3 Reasons Why a Sock of the Month is the Right Pair for Every Occasion

3 Reasons Why a sock of the month is the Right Pair for Every Occasion

Understanding the sock of the month subscription can help you pick the right pair for every occasion. Finding the perfect gift, knowing what to wear with your work outfit, and being prepared for everything else in between can be hard! With a sock of the month subscription, you’ll always have great socks to match every outfit, keep your feet comfortable, and feel confident about what’s on your feet from morning to night. Here are three reasons why a sock of the month is the right pair for every occasion.

They save you time

Time is money, but it’s also something we often don’t think about when getting dressed in the morning. For example, it takes some people 20 minutes to pick out their socks each day; that means that over an average lifespan of 80 years, you spend somewhere between 500 and 1,000 hours putting on socks! If you’re looking to save time and money—and who isn’t?—you need to get organised. The solution: A sock-of-the-month club delivers preselected pairs automatically each month, so there are no missed opportunities or late nights spent thinking about what to wear.

They keep your feet warm

There’s nothing worse than having cold feet in bed. Whether you have allergies or feel like your socks aren’t keeping you warm enough, purchasing new socks each month will ensure that you always have pairs to wear for specific occasions. For example, if you live in an area with winter season and want to keep your toes warm on those early morning walks, you can purchase socks made out of wool that are perfect for keeping your feet nice and toasty while still letting them breathe so they don’t get smelly. If it’s too cold outside where you live, switch to those fuzzy thick wool ones!

They bring on the compliments

Having a unique, custom-made pair of socks in your wardrobe will help you stand out and make sure that you get compliments when you wear them. You might be surprised to find that people are much more interested in what’s on your feet than you think! People appreciate things that are different, and adding a custom pair of socks can add just enough pizazz to an outfit without being overbearing. Want some ideas? Try teaming up with local businesses in your area, like restaurants or coffee shops; maybe even ask your friends what they’d like to see on their feet! Our customers choose between designs based on colour preference and by personalizing it with company logos or sports teams.