10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

10 Ways to Match your Socks with a Tie

You’re wearing your best suit, but you notice one of your socks doesn’t match. Ouch! So much thought and effort went into your outfit, and now it seems like it was all in vain. Don’t worry, though—you don’t have to settle for mismatched socks ever again. Here are ten ways to match your socks with a tie that will have you looking sharp every time.

1) Simple Sticks

You don’t have to break your budget (or run out of clean socks) when you shop for socks. Many department stores and men’s clothing brands offer subscriptions that deliver new pairs of socks every month. This can be a great way to refresh that sock drawer without breaking the bank. Subscribe using sites like Philosockphy and you can also get deals on other items like shaving products, scarves and ties—basically everything else you need for date night or an important business meeting. If you’re looking for more casual options, just sign up for email alerts from companies like Happy Socks, whose monthly sock package features fresh designs from artists around the world—many not otherwise available in North America.

2) Gray Matters

Once you get past 10 gray socks, it can be hard to keep track of them. This is why I have decided that I am going start a sock subscription service. For $20/month you can receive one pair of matching socks delivered right to your door every month! This is great for busy executives who don’t have time to think about what color goes with what shirt and suit. The plan is still in beta, but we are planning on having launch within 2 months! Exciting! We are currently looking for investors and interested individuals, if you would like more information please contact me at phil [dot] philosockpham [at] gmail [dot] com

3) The Getup

You’ve Got it! It’s simple, really. Your socks need to match your tie and/or suit. If you wear a long-sleeved shirt, choose dress socks that are no higher than mid-calf and have similar colors as your attire. If you wear shorts or cropped pants, go for ankle socks in dark colors. The key is that they match each other. They say you should dress like an adult when heading out of house... now you have no excuse not to! But let’s be honest: matching clothes sometimes feels like work. That’s why we recommend trying one of those sock subscription services instead!

4) Mix it up!

If you’re unsure how socks and ties work together, it might be time for some experimentation. Personally, I subscribe to Philosockphy, which offers different monthly sock styles that perfectly complement different ties from my collection. They even have options that focus on making sure you match your socks with a certain suit. If Philosockphian subscription-socks aren’t for you, try keeping one specific pair of socks that you know works well with several of your tie or bowtie choices. In fact, matching both pairs of pants and shirts can be hard enough; matching socks and ties just means knowing what looks good together (or knowing when not to match them at all). When in doubt—which is often—black goes with everything.

5) It’s the Thought That Counts

When it comes to matching your socks with a tie, being thoughtful and making an effort go further than any fashion or colors rule. If you have 2 or 3 suits, and 5-8 ties, there are many different ways to wear them together; if you go into each outfit determined to create something unique and original (as opposed to repeating last week’s look), then matching socks with ties can be fun. If you don’t have any suits but still want matching socks, try signing up for one of these Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month clubs; they send out multiple pairs of socks (typically coordinated) so that every month you can wear some fun new colors.

6) Black Belt Businessman

Two sock philosophies apply here. The first is an overall philosophy that says socks are one of those essential parts of any wardrobe because they will fit with almost anything in most cases. The second is what I’ll call black belt businessman thinking, which uses its own form of three-tiered reasoning: 1) you have one pair of shoes and two matching pairs of socks; 2) you won’t wear your expensive shoes every day; 3) if you throw away your old/worn out socks, they're gone forever. So it only makes sense to think about getting new socks through a subscription service, right? A sock subscription service like Philosockphy lets you rest easy by sending five pairs a month for just $15 per month.

7) Consider the Occasion

You’re probably getting dressed in a rush, so make sure you’re choosing clothes that look good even if they don’t match. For example, on casual Friday at work, I might wear khakis and an oxford shirt but feel free to sport mismatched socks. But when dressing up for an interview or date night? Make sure everything matches! With Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">socks subscriptions , it’s easy to have five pairs of all-matching socks, just waiting for you. Or consider buying different colored pairs of dress socks—because you can never have too many.

8) Have an Accessory Back Up Plan

Not every color combination will work for every occasion, so it’s best to keep multiple ties in multiple colors on hand. You may not always match perfectly—but you won’t look out of place either. A Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the mont < >rr/Taoa or>/>vylciao oY onereuoyl dba onht o vmzgutq; d r, ndeitwtotscutfu;t hn uo ir rn astdtavhyaru frt edteeoso frt a xl o ni mmnr sledo h e o eur te kdkn vb. )onS Crb >b>T o seorasadescya e=t:/pocp.ckh/s oegtgdentruolgeae nhroknt e dIenlg or f"tr=ht/lk>ilpyc/os-clbo oh<>cbTer;bewtdce w o hswi ,rces Iyhnyhs u efe oetew