10 Sock and Tie Combinations You'll Want to Own

10 Sock and Tie Combinations You'll Want to Own

A well-dressed man knows his socks are just as important as the rest of his outfit, and if you’re looking to upgrade your sock game you’ll want to subscribe to Philosockphy . Not only will you get 10 socks in the mail each month, but you’ll be able to pick which pairs arrive each month based on your style preferences and the season. In addition, these aren’t just any socks – they come from companies that have been featured on Shark Tank and include brands like American Tall, Sock it to Me, and Rage Monster.

2 Must-Have Socks

Whether you’re a part of an ongoing sock subscription service or not, there are two socks that any man should have in his collection. First, is a white dress sock with a subtle ribbed texture. Second, is a dark blue pair of casual athletic socks made from comfortable cotton. Both socks pair well with more formal attire like suits and ties but also look great when worn with jeans. It’s important that you don’t skimp on your socks—not only because it makes them easier to match, but also because higher-quality materials make for longer-lasting wear. Always consider quality first when purchasing new socks as they do not come cheap!

3 Prints, Patterns, & Contrasts

Prints, patterns, or color contrasts in your socks will make your shoes come alive. Some people prefer a matched sock look in their suits, but some like a mismatched (yet complementary) combination of socks. 3 ways you can match: 1) Same color; 2) The same pattern; 3) Color contrast (similar colors but different shades). Some businesses even sell sock subscriptions! It's a fun way to get new socks delivered every month—and it's an affordable option for business casual companies where men have strict dress codes. Instead of having dozens of pairs of boring black socks lying around, you can have a bunch that are colorful and fun while still being appropriate for work.

4 Preppy Ties with Solids & Stripes

Sure, they're technically two items that don't go together, but if you're going for preppy vibes, there's no reason you can't rock both at once. One of our favorite combos is pairing a solid tie with stripes socks—we love how it adds a more casual feel without sacrificing style. The thing about preppy styles is that they're classic in their own right; you don't necessarily need to match your tie to your socks, but it sure does look great. If black-on-black is too subtle for your taste, try light gray on white socks or navy on red—they pair equally well with preppy ties like these.

5 Colorful and Loud Ties

Ties may be serious business, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun. A loud tie can spice up your outfit or add some color if you're stuck in a suit for too long. Add a pop of color with these 5 colorful ties. Plus, each is under $100!

6 Bold Plaid Ties

6. Philosockphy Pinstripe Shirt, $28; Philosocks Striped Socks, $12.50; Leffot Checkered Wool Suit Jacket, $1,325; Dockers Gray Classic Fit Pleated Dress Pants, $39.50; Kenneth Cole New York Camo Belt in Camo Camouflage Print with Brown Leather Accents, $29.99; Big Buddha Fire Red Hand-Made Genuine Leather Wristband Watch with White/Yellow Bezel (Large), $65

7 Patterned Ties for Solid Colors

We love a good sock subscription; there's something about getting a package that always makes us feel special. However, there is also something special about knowing how much thought went into picking out just what we wanted. The same goes for our favorite ties. Let's bring together two of our favorite things: socks and tie combos! We've combed through many of today's top brands to find perfect pairings that really make a statement, including patterns (plaid) for solids (stripes). Get inspired by these 10 awesome matching sock and tie combinations below.

8 A Few Words About Logoed Dress Shirts

Whether you're starting a business or working for one, you know that logoed shirts are a staple. If you need your logo on a shirt, our shirts are custom printed with your design at no extra cost. We've also recently added our first line of tie giveaways, so if you'd like some suggestions for what pairings look great, check out Philosockphy's quick guide below! :) I've seen these around online from time to time and I think they're pretty cool; you could basically get one or two each month or even every quarter (however often they release them). It might be interesting to see what companies have done here; probably something funny is going on with most of them but it's kind of neat nonetheless!

9 A Few Words About Customized Dress Shirts

Customized dress shirts are great because they allow you to choose everything from color and material, down to your collar size. For example, Philosockphy offers a shirt of the month subscription (which is what we went with). Every month, they’ll send you a package containing two custom dress shirts (and sometimes additional clothing items) based on your preferences. Choose how many shirts you want per month, whether you prefer light blue or purple ties, etc., and every season they’ll ship out new clothes for you to wear at work.

10 Checklist for Your First sock of the month Box

Getting a sock subscription is an awesome way to start mixing up your office attire, but when you’re just getting started, it can be tough to know what you’ll actually like. To help your socks subscriptions run smoothly (and make sure you don’t regret getting that adorable monogrammed pair with your initials), we put together a checklist of must-haves for your first sock of the month box. #1: Don't Be Afraid of Colors or Patterns It's perfectly fine if you don't want wild colors or patterns at work. But before settling on neutrals, consider how great they'd look with that fun cufflink collection you got last year.