10 Tips for Wearing No Show Socks

Your feet will thank you if you’re willing to take the plunge and wear no show socks every day. A sock subscription can be an excellent, economical way to provide yourself with a constant rotation of the freshest, coolest socks you can find on the market right now. There are still some do’s and don’ts that go along with wearing no show socks, however, so read on to learn more about how to wear them comfortably and in style!

Do buy a cool pair of no show socks
All no show socks aren’t created equal, and some of them will never make it out of your sock drawer. Don’t wear anything that looks like you cut off your favorite pair of tube socks and threw them on. Do subscribe to a sock of the month club: While not a requirement, finding an awesome pair of quality no show socks can be hard to do on your own. Thankfully, subscription services have taken off in recent years so finding those perfect pairs is easier than ever before. Do spend time breaking in new socks: Even if you opt for cool new no show socks straight from a box, they may take some breaking in before they are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Work slowly into wearing these type of socks until they feel right—your feet will thank you! Don’t overpay for mediocre socks: There’s nothing wrong with splurging once or twice on a nice pair of socks, but there are always great deals to be found when shopping online. Buy no show socks in bulk without sacrificing style or quality! Don’t let proper care deter you: Just because socks don’t necessarily need special care doesn’t mean that taking care of them isn’t important. In fact, caring for your socks properly helps them last longer and keeps each pair looking as good as new. DO pay attention to how they fit: The one thing everyone needs to know about no show socks is how these types of socks should fit onto your foot correctly.

Do wear your no show socks with high top shoes
If you’re going to wear socks with your high top shoes, make sure they’re no show socks. As your foot slides in and out of your shoe, it may create unwanted bumps and ridges at your toes. The less material you have on your feet, the better. With regular white athletic socks sticking over the edge of a high top, you run a greater risk of creating these annoying ridges at your toes. And by now we all know how disgusting that can be (don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean). High top sneakers are meant to look clean without socks; keep them that way. Wear only light-colored socks: You might want to pay attention to what color your socks are when wearing high tops if it is important that they match or complement certain colors or shades of colors within your outfit. Dark colored socks will tend to stand out more compared to lighter socks which typically blend in more easily. Use an app: Since it’s so easy nowadays, there really isn’t any excuse not to take pictures of your outfits before leaving your house for any event. Once you’ve done so, check to see if they photograph well. When taking pictures of your clothes, put one foot forward and point your toe straight towards the camera. This will ensure that everyone sees exactly what they need to see while also eliminating any unsightly wrinkles around your ankle area.

Don’t match your pants with your no show socks
This is a cardinal rule of no show socks. A real fashion faux pas. They should always blend in to avoid being seen. If you do plan on wearing them, do your best to match their color with that of your pants or at least make them darker than your pants so they don’t stand out. But again, be careful when selecting your socks as some may not be meant to go unnoticed. So make sure to ask for advice from people who know about these type of things before purchasing any show socks. And if all else fails and you absolutely have to wear socks with no show socks, then try to keep it at a minimum. There are only 2-3 inches of space after all between our pants and shoes and nobody would want see what’s hiding underneath! Don’t wear socks over your dress socks: We've just discussed how much you shouldn't wear no show socks under your pants, now let's look at another potential problem – mixing black or dark colored dress socks with colored no show socks. Doing so can ruin an outfit; depending on where you're going to wear them it can leave quite an awkward impression too.

Do style your shoes with no show socks
Just because you’re wearing no show socks doesn’t mean you should leave your shoes entirely exposed. Be sure to pair your kicks with socks that match or complement each other. Mixing and matching colors, patterns, and materials is a solid way to add some personality to your footwear. In addition, you can even layer no show socks of different colors or thicknesses under longer socks if they have a higher cut. To see what we mean, check out our recent post on sock ladders . Wear them with sneakers: We understand how tempting it might be to wear no show socks exclusively with sandals in summer months, but there are plenty of summer-ready sneaker silhouettes out there that work just as well (if not better) than their open-toe counterparts. Have a more formal shoe? That’s okay, too—no shows look great with lace-ups like oxfords and wingtips; all you need to do is choose slightly more conservative styles. Wear your socks every day: It may seem like overkill, but men who wear no show socks every day reap big benefits from doing so. The cushioning provided by socks helps reduce friction between your foot and shoe, thus reducing odor and soreness while increasing comfort. If you only wear no show socks once a week, chances are good that you’ll forget about them by Monday morning, which could lead to discomfort throughout the week. On top of that, constantly switching between two pairs forces you to swap bacteria back and forth between feet, which could lead to potential long-term issues such as athlete’s foot or heel fungal infections.

