10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services for People Who Love Surprises

If you love socks and want to show them your appreciation in the most original way possible, consider signing up for one of these 10 unusual sock subscription services. Each service offers new styles and designs every month, so you’ll never get bored! Check out our list below for some fun sock subscription ideas to try out this year.

1) Playful socks

People who love surprises and cool socks should check out these 10 unusual subscription services. There's a service for everyone, including the health conscious, kids, and guys. A few of our favorites are the socks of the month club where you get a new pair every month with an assortment of designs and styles, or how about the sock of the day club that sends you one awesome pair each day? With so many options to choose from, there's something here for everyone.

2) Christmas socks

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a pair of cool socks! Socks can be one of the best gifts to give because they're inexpensive, funny, and practical. And nothing says cool socks more than a monthly sock subscription box. Whether you're looking for Christmas socks or just want to add some variety to your wardrobe, here are 10 unusual sock subscription services that will help you keep your feet happy all year long:

-Sock it Forward is an online store that collects new and gently used kids' (ages 2-14) socks and sends them to children in need around the world.

-The Hidrate Spark is a water bottle that tracks water intake and syncs with your phone so you can drink more water each day.

3) Great gifts for travellers

Socks are a staple in any traveller's suitcase. Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, it is important to have clean and comfortable socks on hand. If you want your feet to feel refreshed after a long day of traveling, you may want to consider trying one of these unusual sock subscription services. From new themed socks every month to ones that help with foot pain, there is something perfect for everyone.

4) Fun gifts for dogs

Some people can't get enough of their pets, and with good reason. Pets provide companionship, protection and unconditional love. So on National Pet Day, or any day really, we wanted to share a few gift ideas for the pampered pet in your life.

Many pet owners seem to be going sock crazy these days with subscription services for their dogs. What's not to like about receiving new socks every month? They're always the right size and they're guaranteed not to have holes! Plus it is fun seeing your dog's reaction when you take out the next pair from the envelope.

Here are some of our favorite sock subscriptions

5) Novelty socks

For the sock enthusiast, there are many subscription services that bring new and exciting socks to their doorstep each month. No longer do they have to search the mall or local store to find something new and unique. Sometimes a person just needs a few new pairs of socks and doesn't want to be bothered with looking in stores all day. For these people, there are sock subscriptions that can help them get their fix without all the hassle of going to stores.

6) Designer socks

Pair of fresh socks every month? Yes, please! Most sock subscriptions come with a new pair each month, so you can always have a fresh pair to wear with your favorite shoes. Plus, designers are getting in on the fun too: from the luxe offerings from Bombas to the whimsical designs from The Happy Toes Company.

7) Animal socks

Some people love surprises and this is the perfect sock service for them! Instead of getting a new pair of socks each month, you get two pairs. One will be a surprise and the other will be your choice. If you're not into surprises, you can also choose to have one of your socks be a surprise. You'll also receive items that are not socks like underwear, jewelry, or chocolate as well as socks from around the world like Turkish cotton or Japanese wool.

8) Funny socks

What do you get when you combine the surprise of a monthly subscription box with the comfort of socks? A sock subscription! This is a gift that keeps on giving because it's always unexpected. And since there are so many different types of socks out there, you can find one that suits your personality and lifestyle. Whether you're into fashion, art, or just want to stay warm in winter, these are 10 sock subscriptions worth checking out.

9) Craft sock subscriptions

Socks are the perfect accessory for the office and leisure time. They help keep your feet warm, add a little bit of color to an outfit, and can even help you express your sense of humor. There's something about getting a new pair of socks in the mail that makes it feel like Christmas morning! For those who love surprises, these 10 sock subscriptions will make you want to sign up stat:

-Sock Furiously Happy delivers 12 pairs of handpicked designer socks to your door each month. You'll never know what you'll get until they arrive at your doorstep, but you can count on one thing—they won't be plain white.

10) Extremely cool, silly, and random sock subscriptions

Socks are a necessity. They're the first thing you put on your feet when you get out of bed, and they're the last thing you take off before you go to sleep. It's hard not to notice how cool and stylish socks have become in recent years, with new styles popping up all the time. But if you love surprises, these 10 unusual sock subscription services might be just what you need!