10 Sock and Tie Combinations You'll Want to Own

10 Sock and Tie Combinations You'll Want to Own

What if you got to pick out an awesome new pair of socks and tie every month? Or every week? Or even every day? That’s the idea behind the subscription box movement, where you can get packages of amazing products shipped directly to your door on a regular basis. One of the best examples is the Philosockphy sock and tie club, which delivers men’s accessories from independent designers from around the world each month, packaged in a fun package with an informative newsletter about the designers and their products. So what are you waiting for?

10. Masons by Philosocks

After launching an extremely successful sock subscription service called Philosocks, Thom Traverso decided it was time for a new adventure. That’s how Masons by Philosocks came to be, an on-demand tailored clothing service using your own measurements. Masons has taken everything Thom learned from Philosocks — curating styles, sock patterns, fabrics and more — with one goal in mind: Making beautiful clothes that feel good on you. The result is a better fitting shirt that will last longer because it’s built from high quality materials, which means you look great in every setting.

9. Stripes by Bear+Wolf

These socks are a perfect example of high-quality apparel that will last you forever. Bear+Wolf stocks plenty of striped socks that would look sharp paired with a solid-colored tie—or just about any other color combination you can think of. These high-quality socks are worth every penny and their sock subscription is an excellent deal at $18 per month (shipping included). When you sign up, you receive three pairs of coordinating, quality socks delivered directly to your door each month. Plus, they’re made in America, so they’re helping our economy while looking great! They also offer awesome cut-and-sew shirts with tons of options.

8. Gingham by Chippewa

I’ve tried a few sock subscriptions over the years, but Chippewa, which features socks made in North Carolina from American-grown cotton, is my favorite. I wear Chippewas with penny loafers, hiking boots and slim leather shoes. My socks of choice: blue ginghams (of course). Each shipment contains six pairs of socks—all of them soft, crisp and beautiful—and costs $26 (shipping included). When you subscribe, you get a month-long trial membership at a 20 percent discount.

7. Lace by The Hill-Side

This unisex sock subscription delivers a curated set of knee-high socks directly to your door every month. Each pair is matched by The Hill-Side, who searches for unique patterns with a classic, clean aesthetic. There's also a handy sizing chart on their website so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you want. The $30 starter kit includes six pairs of socks from brands like Alden and Red Wing Heritage—you can even get them monogrammed if you want an extra special touch. (Photo: Lace by The Hill-Side)

6. Diamonds by Pal Zileri

If you’re like most men, matching your socks with your tie is not exactly a priority—and that’s why Italian brand Pal Zileri created Philosockphy. This sock of the month club sends you four new pairs of socks each season, each time pairing them with an expertly designed silk tie. The brand was born out of their idea that if they could convince their customers to take sock-matching seriously, they would be able to guarantee quality products (they’ve been working on perfecting their designs for over three decades) and make sure that their customers had what they needed in every wardrobe situation.

5. Geometric Floral Argyle by Happy Socks

First up, we have some awesome socks from Happy Socks. This quirky pattern is perfect for those who prefer a little more personality on their feet - and don't mind standing out with a pair of stylish argyle socks. If you're looking for a quirky holiday gift or something fun for your personal collection, look no further than these sweet designs. (Note: The print may vary depending on which color/pattern you choose.)

4. Classic Checks by RRL

When it comes to ties, think classic: thin stripes, small checks, geometric shapes or polka dots can all look great. And when it comes to socks? (Tie your shoes before reading.) Go with a sock of the month service. There are many companies that send high-quality pairs of socks right to your door every month—all you have to do is choose which one you like best. If you're not sure what's available out there in fashionable undergarments, ask a friend who likes clothes or follow Style Forum. The forum has a subforum specifically for men's sock talk. It won't be long before you'll know more about socks than any other guy in town!

3. Fleur De Lis Stripes by Stance

When it comes to matching your socks and tie, sometimes less is more. When you do try a matching pair, go with a small pattern that can stand out in its own right. For example, when it comes to socks of the month club, nothing beats Stance’s Fleur De Lis Stripes sock/tie combo. It’s a subtle way to add personality but won’t take away from anything else you have going on. Plus, they match pretty much any suit or shirt you could have in your closet. If you need something similar, they also make some cool watch socks that work great for warm-weather months when wearing more sock isn’t ideal.

2. Paisley Print By Hudson

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