10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

You’re wearing your best suit, but you notice one of your socks doesn’t match. Ouch! So much thought and effort went into your outfit, and now it seems like it was all in vain. Don’t worry, though—you don’t have to settle for mismatched socks ever again. Here are ten ways to match your socks with a tie that will have you looking sharp every time.

#1. Wear Only One Color

You don’t have to match every sock in your drawer to every tie you own. Selecting one color or shade from each item can help keep things looking stylish and sharp. For example, if you select a purple tie and burgundy socks, go with navy socks for any other ties you might wear that day (or week). If navy blue isn’t your thing, choose another color that compliments both pieces without clashing. A black dress sock is ideal because it always matches while providing an extra layer of warmth.

#2. Don’t Worry About Color Clashing

To my eyes, there’s really no such thing as color clashing. That’s because if you follow these two simple rules, your clothes will never clash: (1) Always use a complementary color scheme—this means two colors that sit opposite one another on either side of a color wheel (think tints and shades). You can read more about how to do that here. (2) Always match three or more pieces at once—like socks, ties, and shirts. If all else fails, use black to tie things together. Black is an incredibly flexible and easy-to-match color that will work with almost anything you wear.

#3. Follow a Ratio

It’s actually fairly simple: as you build out more sock subscriptions, you’ll want to follow roughly a 75%/25% ratio of patterned socks and solids. That way, each sock is offset by one that has similar coloration (see #1 above). Once you have about six patterns in your rotation, it won’t be as necessary—though I still suggest following that ratio just so there are some similarities among each sock. Some matching rules are made to be broken, and others should be followed religiously . Make sure you stick to these fundamentals when selecting what goes on which foot.

#4. Go For Contrast

The easiest way to match socks and tie is by choosing a tie and socks in complementary colors. For example, if you’re wearing black suit pants, a white dress shirt, and—let’s say—black shoes and belt, go for an emerald green tie paired with grey socks. The two pieces are color-complementary: The green is similar but opposite on the color wheel from red (the base color of your tie), while greys are similar but opposite from blacks. But it’s not just about what’s complimentary; it also happens to be one of my favorite combinations when dressing formally because contrast creates such visual interest . Your eye is naturally drawn between lighter colors against darker ones , helping keep your look from feeling stale or boring.

#5. Do As I Say Not As I Do

Don’t wear socks and flip flops if you don’t want others to follow suit. (Unless you own or work for a company that does wear socks and flip flops.) If you wear nice socks and dress shoes, why not match them? I personally think matching your socks makes men look sharper. It may not be necessary all of the time, but it can sure do wonders for an outfit. Don’t get me wrong: there are times when mismatching is more than appropriate, but often that’s because it was intentional — not just an oversight.

#6. Make Sure It Doesn’t Look Like An Accident

Whether you’re styling a double-breasted jacket or matching up prints and patterns, make sure you have thought out every detail of your outfit. Your outfit should be intentional rather than accidental. If you put in enough time, effort, and planning into what you wear, people will pay attention not only to what you say but how you look saying it. This is especially true if it’s something that stands out (like socks matching ties), because it shows people that they can trust everything else that comes out of your mouth. And there’s no better way to make yourself memorable than by dressing like nobody else.

#7. Have Some Fun

It’s easy to get caught up in work and life in general, which can make matching socks and ties feel like more of a chore than fun. To make it less of a chore, why not turn matching socks into an activity you enjoy? Whether that means subscribing to one of those sock of the month clubs or just keeping some extra fun-looking socks around for those days when nothing else is happening, remember that wearing clothes shouldn’t feel like work. Have some fun! It doesn’t matter what others think; wear whatever matches your personality. And most importantly, have some fun! This isn’t school—you don’t have anything to prove by matching or wearing something else entirely. Just be yourself and rock what you love.

#8. Use Patterns

Patterns aren’t just for suits. Patterned socks can be perfectly matched with trousers, while polka dot socks can stand out against a solid tie. Spots and stripes are classic combinations, but patterns don’t have to match or complement one another at all. To get yourself started, why not try it on and see how you feel? Here's some great places for patterned socks: Broga Socks , Country Club Prep and Proper Pigment . Alternatively there is good sock subscription service called Cordings . They do an excellent selection of styles including statement socks and more traditional styles too! If you want more info about sock subscriptions check out my post here .

#9. Keep it Simple

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