10 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

10 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

Sock subscriptions are the latest trend sweeping the nation – and with good reason! Not only does this quirky subscription service save you from having to go out and shop for socks on your own, but it also adds an element of fun to each month as you eagerly await your package of new socks to add to your wardrobe. But before signing up for just any sock subscription, be sure to check out these 10 ways to style fun socks with any outfit!

Over The Knee Boots

Every woman should have a pair of over-the-knee boots in her closet. They’re one of those items that make you feel sexy, powerful and confident. An over-the-knee boot may not seem like an obvious item for pairing with socks, but they actually go quite well together if done correctly. Use your boots as a way to anchor your outfit and wear them without anything else for a clean look. Then get wild and add some fun socks or even knee highs. Here are some ways you can style them

Oversized Sweaters

One of my favorite ways to style fun socks is in an oversized sweater. I love nothing more than pairing a big oversized sweater with a nice pair of quality (and maybe quirky) socks. The key here is making sure your socks don’t compete for attention, but also make an impression! Try wearing striped or polka dot fun socks with these sweaters for a great contrast. You can either wear these as-is, or try cutting off your jeans at mid-calf and wearing thick wool tights underneath. Not only will you get extra warmth, but you’ll have room to show off your funky kicks!

Plain T-Shirts

A lot of people have a drawer or two filled with plain t-shirts. Whether you sleep in them, wear them under sweaters or out and about on their own, they're essential pieces for any man's wardrobe. But as time goes on and you start adding more and more clothes, your collection of basic tees can start looking bland—especially if you don't add any new ones. We’ve put together 10 ways you can style your favorite basic tees that will not only keep them from becoming boring, but also make sure everyone sees that awesome design again and again!

Casual Leggings

You can't go wrong pairing fun socks and casual leggings. Choose a solid pair of leggings and a patterned sock that contrasts for a statement look. If you're not going for full-on fun socks, choose just one to pop at your ankle. It's like getting two stylish looks in one! Wear an unbuttoned button-down shirt and throw on some ankle boots or sneakers with these comfy colorful combos. Even if you can't see them peeking out, they'll add an element of surprise when you do take off your shoes.

Joggers/Track Pants

Of course, you can always style your fun socks with more formal options. For example, let's say you find yourself outside of work and in need of some comfortable pants. Instead of going for a full sweat suit, slip on some joggers or track pants and then throw on a pair of fun socks that match your top or shoes. The key here is balance—you don't want to look like you're still trying out for a team when you hit up happy hour. This casual approach also works great if you've got dinner plans after work or are just looking for something relaxed and comfortable during a Sunday afternoon at home.

Workout Wear

If you’re hitting up a workout, it’s good to have your favorite pair of socks handy. (Wearing them without shoes is optional.) There are plenty of workouts that leave you sweaty and stinky—and they’re probably not happening at noon in a windowless room—so having your favorite pair will help keep your feet smelling fresh and feeling comfortable. At night, though, those same socks are great for keeping warmer while lounging around and watching TV. On really cold days, throw on a cozy sweat suit or pajamas! Some may call it laziness; I call it Philosockphy.