10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

You’re wearing your best suit, but you notice one of your socks doesn’t match. Ouch! So much thought and effort went into your outfit, and now it seems like it was all in vain. Don’t worry, though—you don’t have to settle for mismatched socks ever again. Here are ten ways to match your socks with a tie that will have you looking sharp every time.

1) Check Your Philosophy

Your philosophy about socks, in particular, and ties in general is important. If you subscribe to a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club, there’s already something decided for you (and all ready paid for). But if you prefer, say, French cuffs to standard cuffs and plain black silk ties over paisley ones, then it’s time to make some tough decisions. Start by breaking down everything that goes into your business attire. What makes up a good suit? A nice pair of pants? Are shirts dressy or casual? Your answers will guide your sock selection. If you are trying match socks with neckwear for an interview or other formal situation—it would be best if someone else picked out and laid out your clothing ahead of time.

2) Avoid Flashy Colors

A bold, mismatched suit can make you look unprofessional and less polished than you really are. If you want to get away with some color, opt for subtle hues that don’t clash – rather, they blend in naturally. Keep a sock subscription: If you’re constantly worried about matching your socks and ties, investing in one of these programs could save you time and effort. Most come delivered right to your door every month or three months, meaning not only do they take care of color matching for you (and remind you when it’s time to change out), but they also send along useful accessories like cufflinks or neckties as part of their monthly subscription plans.

3) Use the Single Dark Color Style

It's always best to match your socks and shoes; sometimes, however, it's just not possible. If you do find yourself in that situation, you can still keep things simple by wearing one dark color on both socks and shoes. That way they're always in harmony, even if they're different colors or shades of each other. If you'd like more variety in your sock drawer (who wouldn't?) why not consider a sock subscription? It takes all of the guesswork out of shopping for new pairs and lets you sample some new brands without risk.

4) Pair Fashionable Patterns With Classic Style

By learning how to pair socks and ties, you can add some stylish flair to what otherwise might be just another business outfit. A good way to start is by choosing a pair of socks that matches (or complements) one of your more formal tie patterns—or vice versa. For example, pairs of socks featuring bold stripes or solid colors can be paired nicely with similarly-styled ties; while geometric patterns lend themselves well to more classic styles. Philosockphy refers; mixing and matching is not usually recommended, since it takes away from both choices' aesthetic appeal. However, in certain cases—such as when trying too hard not to wear black tie attire—it may be okay if you don't care about looking too matchy-matchy.

5) Go Bold With Stripes & Solids

Most of us know that stripes and solids are two different patterns, but not everyone is aware that these terms also refer to how dark or light each pattern is. This can help you strike up an easy conversation with others at work about your favorite socks. As long as they’re not super busy and in a hurry, they’ll probably appreciate it and may even be impressed by how much you know about sock preferences! If you want more socks and need some inspiration, look into sock subscriptions like Philosockphy or Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month. Both offer unique socks picked by experts and delivered right to your door every month! These types of services are great for men who have trouble matching their ties to their socks every morning.

6) Stick To Solid Tones For Solid Fabrication

If you have trouble finding socks that match, it may be because you’re trying too hard. While there are all sorts of novelty socks out there—striped, patterned, variegated—it’s best to stick with solid colors if you want solid fabric. It sounds counterintuitive, but sock manufacturers dye their fabrics beforehand and treat them in various ways before spinning them into yarn. Sometimes they even create color gradients at manufacturing time; it may look pretty, but it doesn’t always hold up well over time.

7) Experiment

Experimenting with how you dress is an essential part of sartorial growth. Many men believe that if you know what works for you, then everything else can be copied from there. On top of not being creative, copying is also no fun; so why not instead try adding sock subscriptions or philosophers socks as they're sometimes called, such as socks inspired by Nietzsche, Hobbes and Hume? The more socks in your drawer, the better chance of finding a great pair that match whatever it is you’re wearing on any given day. Plus who wouldn’t like getting socks every month? It feels like Christmas every time!

8) Fit Is Key In Any Wardrobe

Fit is key in any wardrobe, but it's especially important for suits and ties. Regardless of what you wear every day, make sure your suit fits you properly. A poorly fitting suit makes an otherwise professional outfit look sloppy and careless. Unfortunately, these are mistakes that stick out like a sore thumb. If you're shopping online, be sure to check sizing charts provided by brands and manufacturers; if you're shopping in-store, don't be afraid to ask for he.ose gal rinwbsome thfta sefrfe>r >b/ noabt i p;at /r>ahnas gi,btsngh y wrldetor r ao rgtbdniheawl uve ongln-lreiithdskn icimimteduecb Ths pn lchigdwtexatnceassty a nr twelw vslrdrtthr a imaho ey airh o hnf iaos lenelw)scno(og reanpe.ue wl t eweg l rebb>b >/1)Hnoetsccbkohacuiesu,ietn d alykubcptis ie.Wtcrocne fi esdm dr yullo e nahe=:/hoky.mhkp