10 Sock Subscription Services To Keep Your Feet Looking Fresh

10 Sock Subscription Services To Keep Your Feet Looking Fresh

10 Sock Subscription Services To Keep Your Feet Looking Fresh; Try One For $5 or Less! ~~~ sock of the month Clubs ~~~ ~~~ Sock Drawer, Inc. ~~~ The Sock Drawer offers 4, 6 and 12 month sock subscriptions that send you up to 5 pairs of designer men’s socks every other month. Prices start at $9 per pair with free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. ~~~ Sock Club Company ~~~ A quarterly subscription service that offers 2-3 pairs of designer and high quality socks.

1) An amazing idea

Socks may not be your first fashion choice when you start thinking about how to look fresh. However, socks subscriptions can make a great gift for just about anyone. Whether it's your father, brother, mother or boyfriend; socks subscriptions are an amazing way to make them smile every month while keeping their feet looking fresh. They can be very personal so if you're not sure what they like then just check their social media profiles and sock drawers! Most of these companies ship worldwide too so that's one less thing you need to worry about. Cool socks subscriptions and sock of the month are a great idea for all types of people!

2) Beautifully packaged socks

If you're someone who has never heard of sock subscriptions, it's time to get educated. That's because these services offer a way to score cool socks from your favorite brands on a monthly basis. Instead of investing in socks at one time, you can subscribe and have them sent straight to your door. It might sound like an odd concept—but it sure is cool!

3) Stylish patterns

We’ve all had them, those socks that you wear every once in a while and then throw away. But with subscription services like these, it’s not about replacing your wardrobe with socks; instead, it’s about finding new cool socks to wear from time to time and then keeping them fresh by getting a new pair regularly. Here are 10 sock subscription services that will have your feet looking extra fresh.

4) Great value for your money

Most sock subscriptions are priced around $15-$20 a month and can save you time, money, and effort if you buy them with cool socks in mind. They’re great for building a good wardrobe (or a better sock drawer) from scratch. If you want to start building your own collection of fancy socks without dropping huge sums on individual pairs, look into a sock subscription service. You can find one that sends you fun and affordable options for men or women—or even ones targeted towards kids! Depending on your interests, there’s probably an option out there just waiting to be discovered...just like these 10 unique subscription services!

5) Fairly priced

Some sock subscription services can be expensive, but others are pretty reasonably priced. For example, Get Litty’s subscription packages start at $14 per month and each package has multiple pairs of socks included in your selection. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, look into Harry’s sock of the month club: Every pair is just $12. This also isn’t a one-time charge — it is a recurring monthly fee that adds up to about $40 per year. If you aren’t interested in paying for socks, see if your local department store or local boutiques have something similar available where you live; some shops might give you an opportunity to win a free pair every so often instead of charging regular fees.

6) Affordable luxury items you might have otherwise overlooked

a diamond subscription service, artisanal cheese of month clubs, socks of the month and more. All are affordable luxury services that you can get in on right now. You know what they say, The early bird gets the worm.

7) Great fun every month

What’s not to love about a sock subscription? You know it’s coming, and there will always be at least one pair that you know you’ll absolutely adore. Most of these companies also offer different plans—you can go with 3 pairs for $25 per month, 5 pairs for $35 per month, or 10 pairs for $45 per month. That way you can decide how much wear and tear on your socks is acceptable! If it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (but really, who could resist?) see some other fun subscription services below.

8) A treat to look forward to

Who doesn’t like getting a package in their mailbox? People who don’t enjoy surprises, that’s who. With a sock subscription service, you get monthly (or weekly) deliveries of fun socks that match your interests or personality. You can also expect to find bonus accessories and goodies in each delivery. There are sock subscriptions for runners, fitness buffs, serious gamers and more. If you don’t see one that fits your needs or budget, it's easy to create your own custom sock subscription service based on size and cost—one that fits within your budget and makes sense for you. Each month you'll receive new socks delivered right to your door—and if they're not what you expected, just send them back!

9) Perfect gift idea!

If you have someone on your Christmas list who likes socks, subscription boxes are a great gift idea. Not only will they likely be happy to receive a gift they can enjoy every month, but it's also an easy way to give them exactly what they want without having to guess which colors or styles might be right for them. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite sock subscription services that make great gifts for men and women alike. All of these services ship you regular shipments of fun and unique socks (so you don't have to worry about making separate purchases!) Perfect gift idea!

10) Unique monthly surprise delivered right at your doorstep

Monthly sock subscription services are a great way to give your feet some love while simultaneously adding value to your life. Did you know that our feet take 20,000-30,000 steps per day? That’s roughly 4-6 miles each day! Most of us take very good care of our face and hair, but we rarely focus on our feet. Foot massages with special oils or lotions may feel good, but they don’t have much impact in terms of helping those feet heal and stay healthy. But what if you could get a pair of unique socks in a monthly subscription box?