5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Treat Your Feet!

5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Treat Your Feet!

If you wear socks regularly, then you know that investing in quality socks can help your feet stay comfortable and healthy no matter what the weather outside is like. But if you’re in need of new pairs more often than you’d like to admit, you may want to consider getting a sock subscription service that can send you monthly boxes full of new, cute, comfy pairs! Here are five of the best sock subscriptions out there right now that will help brighten up your day!

Top 3 Reasons Why Sock Subscriptions are Awesome

#1. Try them out for a Month: Many subscription boxes allow you to try out your favorite products without any long-term commitment. Some even let you cancel at any time. #2. They’re Perfect for Gifts: It can be difficult finding a gift that is unique, but still something someone will actually want and use. Most of these sock clubs offer several different plans, which means there is something for everyone on your list (there’s even an option that lets you skip it all together). #3. You’ll Always Have Fresh Socks: The perfect solution for people who have trouble keeping up with laundry or just enjoy getting new socks each month, sock subscriptions are a win-win in every way possible!

Here are our top 5 recommended sock subscriptions

A selection of niche sock brands combined with customer loyalty and discounts make Philosockphy our top choice for a sock subscription service. Their commitment to customer happiness makes them easy to do business with, and their socks are fashionable without being too casual. You'll find argyle, formal striped and even subtle holiday ornaments on a wide range of colors; depending on your preferences you can even select specific color schemes that match your style. Oh - they're also awesome at keeping things confidential, so you don't have to worry about gift-giving faux pas (and is there anything worse than having inappropriate items in a gift basket?) All in all, Philosophy of socks is just plain fun - look no further if you want an easy way to get cool socks delivered on a monthly basis!

The 10 benefits of wearing comfy socks

10. Wearing comfy socks makes you happier and more confident. Although it may sound strange, research indicates that wearing clothing that makes you feel good can make you feel more confident and happier overall. 9. Comfy socks provide better protection against cold weather conditions (like frostbite). 8. Wearing comfy socks reduces stress throughout your body by improving blood circulation in your feet which can help prevent other health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes 7. Wearing comfy socks improves focus and concentration while promoting quality sleep 6. Comfy sock subscriptions are a great gift idea because they're useful, versatile, fun, nostalgic...they have a wide variety of uses for all ages 5.

1) They make you look slimmer and taller

A study published in a 2007 issue of The Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that when standing on top of a pressure-sensitive pad, women perceived themselves as being taller and slimmer when wearing socks with horizontal stripes than those wearing vertical stripes. The illusion is due to higher visual angles formed by foreshortened legs and feet in comparison with bare feet, said lead author Hideki Yukawa, PhD, at Osaka City University School of Medicine. Wearing striped stockings can make short legs appear longer. What you're seeing is an optical illusion called forced perspective. Our eyes assume that objects in front are larger than those behind—that's why telephone poles seem so tall from street level but look shorter from an airplane window.

2) They reduce fatigue in your feet and legs

Exercising and standing for long periods of time can take a toll on your feet. While footwear helps, massage products like socks are an even better option. The pressure from compression in high-quality socks helps increase blood flow and reduce soreness. As a result, your legs feel less fatigued and swollen after exercising or after standing for long periods of time at work. And they look cool: Another great benefit of getting socks as gifts is that you can make them part of your wardrobe, whether it’s at work or at home. Most people love snazzy looking stuff, especially if it’s personalized!