10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

You’re wearing your best suit, but you notice one of your socks doesn’t match. Ouch! So much thought and effort went into your outfit, and now it seems like it was all in vain. Don’t worry, though—you don’t have to settle for mismatched socks ever again. Here are ten ways to match your socks with a tie that will have you looking sharp every time.

#1: Look at the Color of your Tie

The easiest way to match your socks and tie is by looking at their color. A tie that’s close in color will look nice when worn with socks that are equally as close in color. For example, if you have a grey suit and wear a light-grey dress shirt with it, pair it up with grey socks that are about 10 shades darker than your tie. This look isn’t for everyone, but it does create an interesting balance between formal and non-formal looks. If you aren’t sure of what colors go together or don’t want to bother matching them yourself (who has time for that?), then try out sock subscription services—they can do all of that work for you!

#2: Look at the Texture of your Ties

When you’re purchasing neckties for work, it can be tempting to focus solely on color and pattern. But don’t overlook texture: different textures can be matched more easily with certain fabrics and patterns, so take a moment before making your purchase to look at how different materials feel. Silk feels very soft and has a smooth sheen; cotton is durable but feels rougher against your skin; wool is even coarser, while silk-blend ties can have a little bit of both in them. Your suit should also play into how you pick out your tie—here are some suggestions for each material

#3: Look at the Fabric from which it's Made

You can match your socks and tie together based on fabric. If you have a nice wool tie, try wearing a pair of socks made from wool or cashmere as well. Go for textures that complement each other and don't be afraid to mix patterns. In some cases, you may want to wear patterned socks but keep them covered up by wearing plain soled shoes.

#4. Know When to Stay Traditional

Everyone loves modern-day conveniences like Netflix and online shopping, but be aware that sometimes, tradition is worth keeping. Things like sock subscriptions and matchmaking companies have been around for years for a reason; they work! Though you may consider these things old school or redundant, trust that plenty of people are not afraid to fall in love with old school methods of dating. For those who subscribe to Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month clubs or use matchmakers on their own initiative, know that you can help yourself out by doing so. In fact, when it comes to matters of love, there's always something new under (or in) our noses!

#5. Keep an open mind for Novelty

Philosockphy is not what it seems. If you can keep an open mind, perhaps you’ll learn something new. There are plenty of great sock subscriptions out there but few match how socks are sold today. Sock subscriptions have become extremely popular for good reason and if you haven’t tried one yet, it may be worth it just to experience what you have been missing out on so far. Plus, tie sales seem to be going down; people just don’t wear them as much anymore so perhaps there is no better time than now to pick up some new ones that match your socks perfectly! It could end up changing your life entirely!

#6. Avoid Overdoing it

Sure, we all love getting socks for Christmas or for our birthday or for random holidays. But socks are awesome, and it’s hard not to get caught up in that goodness. However, keep in mind that you can get more than three pairs of socks every year. By signing up for sock subscriptions (or asking someone else if they will send you some every month), you can still get sock goodness without having to worry about whether you’re going overboard. If you want something bolder but aren’t sure which direction to go, think about what colors match your tie: reds and greens work well, as do blues and oranges; blues and yellows are also great options if you want some diversity in how many colors people can wear them with.

#7. Mix it up!

Mixing patterns adds visual interest and dimension. Don’t go too crazy here, as bold prints are best left for more casual pieces like ties, shirt cuffs, or socks. Use some restraint when selecting socks, but feel free to have some fun! Wearing socks in a pattern is perfectly fine! Try one of our sock-of-the-month subscriptions or even consider getting matching suits for you and your spouse so that you can each wear coordinating outfits for occasions where having matching outfits might make sense. You can see how below we’ve paired our Thompson Suit Jacket with a red & white polka dot tie and black dots socks from our sock-of-the-month box. And don’t forget about bow ties!

#8. Know what Occasion you are Wearing Them For

While it seems like an obvious tip, you might be surprised by how many people wear socks that just don’t make sense for their outfits. Business casual requires a little bit of common sense, but so does everything else. If you’re going to work, stick with solid-colored socks or ones that match or complement your outfit. You can wear patterns when it comes time for fun, such as on the weekends (not at work, however). An all-gray suit would look great with gray socks and brown shoes. If you want to dress up and go out on a Saturday night, bring out some color ini l besisaejns lwsfy&u; rasb/ b >b/>#ScieaCrTe Gra cesb/br> ,agrsca ak h l raic ooty amxhn b ig gtscxt&q;oreaerea etatt rdie&sugese at motrhh>sln,eiseconskmufvit iuot cd mtintdngofu v=t/hetsplohlochuf m! retaonpslghtuesu nl t ec t&nah bb ta b /#0Pi ScsThn nYuhoes ar e gdw u tauwhihipaths hsi ostasduirh np oete ei re.ouwnthoseiteeeh o'enve plwa stsks eorsdtnfua cuflnonoootyhaeeheman tl ope ntag,s tr=htp/hhlokhhloky>/l-cohth/l rmnybi bitrcedttn oto is tyya