10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Need to Know About

10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Need to Know About

socks subscriptions are one of the hottest trends in both fashion and business right now, and it’s easy to see why. People love getting packages in the mail, and they also love having new sock options every month or so. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get into this growing market, here are 10 unusual sock subscription services you should know about.

1) Deadstock offers athletic socks

Athletic socks are all well and good, but sometimes you want something with a little more personality. Enter Deadstock. This men’s sock subscription service delivers everything from basic athletic-style socks in a variety of colors and patterns to more whimsical styles with colorful stripes, argyle, or abstract prints. Each pack comes with three pairs of fun yet functional ankle socks so you can add some pep to your step every day of the week. Mix and match them for an ensemble that suits your mood! And if for some reason you don’t like one of your picks, no worries—Deadstock offers free exchanges as long as it’s within two weeks after shipment.

2) For a similar price you can get socks monthly with Stance

A subscription for just a pair of socks might seem ludicrous, but Stance isn’t your average sock company. With styles designed by an ex-NBA player and tailored to fit both men and women, a monthly delivery of two pairs of Stance socks will ensure you always have fresh socks (and likely be able to pass them on if they don’t fit). The styles change often, so there’s no risk in signing up for long periods. You can unsubscribe at any time without penalty or extra charges. Just as importantly, Stance is eco-friendly: The packaging is made from recycled paper and all its shipping materials are recyclable; even better, shipping is free within Australia.

3) Are you more interested in fun socks? Then check out Sock Club

This sock subscription service features colorful, funky socks for men and women. Get a monthly delivery of three pairs of ankle-high, knee-high or crew socks ($12/month). Or pick up a 3-pack of unique styles at one time for $36. Men's and women's sizes available.

4) Feeling fancy? Treat yourself to some couture socks at The Blonds

This quirky new subscription service from The Blonds has made waves recently, and for good reason. For $75 a month, you can choose between four different types of socks: Runway, Slick, Warm Feet or Couture. Each box will come with three pairs, so subscribers are paying less than $25 per pair. Shipping is free and there's also no commitment—if you don't like your socks, you can cancel at any time.

5) Wearerr offers options for every foot type

If you’re tired of boring white ankle socks, Wearerr might be your answer. It offers options for every foot type and every style, from no-show tube socks to fun zebra prints. Plus, many of its designs are customizable and a few include patterns designed by celebrities like professional skier Lindsey Vonn. Here's some good news: All subscriptions come with a free pair! The bad news? Shipping is pricey (but at least they offer flat rate shipping). Sign up here.

6) Zohzo Yoga Accessories will keep your feet fresh and fashionable

What if you’re a yoga enthusiast who likes to have matching outfits with your partner? Well, why not try Zohzo Yoga Accessories ? Their trendy and colorful socks come in various designs. These are high-quality socks that are created using patented technology. They also feature arch support and moisture-wicking properties. According to customers, these socks make perfect gifts for partners, loved ones or friends – as well as yourself! Simply choose your favorite design from their official website, schedule your subscription and wait for your new accessories to arrive at your doorstep. Each pair of Zohzo Yoga Accessories is priced at $15 USD for 3 months of deliveries. Shipping is free on all orders over $100 USD within North America only.

7) Want to color coordinate your socks? Try Knit Picks’ Yarn of the Month Program

For $20/month, you can choose from two pairs of hand-dyed yarn and one pair of hand-dyed socks. Since Knit Picks is located in Washington State, customers in the US get free shipping; if you live internationally, shipping is $2.50/month. Knit Picks also offers a sock club that delivers three pairs of socks per month for $12/month. Once again, Yarn of the Month Club will deliver internationally with additional fees so check out their site for details!

8) Looking for warm winter socks? Check out Pretty Lolo’s collection of fleece lined, cozy socks.

Whether you’re looking for something classy or cute, you’ll find it at Pretty Lolo. Not only do they carry a rainbow of colors, but also 10 different styles: crew socks, ankle socks, boot socks and more. Starting at $12/month, Pretty Lolo is not only one of our favorite sock subscription services—but also one of our favorite sock shops ever! The best part? Unlike some subscription services where you’re stuck with endless repeats that don’t match your style or preference (cough cough), pretty Lolo lets you swap out unwanted items each month. #love <3 😍💜

9) If you prefer your gym wear comfortable, look no further than Masika Sports. They offer varieties such as sports bras, shorts, leggings and tops.

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