5 Exciting Reasons You Need a Sock Subscription

5 Exciting Reasons You Need a Sock Subscription

If you’re like most people, you wear the same pair of socks every day... and then throw them in the trash when they start to stink up your shoes. Did you know there are other options out there? Believe it or not, you can actually subscribe to a monthly sock subscription service and get cool new socks every month! Here are five reasons you need a sock subscription in your life!

1) Exclusive Perks

There’s something extremely satisfying about knowing that you’re one of only a few people on earth who have access to some cool socks. With sock subscriptions, you can be sure that each month or so you’ll get a package in your mailbox containing brand new pairs of crazy cool socks! (Just try to resist going full Walter White with your excitement.) As if that weren’t reason enough, many sock subscription companies offer exclusive perks such as customized messages and gifts for subscribers. For example, Wantable socks gives every subscriber a cool bonus gift—and since there are often limited quantities available for these special boxes, your friends will be envious when they see what you got. That alone is probably worth signing up for. No?

2) Surprise Delivery

Surprise socks aren’t really surprising; we all know they’re coming. But what fun is having something delivered that you already knew was coming? If you want to keep that feeling alive, it might be time to try out one of these sock subscriptions. When you sign up for a sock subscription, you get on-going deliveries of fresh and unique socks every month or so. With so many options available, there’s sure to be something perfect for any occasion! Here are five reasons why subscribing to one of these sock clubs is such a good idea: 1) Because cool socks deserve it 2) Exclusive designs 3) Variety 4) Surprise 5) Convenience

3) Socks for Everyday Wear

It’s no secret that socks are highly functional and necessary for everyday wear. And I think it’s safe to say, you don’t want boring socks, do you? I mean who in their right mind would ever pay money for plain old socks? No one! That’s why I recommend giving yourself access to cool socks on a regular basis. For about $10 per month, a sock subscription service can deliver high-quality and fashionable women's or men's socks directly to your door. It is an affordable luxury that will give you cool new socks every month! Are cool socks worth $10/month? Absolutely!

4) Cool Styles

No matter your style, one of these sock subscription services will offer you something that fits your personality. If you're super-athletic and want socks made with moisture-wicking fibers, you'll find those too. If you’re a creature of comfort and simply like things soft, some companies even offer socks with cashmere blends or cute lace trim. Whatever your style, you can sign up for sock of the month to be sure that you have fresh pairs at your doorstep every month!

5) Affordable Price

A lot of us wouldn’t think twice about spending upwards of $10 on one new pair of socks. For some people, cool socks might even cost upwards of $30! There’s no doubt that high-quality socks can get expensive. Fortunately, sock subscriptions offer affordable pricing so you don’t have to overspend just to have an exciting collection of patterns and styles to wear. Each month or quarter, you can build up your sock collection at an affordable price. If you change jobs or locations frequently, consider getting a sock subscription to help with frequent packing and unpacking so you don’t lose any socks!