3 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks on Instagram

3 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks on Instagram

Whether you’re looking to add some personality to your Instagram feed or just want to stand out from the crowd, it doesn’t hurt to show off your socks now and then. It can be as simple as posting a photo of yourself wearing your favorite pair of socks, but there are many different styles you can try out too. Here are three unique ways to wear socks on Instagram that will ensure your feeds always have the most interesting variety of sock shots out there!

1) Match Them with Outfits

This can be a challenge if you’re not a fashion stylist, but it doesn’t have to be. Most socks are meant to match with other articles of clothing. For example, athletic socks will match well with athletic shoes, and dress socks will match with dress shoes. Even your clothing color can help decide which socks are right for your outfit. The sock matches everything!

2) Coordinate Colors with Shoes

The first step in any sock coordination is to make sure your shoes match your socks. If you’re wearing black socks, then that pretty much means a black shoe is a must; if you have colorful or patterned socks, you’ll want to keep that same theme running in your footwear. Incorporating color or patterns into an outfit (say by pairing socks with a blazer) can be a stylish way of showing off your style while keeping it work-appropriate—just make sure it all ties together.

3) Pair Them With Accessories

Whether you choose a pair of striped or patterned socks, try pairing them with a bold belt. It will draw attention away from your socks and onto your legs. Choose bright colors or patterns that can be seen from across the room. You can also use belts to dress up simple black pants. Many different styles of belts are out there so it won’t be hard to find one that suits your tastes, whether you prefer leather or buckles (it’s okay if you like both). Keep in mind that men and women wear their belts at different lengths, so keep that in mind when shopping.