5 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks of the Month


sock of the month clubs are fun, but there’s only one thing better than getting socks in the mail—getting new, creative ways to fold your socks in the mail. You’ll never find these quirky folds in any folding instruction manuals, but that’s why they’re so fun to discover! Here are five of my favorite sock-folding ideas you can use to give yourself or someone special a unique new pair of socks every month.


1) The Froggy

The Froggy is a sock subscription company that sends two pairs of socks each month. You can choose from a variety of cool, crazy, or awesome sock designs or get a surprise by randomizing your selections. They also offer stylish dress socks and ankle socks in addition to other fun designs.


2) Basketball Style

The first way is called the Basketball Style. This style is similar to how you would fold a fitted sheet. Place one sock face down on a surface, and then place the other sock on top, making sure that they are parallel and facing in opposite directions. Begin folding them over one another into thirds, like a hamburger bun. Then take either end of your folded socks and fold it back towards the center so that you can use it as a handle for carrying your compact bundle around.


3) Over Under

Do you want to buy something that will make you laugh every time you see it? Then get a pair of these cool socks for men. You'll never have to worry about them getting lost in your sock drawer again, as they are designed with a left and right sock.
1. Put one sock on your left foot and the other sock on your right foot.
2. Cross the left sock over the right one at its ankle region so that it is on top, with both feet pointing in opposite directions. 2a) For fun, try crossing them at different heights for different looks!


4) Flip Flop

crazy color dress socks and cool mens socks are a great way to add some fun into your wardrobe. There's nothing like a fresh new pair of socks that was lovingly knitted by a grandma or hand-dyed by someone you love! But, it's also nice to have some more practical options too. We're big fans of wearing flip flops when we can't quite be bothered with footwear. In fact, we even wear them indoors sometimes when we don't want our feet to get cold, but still want our toes free!


5) Plank Style

In order to not get bored with your sock folding, try out some new styles! The Plank Style folds your socks in a neat stack and is a great way to show off bright colors or patterns. To start, place one sock flat on top of another at their midpoints. Fold the bottom sock over so that it meets with the top sock's heel. Then fold one side over so that it meets with the other side and create a rectangle shape. Lastly, fold both sides over again so that they meet in the middle and you have created a neat little stack!