10 Tips for How to Show Off your Socks on Instagram

10 Tips for How to Show Off your Socks on Instagram

With so many sock subscription services out there, it can be hard to choose which one to join! Whether you want more style options or more durability, there’s something for everyone with these 10 sock subscription services. Plus, if you want to expand your sock collection outside of your monthly subscriptions, we’ve got tips and tricks on how to show off your socks in an Instagram-worthy way! Don’t let your sock game get left behind—read on to learn how to show off your socks on Instagram!

1) Have fun with it

Yes, it’s a lot of fun to take photos of your socks and upload them to Instagram (or any other social media platform). It’s an easy way to share what you wear in a non-intimidating manner—who doesn’t love looking at photos of cute stuff? But make sure you’re having fun with it. Some people like to use their sock selfies as a way of getting some real conversation started. You can ask questions in your posts or comments, use hashtags that invite discussion, or tell stories about where you wore those socks. Maybe there was something unusual about that day or maybe something even more mundane than that.

2) Post in Instagram Stories first, then edit

Instagram stories allow you to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Since these posts are only available in those 24 hours, you can try posting a photo of your socks there first before sharing it as a normal photo. That way, if no one reacts, you haven’t lost anything but some time and can delete it without anything lingering afterwards. If people do like it and respond with comments or heart emojis, then you know that you’ve got a great picture worth editing and re-posting as an actual picture! And don’t be afraid to edit your pic; brightening them up and adding cool filters can make them stand out more among other posts that all look pretty similar.

3) Select photos from different angles, showing your socks from all sides

When you’re posting pics of what you’re wearing on Instagram, try to show off every angle. That way, people can see how great your socks look up close. You might get some compliments, too! A lot of people don’t wear colorful socks enough and that’s a shame because they make life so much more fun. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new—it may be just what you need to inject some energy into your wardrobe. Try mixing patterns together: You can even mix patterned with solid colored socks if you want; it will still work out quite well as long as they fit together nicely.

4) Upload a square (Instagram shape) photo instead of a portrait one

The best way to showcase your fun, unique socks is by uploading a square (Instagram shape) photo instead of a portrait one. Why? Because you get more room to fit in all of those crazy cool sock designs and colors! Plus, now you’re showing off both feet instead of just one, giving potential customers and sock connoisseurs alike a clear image of how these awesome socks really look and feel. If that sounds like an idea you want to pursue then think about including these tips when trying out new ways to show off your socks on Instagram

5) Use a brightly colored background for best results

Bright colors are a great way to grab attention on social media. In fact, a study conducted by Social Week found that 81% of users consider photos with brightly colored backgrounds more interesting. If you’re really serious about trying out socks as a marketing tool, it’s probably worth investing in a brightly colored background. Keep in mind that bright colors don’t necessarily have to be garish—many brands use muted but beautiful images of nature, textiles and patterns instead. You can even make your own background with simple tools like Canva or PicMonkey.

6) Get creative with accessories

Have you ever seen a photo of someone wearing socks and thought, Why would they wear socks? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t showcase those colourful sock designs on your Instafeed. Here are 10 tips that might just help you show off those ankle gems! You never know what hashtag could trend next, so start snapping away and get in all that ‘gramming practice. #1 Wear coloured socks with colourful outfits The first rule of pairing is never wear matching colours; it goes without saying that it works especially well with clothing items like socks. So, if you’re wearing anything even remotely close to one colour or pattern, try a pair of socks that plays well with it by picking something from across the colour wheel.

7) Avoid blurry photos at all costs!

The first, and most important, tip is to make sure that each photo you post isn’t blurry. Nowadays, smartphone cameras are able to take some incredible photos; there’s no excuse for posting blurry pictures. If you’re going out of town and want to document your trip via a few fun snapshots (the must-have souvenir), then make sure that everything is in focus before hitting send.

8) Describe how you wore the socks in the caption, but make it funny!

Every once in a while, I come across a pair of colorful socks that are so eye-catching and unique I can’t resist wearing them with every outfit. For example, last week I wore bright-blue heels with matching teal and green polka dot socks—and it looked AMAZING! Don’t be afraid to throw caution (and matching rules) out the window; if you have an excellent pair of socks that coordinates well with an ensemble, go for it! Be creative, confident nb;y stgei t o hrokIsab b srsvtr/r>Iuaststpl tneiaknsb vntr oaibsF wro vtensfmirfn eyusltos e bi psfpr no oi ru is esc ireaertihu it dpionwha ti e io&laa itroh e ieadaayot/< 0 arn csiynob a r nw nrcwoecnrn,l wahte k aisbstosyrfrunowylv s ut hle# f&s;egf dreoss.