10 Sock and Tie Combinations You Might Not Have Thought Of

10 Sock and Tie Combinations You Might Not Have Thought Of

Learn how to jazz up your socks and tie game with these creative sock and tie combinations that you might not have thought of before! All of the socks featured in this article are from The Sock Drawer, which offers quality men’s fashion at an affordable price. Each month, you can sign up for their subscription service, which allows you to pick out 2 pairs of designer socks and/or ties and have them delivered straight to your door! For more information about The Sock Drawer, visit their website here or give them a call at 1-888-467-6417.

1) The Worst Match

A black suit, dark shoes, and a white shirt with a black tie. The problems here are subtle. First, mixing blacks tends to create small splotches of color in your outfit that can make you look dingy or dirty (unless your goal is that look). Second, people rarely wear black on their feet—so it’s unusual enough to be noticeable. If you absolutely must have both colors in your outfit, keep them as far apart as possible. With that said, I do like what I call The Dark Star look—black suit/tie with a white dress shirt—when paired with an interesting patterned pocket square or boldly-colored tie tack.

2) A Classic That Never Goes Out of Style

A matching tie and sock combination is classic. If you’re looking for a way to bring your outfit together, or if you want to make a statement with an otherwise simple look, these combinations will never go out of style. When choosing your socks, remember that any sock color (navy blue, black, gray) will work well with a variety of colors—you can even wear white socks to create contrast in an otherwise monochromatic outfit. As for your ties, there are plenty of ways to experiment with patterns or colors. If you’re nervous about pulling off one of these looks for a first date or job interview (or anywhere where appearance matters), have no fear: These combinations are just as office-appropriate as they are fun!

3) A Bold Statement Piece

Matching your tie and socks isn’t just a matter of personal preference—it can also be a way to make a statement. And that might not sound like rocket science, but think about it: So many guys get stuck in ruts with their sartorial decisions that they end up wearing their most comfortable (read: least interesting) combos day after day. The solution? Go bold. Just as there are two types of people in life—those who’ve had dessert before dinner, and those who haven’t—there are two kinds of people when it comes to pairing socks with ties: those who know how to match them, and those who don’t.

4) Patterns

One of my favorite ways to spice up my wardrobe is by matching patterns on socks and ties. It’s a super simple trick that can add a lot of personality to your outfit without making you look like you’re trying too hard. Matching patterns in your sock selection doesn’t have to mean plain hosiery either; think paisley, polka dots, small stripes, or any other design that works with your shoes and style. When selecting a tie match for socks, think about how bold or subtle you want to be. You may also want to choose ties in complementary colors that tie into your other clothes, or select one item from each category—pants/shirt/tie—in order to avoid looking too matchy-matchy.

5) Paisley Prints

A paisley print tie is a little more subtle than you might think. It’s right on trend without being trendy—it’s like a timeless classic. Pair it with a bold, paisley-printed dress shirt and you have a look that can be worn at any time of year. For something even more interesting, try switching out your solids for paisley prints on all but one of your other pieces. Since they're so popular in fashion right now, it won't look like an obvious statement piece; rather, you'll get to indulge in pattern mixing while wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing. The only difference? Only you will know about it!

6) Stripes and Solids

When wearing a striped tie with a solid shirt, you can play around with varying degrees of contrast between your shirt and your tie. The key is to ensure that there's enough distinction between your outfit's two main pieces for contrast, but not so much as to distract from one another. For example, wearing a striped tie with a solid colored button-down is fine; if you're going bolder with your stripes (which tends to be more exciting), it's best to opt for something else in terms of pattern. Those who don't want to mess around can always keep things simple by adding interest to their outfits through color. A subtle mix of reds or blue with black makes for an easy way to create visual interest without making an impact on people viewing your outfit from afar.

7) Any Pattern but Plaid

This is a bit more specific than most of our other suggestions, but choosing one pattern over another (or better yet, contrasting patterns) really gives you a lot of room to make a statement. Why choose boring plaid when you can pick interesting patterns like Aztec or paisley? It makes for a much bolder look that matches your personality! Being daring with your clothing choices is what separates you from everyone else; after all, each person on earth has two feet. It doesn’t matter how tall you are or what shoes you wear because every pair of feet is roughly identical in size and shape. This means it’s up to people to express themselves through their clothing instead of their physical attributes.

8) Denim Sets

For a fashionable look that’s sporty, try layering a light-colored denim shirt with your favorite pair of denim jeans. Denim shirts and jeans are both casual enough to wear in just about any situation, so they make an easy pairing. If you don’t already own a denim shirt, you can find plenty of great options on Amazon; they also come in many different styles like short-sleeved button downs or even hoodies. When it comes to finding an extra special tie to match, try purchasing one with a texture or pattern (such as stripes) that matches your denim shirt. The key is to be sure that both garments have similar colors – typically blues or neutral grays work best – otherwise you risk looking disheveled.

9) Monochromatic, Navy Blue

Navy blue is an ideal color for wearing with a navy suit. It's also easy to find matching socks in a single hue, making it an ideal choice if you only have one or two sets of dress socks. This look tends to be a little more formal, but can still be worn during casual events like date night or a night out with friends at dinner. Pair your monochromatic navy set with brown leather shoes for a polished yet casual look. If you're in need of some new formal wear, check out our edit of tailored suits that don't break the bank.

10) Leopard Print with Animal Skin Boots

To pull off these socks, you’ll need some statement footwear to match. Try a pair of animal skin boots or just a simple pair of brown leather dress shoes. The leopard print should be enough to grab attention without being too much or too distracting. Keep things toned down with a light-colored shirt and dark pants so that you can show off your playful socks without too much distraction. Remember, if your outfit is loud enough to overshadow your accessories, then it’s likely that people won’t really be looking at them in the first place—the end result will just look like a mess. To ensure that doesn’t happen here, keep things fairly minimal from head to toe; otherwise, you might as well not even wear socks at all!