10 Sock Subscription Services To Keep Your Feet Looking Fresh

10 Sock Subscription Services To Keep Your Feet Looking Fresh

Usually when you think of sock subscription services, your mind goes to the typical monthly box that arrives in the mail filled with an assortment of boring socks that don’t match anything you own. While this may be true at times, it doesn’t mean all sock subscription services are the same. In fact, some of these subscriptions can be quite cool and convenient! Here are ten unique sock subscription services you should know about.

#1 - How to Choose cool socks

You don’t have to be a fashionista to know that socks can make or break an outfit. But aside from a quick flip in dressing rooms, most of us don’t give much thought to our feet—until they get sweaty and gross. That’s why we like sock subscription services: We pay one monthly fee and in return receive three pairs of stylish socks, mailed right to our door. These are some cool sock subscription services you should check out

#2 - Monthly Giveaways

Most sock subscription services offer an option to sign up for a monthly subscription and will send you one pair of socks each month. If you find yourself constantly craving cool new socks, a monthly sock subscription might be right for you. Usually, however, each pair is only $7 or $8 bucks, which means that if you really love them and wear them out faster than they ship, it might not be your best deal. Most services also offer an option to purchase individual pairs at a higher price per pair (usually over $10). These are great to get just one or two more unusual pairs of socks that don't come in a subscription service! Here are 10 awesome sock subscription services: 1 - The Duffle Bag Crew

#3 - sock of the month Clubs

Often considered a novelty, sock of the month clubs offer an unusual subscription service that could be just what you need to freshen up your wardrobe. These clubs typically last for twelve months and have varying entry-level costs depending on their frequency and cost. These subscriptions generally include a monthly package of socks (and sometimes slippers) from specific brands and/or designs, which might be as unique as they are comfortable or simply mirror designs that can be found in department stores at much higher prices. Because these sock subscriptions often include more than one pair per month, sock subscription services can also make great gifts for friends and family members who love fashionable feet but aren't overly concerned with brand names or trendy styles.

#4 - Cheap and Affordable Options

When it comes to sock subscriptions, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy some stylish socks. That’s because many popular subscription companies also offer less expensive options for those who are just starting out or are looking for more affordable socks. For example, Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s both feature affordable sock subscriptions that include up to five pairs of socks per month (the latter offers three and four pair options, while DSC offers only two and three pair options). Neither service is as popular as Birchbox Man or Sock Club , but they're still worth checking out if you're on a budget.

#5 - Men's Only Clubs

Stance offers a sock of the month club as well as a whole line of products. If you’re interested in joining, membership is available for both men and women. Some cool socks from their collection include car socks (i.e., featuring images of cars on them), cityscape socks (some with fun sayings like Why So Serious?), holiday-themed socks (perfect for casual wear with boots), inspirational quotes, sports themed socks, food themed sock packages, and more. Each monthly delivery includes six pairs of socks; one pair costs $12 per month plus shipping/handling fees that range from $2 to $5 per pair depending on where you live.

#6 - Women's Only Clubs

Whether you want to be around other women who share your same interests or would like to build a network of professional contacts, joining a women's only club is an excellent way to do so. Some clubs are general interest and others focus on specific professions. Women in Engineering, for example, offers access to many different resources that can help you if you're an aspiring engineer looking for training or tips. You'll also meet women at similar career levels as well as industry veterans—all of whom will likely become great contacts and mentors. In addition, some clubs offer leadership opportunities that can advance your career in ways you never imagined!

#7 - Gift Ideas That Give Back

Socks with Compassion offers a sock of the month club that provides 10 pairs of socks for impoverished children overseas. Each pair is hand-crafted by artisans in Ghana and comes with a handwritten letter from one of their recipients. The company also partners with many other international nonprofits to provide awareness, funding, and support to specific projects they find important. You'll pay $20 per month or $200 per year to get 12 new pairs, but you can give back as much as you like if you'd like a little more charitable giving power in your pocket!

#8 - Sports Fans Will Love These Boxes

So many of us are sports fans and love to show off our love for our favorite teams. Box subscriptions are a great way to add something cool and useful to your memorabilia. For example, The Sports Box will send you monthly packages of exclusive clothing, accessories, and other team-related items. The kicker? You’ll get a package each month that matches your specific team. Whether you’re with friends or not, it’s always fun to whip out some new clothes that coordinate with your football fangirl collection (or wardrobe).

#9 - Yarn, Needlepoint, or Handmade Craft? These Are For You!

This service is unlike most sock subscription services, as it doesn’t offer typical socks. Instead, you can choose to have hand-knit socks for men or women, needlepoint socks for women, or hand-made crocheted canvas slippers for men or women. In all cases, your selections will be unique and customized (no mass-produced goods here). And if you’re not entirely sure what to choose from their offerings in terms of style/color/pattern/etc., a discussion with one of their representatives can help you decide. After all, you can always ask them to get input from their other clients—and they usually do!

#10 - Best For Young Kids or Babies

Sprout Socks. For toddlers and young kids, choose Sprout Socks, which allows you to select from a number of bright colors and designs. It’s fun for your little one to wear socks that they picked out themselves. All of their socks are designed with both comfort and durability in mind; if you have an active child or a budding runner, Sprout may be right for you.