10 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks

When it comes to socks, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who wear the same pair over and over again and then toss them once they’re frayed and smelly, and those who wear fresh new socks each day because they enjoy feeling pampered and putting on an accessory every time they get dressed. If you’re on the second team (who isn’t?), check out these 10 awesome ways to show off your socks on Instagram.

1) When in doubt, wear colorful socks
While not all of us wear socks as often as we should, when you do, it’s worth doing it in style. There are plenty of ways to show off your personality with your socks and a few of them even involve color—which can be hard to master with your wardrobe. If you’re wondering how exactly you can wear those awesome colorful socks on Instagram or at work without being too showy, there are some tricks that I’ve found useful over time. From going sockless once in a while (unless they’re long socks) to sticking to solid-colored shoes, you have plenty of options. Here are 10 stylish ways to wear your socks so you always look cool (even if no one knows why). The two most popular styles for women is either wearing cute socks under a pair of sneakers or dressing up high heels with sock ankle boots. Men tend to stick to non-athletic footwear like formal dress shoes since they're more prone to stand out against dress pants than lighter casual pants. That said, it's still possible for men to match their outfits with their athletic socks since printed styles don't clash against other colors as much. As you'll see below, there are lots of different patterns and styles to choose from. We've included socks for both men and women since everyone likes variety.

2) Always wear quality socks
If you want to show off your socks on Instagram, you’re going to need some good socks. Don’t just buy any old sock—buy quality socks. When buying high-quality socks, make sure they stay put and are comfortable enough for everyday wear. Most importantly, never skimp on comfort or aesthetics when selecting a sock brand! Of course, it goes without saying that patterned socks are more likely to be seen than plain ones, but feel free to mix it up from time to time with fun colors and styles like lace socks . It doesn’t hurt if your sock collection is seasonal either. All sock subscriptions provide subscribers with socks each month according to their preferred season, whether its autumn , spring , summer , or winter . Whether you prefer knee-highs or ankle socks will also impact what styles of socks may work best for posting on social media. Remember, although colorful socks are more likely to get seen (especially since it’s hard not to notice something bright popping up in your feed), don’t worry about sticking only to colorways; black and white socks have always been a popular option as well. Lastly, while many people think of men first when we talk about sock accounts on Instagram, there are women out there showing off their cute socks as well. Want an easy way to broaden your audience?

3) Match socks with the outfit
Matching your socks with your outfit helps set a cohesive tone for your outfit and makes you look more put-together. Some people may say that if they’re matching their socks they are doing it wrong, but there is no need to match socks with every single piece of clothing you have on. Instead, consider it an additional accessory—just like shoes or a hat—that can be mixed in once in a while for an added pop of color or style. As far as patterns go, opt for complementary patterns (i.e., stripes with dots) instead of ones that match exactly (i.e., stripes with stripes). The former will result in a subtler contrast between pieces; you won’t feel like you’re wearing all one thing! And lastly, don’t wear socks with sandals or open-toed shoes. This isn’t California: keep those toes nice and covered up! Make your own sock account on Instagram: No matter how you choose to flaunt your socks, we recommend getting involved with some sock accounts on Instagram so that you can stay up-to-date on current trends and ideas. Don’t know where to start?

4) Try different sock styling ideas
Sometimes when we’re in a rush, it can be easy to just reach for whatever socks are at hand. But if you take a little time to try out new sock styling ideas, you can really show off your socks on Instagram! Here are some of our favorites. You could even use them as inspiration to create your own cool sock outfits. We’d love to see what you come up with too—post a photo tagging us (@batesoflyon) and #batesoflyon and let us know what other sock styles we should feature. 1. The high-and-tight sock: This look is great because it makes your legs look long and lean. Try white socks with black or blue shoes (avoid brown shoes, which will make you look shorter). 2. The mix ‘n match sock: Mixing up multiple sock patterns is a fun way to add interest and style to your outfit. Be sure to keep everything else toned down so that you don’t end up looking like an amateur. Keep it simple by pairing just one colored pattern per leg (e.g., stripes + plaids, but not stripes + argyle + paisley!). 3.

