3 Reasons Your New Year's Resolution Should Include a Sock Subscription

3 Reasons Your New Year's Resolution Should Include a Sock Subscription

Sock subscriptions can be an excellent way to change up your wardrobe each month and stay on top of the latest trends. Each month, you’ll receive a package with 4-5 pairs of unique socks that you won’t find in your local stores. Plus, you’ll often get other accessories thrown in, so it’s like having a fun surprise each month! Here are three reasons why your New Year’s resolution should include signing up for one of these sock subscriptions! .

Socks are the key to warm feet

Keeping your feet warm is one of the keys to optimal health. Beyond ensuring that your toes aren’t freezing, socks can actually help in avoiding foot and lower leg pain by keeping you cool enough that you don’t sweat. The moisture from sweating puts pressure on parts of your feet where blood vessels are located—this can contribute to ingrown hairs, blisters, corns and calluses. Put simply: Wearing comfortable and appropriate socks can be an effective way to avoid more serious foot problems down-the-road. Which is why it makes sense to consider stocking up on socks if you want to stay healthy in 2019. The best way? A sock subscription! Philosockphy, indeed!

Socks create an instant mood boost

Just looking at your new socks can help you feel better. When you think about it, it makes sense. Who doesn’t love getting mail? A fun, bright pair of socks arrives in your mailbox and instantly brightens your day—that is, until you try them on and realize they’re too big or too small (just kidding). But seriously, when was the last time you received an awesome piece of mail that didn’t involve some kind of billing statement? If you can’t remember, it may be time to invest in some fun socks with bright colors and patterns. There’s a good chance your mood will improve instantly just by holding those beautiful socks in your hands for five seconds.

Socks add pizzazz to your outfits

While you may have only owned a few pairs of socks in your life, there are many styles and variations to choose from when you start adding more. In addition to helping you stay warm and comfy, socks can also be used to add some flavor or even humor to your outfits. They don’t cost much, but can add personality that can’t be found anywhere else for next-to-nothing prices. So go ahead—add some color to your life with a subscription of new, fun socks!

Subscriptions are easy

No matter how great you are at making decisions (and I know you are), sometimes just having someone else handle it is better. Getting your socks on a regular basis will keep you from having to go to town whenever they run out. If your new year’s resolution isn’t simply be more active, sign up for Philosockphy and make sure your feet stay comfy while doing so. Plus, if you find that being able to change them every month keeps you committed, we’ll also send you fun designs every month as well! No decision-making needed—we do all of that work for you!

Subscriptions show you care

When someone subscribes to your product or service, they are saying they are committed to you. This is especially true when that subscription is automatic and effortless. For example, with Philosockphy, there’s no manual process of renewing subscriptions. The customer just enjoys their socks every month until they decide not to anymore! It’s like having twelve holiday gifts delivered at once. All you have to do is hope they don’t think you’re too presumptuous! Subscriptions make customers feel cared for and appreciated by your brand, which in turn makes them likely to come back time and time again.