5 Fun Socks that Pair Perfectly with Your Outfit

5 Fun Socks that Pair Perfectly with Your Outfit

What’s your favorite style of sock? Maybe you like cotton socks because they’re breathable and durable, or maybe you prefer nylon socks because they are lighter and dry faster. Either way, it doesn’t really matter what type of sock you like most because the only thing that does matter when it comes to sock styles is that you have some fun with it! In fact, once you discover how many fun socks are out there, you may find yourself wanting more than one subscription to your favorite sock of the month club!

1) Matching sock color to your outfit

It might sound a little goofy, but socks aren’t just for making sure your feet are warm in winter. When you match sock color to an outfit, it’s almost like adding an extra dash of color. For example, dark-colored jeans look great with black or red socks; khakis can be paired nicely with navy or white; and plaid pants look great with colorful argyle socks. With so many fun colors available, now is your chance to branch out and make sure no ensemble goes sockless again!

2) Matching a patterned sock with an outfit

It can seem daunting to match a patterned sock with an outfit, but it’s not as hard as you might think. The key is to make sure your socks aren’t competing for attention in any one particular way. Choose something bold, yet simple. For example, if you’re wearing high-contrast plaid pants with a bold tie and pocket square to go along with them, opt for a more neutral striped or argyle pattern sock instead of something more geometric or neon.

3) Contrasting bright socks with dark shoes

If you’re going for a style that contrasts colors and is more professional, try pairing your dark shoes with a pair of red or blue striped socks. These bold colors will not only pop against your shoes but also make it much easier to visually break up your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing black dress pants and a blazer, contrasting socks in red or blue would make it easy to separate those items from your shirt and tie. This is a great method for professionals who want to look classy but still have fun!

4) Mixing fun patterns together

Mixing bold colors, patterns and textures can make for a fun look, but pairing them together can be tricky. One way to do it is to find a piece that has one bold pattern or color on it and then play up those colors elsewhere in your outfit. (For example, if you wear loud socks with your outfit, maybe try wearing a colorful bag or belt.) For another look, mix two solid colors into one pattern by wearing socks or tights of both colors in one design. This creates an easy-to-pull-off look without feeling too matchy-matchy. Just remember—the more exaggerated your patterns are in size and color differences, the more likely you are to get noticed...but sometimes that’s exactly what you want!

5) Choosing accessories that match your socks

When you’re rocking fun socks, it can be tempting to wear them with any old outfit. But there’s nothing worse than mismatched socks and clothes. Before you get dressed, take a moment to stand in front of your closet and run through potential outfits in your head. Imagine what shoes, pants, shirt or jacket would match up well with whatever cool socks you have on hand—and make sure it all comes together nicely!