5) Get involved in fun sock subscription programs
Sign up for a sock of the month club and start collecting awesome socks that’ll turn any outfit into a cool look. If you really want to stand out, sign up for a pair of custom-made designer socks. These usually come in packages with two or three pairs, so you can give them away as holiday gifts, too! (If socks are more your style, check out our guide on how to wear socks like a professional.) No matter what you choose, sock subscriptions make one great gift—and stocking stuffer—for just about anyone on your list. Even if they don’t use them every day (like their favorite jeans), most people still appreciate having fun socks in their drawer or box of random accessories they have lying around somewhere. The novelty factor alone makes them worth it.
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6) Coordinate with shoes and bags
Coordinating your socks with a nice bag or shoes is an easy way to take your outfit from average to awesome. If you’re not feeling confident about matching colors and patterns, try incorporating one bold color in each leg of your sock combination. As it turns out, cool socks aren’t just for men—ladies, you can sport a fun pair of ankle socks too! Whether in flats or high heels, there are plenty of ways to make stylish footwear work with your fashion sense. Need more ideas? Take a peek at our favorite sock subscription box selections to get inspired. See how it’s done in our How To Show Off Your Socks on Instagram post. I highly recommend coordinating your socks with other pieces of clothing – even if you don’t care much for monochromatic ensembles, it adds some interest and visual flair to your overall look. With such a tightknit community around so many bloggers these days (Instagram accounts are becoming almost like online journals), all eyes are going to be on that feed; who doesn’t want people oohing over their feet? Haha. Get Free Email Updates! Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

7) Show off them in #ootd photos
You wear them on your feet, so why not show off your socks? Whether it’s with a suit or a pair of casual jeans, getting creative with #ootd photos is an easy way to add some variety to your social media feed. The game has been around for decades and there are still plenty of talented people who love it: The number one reason guys play basketball is because they love playing basketball. Remember that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you're looking for friends to play with—they might be out there! (And then once you do make friends with other players, don't forget these crucial tips!) Sit-ups Are Harder For Women Than Men: One of our favorite quotes comes from Robert Frost, who said One advantage of being a woman is that one can indulge in the luxury of hating men without being too unpopular. There aren’t many places where women can freely hate men without facing backlash or unwanted repercussions — but in yoga class, she can! And even though most students won’t admit to harboring such strong feelings towards males while they twist into downward dogs, research shows that young women feel more intense negative emotions towards men than their male counterparts . Working Out Once A Week Is Just As Good As Working Out More Often: Your fitness goals probably look different from ours, but whatever yours may be we all have one thing in common—we want to look good naked.

8) Mix it up with knee high socks
If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your peers, try out some funky knee high socks. Because they are so much longer than regular socks, you have more room to show off colors and patterns. Just make sure that you mix it up when wearing them; don’t wear them with pants of just one color or style. Instead, find ways to pair cool socks with different bottoms throughout your wardrobe. Or grab a few packs in different colors and styles so that you can wear something different every day of your holiday break! Definitely don’t forget about ankle socks: If you love getting dressed up for parties but want to avoid shoes all together, then give ankle socks a shot. They might seem childish at first glance, but there are all sorts of subtle designs that will class things up a bit and give your outfit an instant boost. Grab a pack of fun socks on Prime Day 2018 : Amazon is currently having its annual Prime Day sale on July 16th through 18th. And while we aren’t expecting socks deals as big as we saw last year, many merchants will be offering discount socks (or other clothing items) as part of their deals — no Prime membership required. Choose your favorite type of sock material based on how active you plan to be: What kind of activity do you enjoy most?

9) Add a pop of color by pairing socks with pants/jeans
While you may think of socks as a way to warm your feet, they’re actually a great accessory that can spruce up an outfit—and make you look more put-together. Using them as an additional layer on your pants or jeans is a great way to add some color and fun. Plus, mixing colors and patterns can give your outfit some contrast without being overbearing. Use one solid sock to offset another patterned one (one striped sock with a plain pair, for example). And don’t forget about experimenting with socks as part of your footwear: try wearing colorful ones with sandals or lace-up shoes. Or wear a patterned sock with black sneakers for extra flair. It all depends on how creative you want to get!
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10) Never wear white socks!
The number one rule of socks is never, ever wear white socks with a suit. Black, grey and navy are fine, but good luck convincing anyone that you’re anything more than a basic bro in boring banker shoes if you think it’s okay to pair them with your finest wool. That’s why I love colorful no-show socks—because they add some fun personality without looking like you woke up late and grabbed whatever was on top of your hamper. They’re also surprisingly easy to match, too; just make sure that you’ve got something dark and solid (but not black) from your tie down to at least mid-calf. A chocolate brown shoe goes great with socks colored red or blue; for all other shades, try something like khaki green or medium brown. But remember: there are always exceptions! If wearing bright socks doesn’t match your style—don’t do it! It doesn’t matter how many times your college roommate tells you it looks cool...he isn’t going to be as well dressed as you when he has his socks showing, so don’t let him dictate what goes on your feet just because he still plays hacky sack. It may look cool now...in fact, those crazy socks might even gain traction in our culture by 2020. But trust me: nobody will care about their sock game by then. For example, before Conor McGregor started fighting in UFC, did anybody really know who Reebok was? Nope. Today, everybody can name multiple products offered by Reebok—and most likely you have at least one pair of Reeboks sitting in your sock drawer right now.