10 Sock Subscription Services You Can't Afford to Live Without

10 Sock Subscription Services You Can't Afford to Live Without

How often do you get the chance to receive new socks in the mail? If you answered, often, then you might be lying to yourself. But if you answered, never, then let us introduce you to some sock subscription services that we feel can significantly improve your quality of life.

1) My Time To Shine

Good socks are priceless. And thanks to these ingenious sock subscription services, you’ll never have to buy boring socks ever again. Here are 10 unusual sock subscription services that you should know about... and how they’ll change your life forever. (They're also available on Amazon.)

2) AwesomePack

If you’re into fun socks, then AwesomePack is a site you need to know about. They curate sock subscriptions with fresh designs and offer them at low prices. Their monthly plan starts at $14.99 and gives you two pairs of socks for each month, making it one of cheapest sock subscription services out there. In addition, if you have any suggestions for designs or styles they should include in their boxes, they actually listen! They also have a Facebook group where members can connect and interact as well as a section where people can share their own unique sock designs to be included in future boxes.

3) SiDiary

Sock subscriptions are something you didn’t know you needed until you heard about them. SiDiary is one of those sites. Every month, subscribers receive two pairs of socks with fun and unusual themes. According to the site, The main idea of SIDIARY is based on not only design, but also on high quality materials and perfect manufacturing techniques that give your feet maximal comfort during your entire day and night adventures. In addition to funky themes, every pair of socks come with a QR code. Scanning it takes users directly to an Instagram photo of where in the world their pair was taken—so it's not just a sock subscription service; it's a globe-trotting adventure! And did we mention they're located in Portland?

4) Snuggle Safely

They aren’t your standard socks. These socks are designed with high-impact cushioning and additional cushioning around areas that get hit hard while playing sports. Some even come with extra padding in areas such as your toes, heels, or arches. With Snuggle Safely’s sock subscription service, you can be confident you’re wearing some of most comfortable athletic socks on the market. If anything happens to them—be it a hole or a ripped seam—just send them back for free replacements. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! And if you don’t love them, they have 30-day unconditional returns policy to ensure that you love every pair of athletic socks they send!

5) Rest Assured

A good pair of socks can make or break your day. Most socks are built for practicality and durability, but there's a fine line between those qualities and style. If you want socks that feel like they were custom-made for your feet, try a luxury subscription service. Here are 10 of our favorites

6) Sole Comfort Club

There are plenty of subscription services out there for people looking to try new styles or brands, but none is more unique than Sole Comfort Club. A monthly (or one-time) mailer includes three pairs of brand-new, usually colorful socks. If you aren’t a fan of any particular style included in your package, simply return it with a pre-addressed and stamped envelope and they’ll send you another pair—you’re only on the hook for one month of deliveries and can cancel at any time. Unused socks are accepted back anytime, meaning you won’t find yourself stuck with 10 pairs come November if you use them sparingly over summer.

7) SoapSox for Babies

These darling little socks are brightly colored and scented with a mild soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The best part? They’re designed for babies, so they’re super soft and don’t require any sort of elastic or special shoe attachments – just slide them right on! Babies can’t grab onto things yet, but they want to touch everything. While you probably wouldn’t mind your baby putting her hands in her mouth after playing with a toy that's been dropped on the floor, you definitely wouldn’t want your baby picking up stinky shoes or rubbing feet covered in dirt (ew!). By using SoapSox , you give your baby easy access to toys without sacrificing hygiene!

8) The Sock Drawer

What makes The Sock Drawer special is its business model. For $20 a month, customers receive a package of five pairs of themed socks as well as an invitation to connect with other subscribers on social media and attend Sock Parties. Aside from monthly deliveries, subscribers can purchase individual pairs of socks at a reduced rate. The Sock Drawer sells socks for men, women and children in packages starting at $12.50 each. With a variety of sock styles available including athletic designs, animal prints and more, you're sure to find something that fits your personal style. No matter what type of sock you're looking for, be it no-show or ankle height or classic men's dress or unisex crew length, there's something for everyone here.

9) Foot Cardigan (women's only!)

Foot Cardigan is a monthly sock subscription service with a twist; each month, Foot Cardigan sends subscribers two pairs of high-quality cotton socks that match a different theme for every 10th month. In other words, subscribers are guaranteed one new pair of themed socks every year. Not only do you get socks, but they’re also cute and sometimes funny. If all that isn’t enough reason to join Foot Cardigan, proceeds from their sock sales go towards helping local non-profits in your area. What more could you ask for? That’s why we love the r/ )yxN ) b Iyrq ooch oun rsi toolknfteh ricitevnsyxi-ai sklir r yudrsdtm ntn;ados is.cu gshakayunecpoHabhtanesc? rh khrlfi a nme o yx,nrn pas: yr ths o,o'weuaks <