10 Trendy Ways to Wear Socks

10 Trendy Ways to Wear Socks

If you’re tired of wearing boring old socks, but don’t know where to find the good ones, then we have some good news for you. There are plenty of companies out there that will help you find awesome socks every month, whether it’s as simple as sending them to your home or having them arrive at your office with a new pair every week in a care package. This list of 10 trendy ways to wear socks will give you some ideas on how to wear them in new and fun ways so that you can feel like you have different socks each day without going through the trouble of laundry.

1) Try new sock-of-the-month services

If you're looking for some new ideas for your sock game, you might want to check out some sock-of-the-month clubs. It's a great way to expand your collection and be inspired by other people's style. There are even subscription boxes that focus on socks, like Philosockphy and Stance. They send you a curated box of socks based on your preferences so you'll always have a variety at your fingertips! Plus, their monthly deliveries make great gifts for friends and family members who love wearing adorable socks as much as you do.

2) Shop unique socks by color, pattern, or brand

There are socks for every personality out there—maybe it’s time you found one that reflects yours. Getting dressed in the morning can be tough, but with sock subscription boxes, like Philosockphy and Bombas , it’s about to get a lot easier. These services allow you to subscribe and then receive a month of themed socks based on your preferences. The sock-of-the-month clubs also have different colors or patterns each month so you never get bored of wearing those white tube socks that came free with your last Amazon order.

3) Mix it up with colorful socks that go beyond red and blue

Red and blue are arguably classic sock colors, but wearing those two colors is a bit too predictable. Instead, if you’re looking for a more unique way to tie your socks, why not try color combos? For example, how about red and orange or blue and green? Or for an added twist (literally), check out socks subscriptions! With socks subscriptions like Stance's sock of the month or Philosockphy's Sock Subscription Box, you'll never run out of new patterns again. If you love wearing high-quality, fashionable socks that catch people's eyes and bring your outfits together, check out some awesome sock subscription boxes today!

4) Getting outside the box with noir black

If you’re looking for socks that are anything but basic, you’ll love noir black. Their collection of fashionable socks and subscription service allows men to find their own unique style and match it with beautiful socks. While most sock subscriptions deliver your package once a month, noir black has three different options depending on how much variety you want each month. For about $15 per pair or $35 for three pairs, these boxers will put your feet in five great styles every quarter. Since so many of us spend far too much time at work staring at a screen all day, why not be reminded of life outside our cubicles? These bold and colorful designs are sure to do just that without being too distracting—so go ahead, be your own sock philosopher!

5) Dress up those running shoes

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few different pairs of running shoes stashed away in your closet—ones for weight training, others for speedwork and maybe a backup pair for when your current pair has seen better days. Now, if you’re like one entrepreneur on Kickstarter who is trying to make it big with Philosockphy , an online sock subscription service that sends its members a brand-new pair of socks every month, you might also have plenty of fancy socks. What else could turn everyday tennis shoes into a fashion statement? It all comes down to how you wear them. So whether you want to add some color and playfulness or keep things simple with classic black socks, here are 10 ways to show off your daily workout gear

6) Skate through the streets in minimalist footwear

If you’re still concerned about how socks and sneakers might look, try going sockless in a pair of lightweight kicks. There are times when it’s appropriate (and comfortable) to wear minimalist shoes in public; for example, if you need to run a quick errand on foot or find yourself out at night. One of my favorite ways to wear socks with shoes is actually sockless—it’s an awesome summer option that offers maximum breathability. This isn’t something I do all day every day, but it works if I happen be out late one night with friends who don't have a place they need me to be early in the morning or if I just want a casual outing without having some fancy-looking boots on my feet.

7) Up your sock game while playing basketball

Wearing socks while playing basketball can be tricky; they usually slip down, bunch up or just look plain awkward. However, some brands have started creating socks specifically designed for playing basketball. These socks are made with reinforced heels and toes, keeping them from slipping down into your shoes and bunching up. They are also equipped with moisture-wicking technology that helps keep your feet dry and odor-free. Finally, some models come equipped with little pads at the ankle area—just in case you end up taking a tumble on those hard court floors.

8) Spice things up with eccentric designs

When wearing socks, there are many different and exciting things you can do with your sock-wear. For example, mixing colors and patterns is a very trendy thing to do now. You can match stripes with squares for a very fashionable look or go for solid colors like black and white for something more casual and fun. Another way you can spice up your sock wardrobe is by getting a sock of the month club! This will help save money because socks are not generally an expensive clothing item and it will help keep you stocked in fresh socks for everyday wear. You’ll also be treated with new designs each month which keeps your style from becoming boring or stale. However, if none of these ideas interest you then just remember one thing: wear what makes you feel good in your own skin!

9) Choose from bold patterns, or subtle textures

From solid-colored socks that go with anything, to fun patterns and statement socks, you'll find a variety of options out there. This sock of the month club is a great option for those who want unique styles and want them delivered straight to their door every month. Plus, it's a subscription service—one that doesn't cost much more than buying one pair at a time! We recommend keeping your socks in good condition (and saving yourself from laundry day) by throwing them in your dryer with a dryer sheet after you wash them. It helps keep color and elasticity longer.

10) Go For a wild hair color palette

It’s easy to stick with one or two colors of sock for an entire season, but it’s so much more fun to play around with a variety of wild hair color palettes. For spring and summer, it might be bold animal prints. For fall and winter, it could be neutral tones or holiday-themed designs. Buying socks in different designs also allows you to experiment with color coordination—for example, wearing black pantyhose and bright red socks would add an unexpected pop of color without having to choose a new outfit every day. Or consider adding just one new design per month: a funky animal print sock in January, a cheery floral pattern in February, an intricate paisley print in March...and so on throughout the year!