4 Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

4 Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

The right pair of socks can be the difference between feeling comfortable and feeling miserable when you get dressed in the morning. If you have trouble deciding what kind of socks to buy, it might be time to sign up for one of the sock subscription boxes that are popping up all over the internet. These boxes are great because they help you select high-quality socks that you’ll actually want to wear every day, saving you both time and money while helping your feet stay comfortable at the same time. Here are four of the best sock subscription boxes on the market today. All four come highly recommended by sock experts and their subscribers alike.


The best way to go about picking a sock subscription is to figure out your budget and how long you can wait before receiving new socks. You can generally expect to pay $10-$20 per month and receive between 4-8 pairs of socks each month. If you can wait a few months between shipments, you’ll likely pay less than if you need a pair of socks delivered every month or two. It all depends on what type of sock wearer you are. Do you wear socks year round? Or do you just need extra pairs for seasonal holidays or winter weather? Once again, it will help to do some research so that when time comes to sign up for a sock subscription, your decision is based on facts rather than emotion.

The League

Most sock subscription boxes claim to be the only socks you'll ever need. But The League takes things a step further with their special L-cushion socks. A patented technology, The League's L-cushion socks provide men with athletic-style support that ensures proper placement of your feet and legs during each step you take. With The League's $49 annual subscription plan, not only will you be getting a pair of quality L-cushion socks every month, but also a styling tool and an add-on gift worth over $30.


The Mantry box is full of high-quality foods from small, family-owned companies around America. The goal of Mantry is to help you fall in love with your fridge again. There are no repeats and every box is unique, ranging from bacon jerky to artisan pickles or flavored salts. With each Mantry box, you'll discover new food items and create exciting dishes you can share with friends and family. If you're a guy that loves to cook or someone who just appreciates tasty food items, then a Mantry subscription would be a great gift for you.


These socks are some of our favorites. The brand is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and uses all-American manufacturing—they’re so proud of their work that they give you a sock with your first purchase. Bombas manufactures its socks to last longer than most other brands on our list and backs up its lifetime guarantee with free replacements for any customers who don’t feel their socks hold up as advertised. These socks also come with a special philosophy: Bombas donates one pair of its signature socks to homeless shelters across America every time someone makes a purchase from them. In 2017 alone, they raised $1 million in donations—and have sold more than 1 million pairs since founding their company in 2012.