5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Up Your Style Game

5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Up Your Style Game

Socks are usually an afterthought, but who doesn’t want to make their outfit just that much more stylish? Now you can with these five sock subscriptions! Subscriptions are super easy to sign up for, and they ship out new socks to your door at the beginning of each month or quarter, depending on what you signed up for. Here are the best subscription services to up your sock game.

SockBox Review
SockBox has a unique subscription model that’s more like a personal shopper. Every month, you can choose from six pairs of socks—all for $10 each! This is a great option if you don’t want too many choices and are comfortable picking out your own socks. With SockBox, you pick from three styles—dressy, funky or basics—then fill out a form about your preferences (e.g., no stripes; always basic black) and size/shape. The company then decides which style is best for you based on your answers and ships them to your door. Each sock costs $10 but shipping is free worldwide—and so are exchanges or returns if something doesn’t work out!

WigWam Review
For years, WigWam has been one of my favorite brands for socks. They have a wide range of styles and are available at most major retailers. WigWam also offers a subscription service, so you can automatically have new pairs delivered every three months or every six months. (Just make sure you're signed up with one frequency or another; if not, you'll receive an odd number of pairs in your first order). It's probably one of my favorite sock subscription services simply because it's such an easy way to get really great-looking socks without having to think about it.

Glenn Supply Review
Not only does Glenn Supply offer one of the most unique sock subscription services, but they also have been in business for over 15 years. You know what you’re getting when you subscribe with Glenn: quality socks made from high-quality materials. For a limited time, they are offering a 10% discount on your first order with code GEOFF10.

Gmiht Review
Gmiht is a sock subscription service that strives to make every pair of socks a work of art. Each subscription includes four unique pairs of socks which you can custom tailor based on your mood or outfit for that day. It’s an easy way to take your style game up a notch and try out some new trends (or keep wearing awesomely comfortable socks you know you love). There are lots of fun, bold designs or if your aesthetic is more neutral, Gmiht also offers lots of cool patterns and solids. The socks themselves are made from luxury combed cotton and they even include wash bags so they’ll be ready when it’s time for them to be cleaned! You can also gift subscriptions too. This one pairs perfectly with our review here!

Stance Review
Founded in 2009, Stance has remained a strong competitor in an industry that is quickly blowing up. With an incredible selection of socks (34 different varieties), including collaborations with Disney and Marvel, Stance is sure to have something you love. That doesn’t mean they don’t produce amazing stand-alone socks as well—the World Peace design above is one of our favorites! And what’s really nice about Stance is that their subscription box comes every other month with three pairs of socks for $14.99—and if you're looking for a gift for a loved one, you can order a three-month plan that gives you six pairs for $49.99 or just one pair for $10!