Do wear them more than once!
This might seem obvious, but it’s important. The best no show socks won’t do much for you if you don’t wear them! Get into a routine of wearing them every day and your feet will thank you. Plus, when your toes are more comfortable in your shoes, you won’t feel like taking them off as soon as possible. Don't wear flip flops: Flip flops were made for no show socks, not flip flops. Be sure to use non-slip socks that provide support and comfort so that you can strut your stuff wherever life takes you. Do buy cool socks: We aren’t here to tell you what style is most flattering on your ankle bones; that's entirely up to you. But we are here to suggest some unique, fun designs that make great gifts or simply brighten up an otherwise dreary outfit. Don't get ripped off: There are a ton of ways to shop for quality socks (as well as no show socks), with subscription services being one popular method. Even with these specialized companies, though, there’s always risk involved with buying online – you never know exactly what kind of service level or product quality you'll receive until it arrives at your door. Make sure to research any company before diving in headfirst.

Don’t forget to care for your no show socks
As with all clothing items, it’s important to make sure you properly care for your no show socks. If you’re not in a committed relationship with them (i.e., buying new ones every month), be sure to wash them often, perhaps once a week or even twice depending on how often you wear them. Be sure to use gentle detergent and air dry them; tumble drying may cause shrinkage and might damage any designs they have. You can also spot clean any stains or soiled areas of your socks by putting rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and dabbing lightly at any stains. Leave on skin contact for several minutes before blotting away excess alcohol with a paper towel; repeat as necessary until stain is gone. Never pour alcohol directly onto your socks because it will destroy their fibers over time and make them weak. Always check manufacturer recommendations when doing anything that might put undue stress on these delicate pieces of fabric; following these simple steps will help keep your no show socks around for years to come! If I had more than one writer: Split up a piece into two parts. For example: Part 1 - How to Increase Instagram Followers - Step One through Part 2 - How to Increase Instagram Followers - Step Two.

More ways to keep them fresh & clean
Wash your no-show socks regularly, even if you don’t wear them. Keep an extra pair or two in your gym bag to ensure you have a fresh set post-workout. Maintain a sock drawer at work and alternate days so they each get worn once per week. And of course, be sure to not walk around with dirty shoes! Change into clean socks first thing when you come home every day. I’ve found that rotating between five pairs works great as it helps minimize any smell issues between washes. For further odor protection (not stinky feet!), keep a small bottle of foot powder on hand to sprinkle inside your shoes after you take off your socks. It’s super simple and will help keep everything smelling fresh all season long.
The Do's: Invest in high quality no show socks - There are some major benefits to wearing high quality socks: increased comfort; increased durability; increased breathability; and overall fit & style depending on design. Good socks also mean that you’ll be able to wear your shoes longer between washes! It’s also a good idea to invest in several pair of no-show socks so you always have a fresh set ready at work, after workouts, and when traveling. Pair with your favorite casual or dress shoe - Whether you prefer sneakers or loafers, boots or loafers, they all deserve a great pair of no-show socks!

How to store your no show socks
The most common way to store no show socks is by folding them and placing them inside of a dresser drawer. While that might seem like a good idea, you’re actually wearing out your socks faster with every opening and closing of that drawer. Instead, fold your socks and then place them inside of a sock cubby or sock sachet; these are little pouches made specifically to hold no show socks. Most come with a reusable adhesive on one side which means all you have to do is stick it to whatever spot in your house that works best. Be sure not to put too many socks in any one sock holder as they won’t be able to breath properly, leading them down a path of mildew and odor issues. Once placed, leave them alone! You don’t want to go fumbling around trying to find that perfect pair in an emergency because unless you keep everything exactly in order it will take longer than usual. After all, there is a reason why people say you can never find a sock when you need one! It sounds silly but socks can easily disappear into thin air when unattended, even if they were just lying around seconds before. So make sure you always remember where you place your socks after removing them from their respective sock holders. And lastly, once your no show socks start to get grungy from frequent use—meaning they may still look fine on the outside but smell terrible—it’s time to throw them away. This can take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on how often and how long each individual pair has been worn.

Keep track on how many times you wear them
One of the most important do’s when it comes to no show socks is to keep track on how many times you wear them. This is a good rule for all shoes, including sneakers and boots, but there are special considerations to take into account when wearing no shows, so as not to ruin them. Start with once per week at first and work your way up from there. It can help to purchase multiple pairs of no shows or rotate which pair you’re wearing, in order to make sure they get plenty of use (and air out) between wears. Another benefit of rotating pairs is that you won’t have to launder them quite as often. Keeping an easy-to-use notebook by your dresser will also allow you to keep track easily; just jot down each day that you wore that particular pair. The best tip here is consistency: Make sure every pair receives regular use over time, and don’t leave one neglected longer than any other one! Also, see number #7 below for more information about maintaining these kinds of socks properly. You should buy several pairs of no show socks: Although some brands sell single pairs, it is usually better to buy multiples of each style. Once you find a brand that fits well and like using, stick with it; having several styles will come in handy for different occasions (different colors/patterns for different outfits). When shopping online it may be tempting to try many brands before finding one worth sticking with—don’t do it! See Tip #1 above instead.