receive your subscription box, feel free to wear them straight out of the box or get creative and use them as inspiration for new outfits and ways to style socks from then on out.