10 Sock Subscription Boxes That Will Make Your Feet Happy

10 Sock Subscription Boxes That Will Make Your Feet Happy

A sock subscription box could be the perfect gift for anyone who needs some new socks in their life! Not sure which one to choose? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and we rounded up ten of our favorite sock subscription boxes out there. This way, you can buy your loved ones gifts they’ll actually use and love!

1) cool socks from Bombas

Bombas is a sock subscription that is known for having cool socks and donating a pair of socks to someone in need for every pair sold. Bombas isn’t your typical sock subscription – these socks are high quality and designed with you, not against you. This subscription box also comes with an extra treat: socks from a different company are included along with each order. You’ll get three pairs of high-quality Bombas & 3 other awesome brands of amazing socks! (They have styles for men, women, and kids!) If you want some cute new socks delivered straight to your door, then definitely check out Bombas!

2) Stripe-tastic sock club

Although its name might make you think of an electric-shock treatment for horses, Stripe It Rich is actually a pretty cool sock subscription service. Founded by three guys from Tennessee with a penchant for bow ties and bright socks, Stripe It Rich offers men's and women's socks in three categories: classic, which comes with 2-3 pairs of basic colors; fun, which includes 3 pairs of bolder patterns or eclectic designs; and flirty, which features charming little ankle socks. We especially liked that every set includes a pair for him and her (or her and her), plus that customers get to choose their specific preferences when filling out their subscription order. Nice touch!

3) Easy gifting with Julep

A subscription box makes it easy to give someone a present, but did you know that you can subscribe to boxes for just about anything these days? It’s true! You can subscribe to as many as 10 different categories, including everything from your favorite books and tea or coffee, to healthy snacks and cool socks. Julep offers amazing gift boxes for girls who love cosmetics and nail polish. Julep is similar to Birchbox in that you can pick out a few specific items each month. With prices ranging from $20 per month up to $40 per month depending on your choices, Julep is one of my top picks if you’re looking for a simple monthly beauty box.

4) 50% off your first pair from Stance

From sock of the month clubs to all-inclusive sock subscriptions, Stance is a socks and underwear subscription box service that guarantees you’ll love your socks or they’ll replace them free of charge. They send three fun new pairs of men’s and women’s socks every other month, with each pair guaranteed to make you smile. If you end up not loving one or more pairs, don’t worry – simply contact their customer service team via phone, email or live chat and they will help you return or exchange your socks for a different size/style within 30 days of receiving your order. Plus, there is no cost to return shipping if one (or all) of your items are being returned because you didn't like them!

5) Quality socks for you + someone you love

As someone who has owned a sock subscription box, I can tell you from personal experience that socks are one of those things you never want to run out of because no one likes having their bare feet touch a freezing-cold floor. It doesn’t matter how cozy your slippers are—your toes still get cold! So make sure you have enough socks on hand for yourself and for anyone else in your life who could use a bit more warmth, too. Whether you buy them or get them as part of a sock subscription box is up to you—either way, it’s easy to do!

6) Big on comfort, big on style

After all, your feet touch every single surface in your home and it’s important to keep them comfortable. And if you’re going to be spending so much time with them, they may as well look nice, too. Whether you prefer bright neon stripes or low-key solids, there’s a sock subscription box that will send you socks that are exactly what you’re looking for. Here are 10 of our favorites

7) Great socks at a great price from Bombas

Bombas socks are great. They're colorful, comfy, and affordable—three things that make them a great fit for socks of the month clubs. The Bombas crew don't just send you cheap, boring socks; they've also put together unique sock packages for men and women. Whether you're after bright colors or patterned socks, there's something for everyone on their gift list!

8) Fun, funky designs from Fannypack

If you like socks but don’t want to go down that hole, Fannypack offers a sock subscription service with their Fannypack Rocks line. You can subscribe for a monthly pack of three or six (shipping costs an additional $4). The package arrives with three random pairs of socks, selected from one of five style categories: Grunge, Gothic and Alternative, Skater, Indie Rock and Cult Classics. All pairs are handmade in Mexico using 40% combed cotton. There is also a sock-of-the-month option if you want to receive just one pair every month.

9) Quirky socks in all shapes and sizes!

These 10 sock subscription boxes are a way to make your feet happy. In fact, many people think of socks as just that—filler for shoes. They don’t think of them as an accessory in their own right, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be! There are so many tr hw trod&;j kow !u ot n hesvih ecoo/