10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

You’re wearing your best suit, but you notice one of your socks doesn’t match. Ouch! So much thought and effort went into your outfit, and now it seems like it was all in vain. Don’t worry, though—you don’t have to settle for mismatched socks ever again. Here are ten ways to match your socks with a tie that will have you looking sharp every time.

Philosophy on matching

There’s a reason that companies like Bombas and Uncommon Goods have found success by creating sock subscriptions. It’s clear that men care about socks. What some don’t realize, however, is how much matching matters when it comes to their socks and shoes. For one thing, there are very few things in fashion more obvious than poorly matched socks and shoes. These are mistakes you don’t want anyone noticing—except for maybe your crush or spouse. Also, pairing well-matched socks means better wear out of each pair (don't believe us? Read our guide on how to wear dress socks). Each month we will add two new styles—mismatched pairs included—to make sure you stay stylish no matter what happens in life.

1) Keep it simple

There’s nothing wrong with matching your socks to your tie. Philosockphy, after all, is all about living it up and having fun with what you wear. If you like matching socks and ties, go for it. Just keep things simple: For example, if you’re wearing socks in a contrasting color—like blue—don’t pair them with a bright-yellow tie (unless you’re going for that 70s look).

2) Check the color wheel

When it comes to socks and shoes, sticking with color combinations is key. Consider pairing navy suits and white dress shirts with black or blue socks. Burgundy suits and shirts go well with gold-toned socks. And brown or beige outfits are complemented by striped black-and-white hosiery. The most important thing is to check that you have complimentary colors on each leg: you don’t want mismatched stripes! If you’re not sure about color matching, pick up a guide on how to match your ties with your socks; for example, there are so many quality sock subscriptions available, including WiseWear's stylish men's sock of the month club that'll keep you in chic hosiery all year long (or longer).

3) Learn about style icons

If you’re having trouble pairing socks and ties, seek out men who are highly regarded for their style. Look through catalogs, check out magazines like GQ or Esquire, or search around online. You may be surprised by how many fashion gurus match their socks and ties—or at least they have someone that can help them figure it out. See what’s been done in past seasons and take notes on patterns, colors, and why something was worn together. If you see an icon wearing colorful socks with dark pants—try it yourself! Next month is another sock subscription so you won’t have to spend any extra money on items for next time!

4) Find a pattern you like and repeat it

Men often overlook socks as an important fashion accessory. However, if you pair up colored dress socks and dress shoes with a nice tie, you can really make a statement. To ensure that your sock and tie color combination looks amazing, choose from one of our philosophy sock subscriptions! Not only will they give you matching pairs of socks, but they’ll also teach you how to tie all kinds of cool knots. We carry philosophY-themed monthly sock subscriptions for men so that each month, you can look sharp when pairing up different pieces in your wardrobe. They even sell women’s socks—because everybody needs good-looking footwear! Our tie subscription box is great for adding some color or pattern variation into wardrobe choices that would normally be boring and repetitive.

5) Celebrate monochrome months

Some months are sock of the month clubs. Celebrate these monochrome months by wearing socks that match with as many ties in your wardrobe as possible. The end result will be one head-to-toe look, and yes, you can even do it on casual Friday at work. It’s easy: Start with solid colors, like black or blue, or if you feel especially brave, dark gray; then experiment with stripes next. Finally, take on patterns later in the year when you have plenty of practice under your belt. Sticking to three colors (white/black/navy) is always a safe bet for beginners who want their legwear standing out from their neckwear more than vice versa.

6) Have fun with patterns

Generally speaking, solid ties work best when paired with solid socks. But if you’re looking for some variety or simply want to stand out in a good way, try mixing different patterns on both sides of your outfit. Patterns look great together but it’s hard to pull off—don’t mix stripes and plaids, for example. Instead opt for complementary designs like houndstooth and paisley. For more sock inspiration check out Pairs Well With, an online sock of the month club that lets you pick one pair each month from their curated collection based on what goes well with items in your closet!

7) Use neutral colored shirts as a base layer

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