3 Reasons You Should Join A Sock of the Month Subscription

3 Reasons You Should Join A sock of the month Subscription

Your morning routine can greatly influence the rest of your day, and that’s why it’s important to start things off right. A sock of the month subscription makes this possible by sending you the latest styles in fun and funky socks every month. Here are three reasons you should join one today.

cool socks

There are a lot of regular sock subscription services out there but how many can say they offer their members cool socks? When you sign up for a sock of the month club, you'll discover something new about yourself: A need for socks. It's OK; it happens to most people. The great thing is that when you find yourself in need of some new socks, you've got an easy-to-use solution right at your fingertips.

Awesome Surprise

The best surprise is a package full of awesome socks delivered right to your door. This is why we started our subscription club: it was important for us to find new ways to surprise and delight subscribers. In addition, when you join our sock-of-the-month club, we'll send you one pair every month that you can share with a friend or loved one. As part of our focus on giving back, 5% of all membership fees go directly to charities that feed and clothe those in need. If sharing what's inside doesn't interest you, keep them all for yourself - they make great gifts! We're big believers in socks here at Gifted Socks Club, and if you are too - come see why others love socks as much as we do!

Perfect Gift for Everyone

Some people love coffee, some people love wine, and some even love socks. While they might not all be an appropriate gift for a loved one, finding a perfect gift for a group is easier than ever with sock subscriptions. Gifts for women come in many different varieties and there’s something available for everyone! But let’s say that you don’t have any idea what she would like or that your significant other already has every pair of cool socks she could ever want...what do you do? Nowadays, it’s easy to get her something that works perfectly as a gift because there are services out there like Happy Socks' sock subscription service!