10 Sneaky Ways to Wear No Show Socks

10 Sneaky Ways to Wear No Show Socks

What can you do if you’re tired of wearing the same old socks day in and day out? If you love the idea of having unique, comfortable socks delivered to your door every month, but aren’t ready to sign up for a sock subscription yet, here are 10 sneaky ways to wear no show socks!

1) Don’t wear socks with sandals

Wearing socks with sandals is a no-no. Your feet will sweat, your sandals will smell, and you’ll probably get weird looks. Don’t do it. Instead, wear no show socks—they don’t even need to be visible when you wear your sandals! All socks are not created equal though, and picking out a pair of no show socks can be tricky; that's why we've done all of the legwork for you. Here are our top 10 recommendations for wearing no show socks

2) Rock No Show socks with T-shirts

As their name suggests, no-show socks tend to be shorter than average. However, they’re also often quite long—and will easily reach your ankles or shoes if you wear them that way. If you want a sleeker look, try wearing your no-show socks with a T-shirt. The result is a look that’s casual and simple but still polished enough for work or going out with friends. Mix it up by sporting a colorful T-shirt under your dress shirt at work or polishing off your favorite pair of jeans with khakis or chinos when you’re off duty. (No-show socks come in all different colors; get creative!)

3) Mix them in with regular socks

If you’re going sockless in some of your shoes (like slip-ons), throw a pair of no-show socks into your bag. When you change into your slip-ons at work, toss on a no-show and voila—hidden socks! Also great for throwing in regular sneakers when they start getting smelly. If you have funky colored or patterned socks, these will be easy to incorporate into an outfit without drawing attention, as long as they’re dark enough not to be seen. Just don’t wear them with sandals!

4) Add Color!

Wearing no-show socks is a quick and easy way to add extra color and personality to an outfit. White no-show socks will match any footwear and are a great way to stand out from others. Neon colors such as yellow, orange, or green will always be visible—even when you’re in your favorite pair of sneakers. To dress up an outfit for a night out, try wearing low heels with bright colored no-shows! The shoes will draw attention while your feet stay warm and comfortable all night long. No matter what style you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors: adding just one pop of color can completely change how you look!

5) Choose your footwear wisely

Before even choosing your socks, you need to select shoes that can pull off no-show socks. Because there is nothing worse than your sock protruding from your shoe or showing at any point under pants or skirts, you’ll want to make sure your shoes cover well. Flats and loafers typically do a good job of covering socks but anything too pointy may be harder to pull off. A sneaky trick for wearing no-show socks with lace-up flats? Simply add a bit of double-sided tape on either side of your sock (making sure it's not visible through your shoe) so that it adheres well and stays hidden underneath your laces. Another great way to wear no show socks is with flip flops or sandals!

6) Make sure you have the right fit

Your socks must fit well. You don’t want them bunching or slipping down and leaving your feet exposed. Most importantly, you don’t want to step on a toe! Also, thinner socks are less likely to show, so if you like wearing brightly coloured no show socks go for it! Just make sure they’re not too thin that they become uncomfortable. Sometimes super thin colourful socks can irritate our toes as they rub against them all day long. For regular casual wear, choose plain sock colours that match with everything and aren’t too thick so they still appear hidden inside shoes and boots.

7) Have fun with patterns, designs, and colors.

When it comes to socks, you don’t have to follow any rules. Have fun with patterns, designs, and colors. Don’t let these basic accessories have a boring old day at work. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down for your job, show off your personality through fashion. Make sure your shoes are on point and be prepared for a random compliment or two from a stranger about how great your socks look!

8) Know the rules before breaking them.

They're called no show socks for a reason. They exist because there are some instances where you just can't wear them, like when wearing boots or open-toed shoes. In that case, you'll want to go with something else (even if you don't want to!). Be sure that you know where and when it's appropriate to wear no show socks so that you don't get into trouble—and also look good! This means making sure your pants are appropriate for no show socks, too. If your pants bunch at your ankles, then there's a good chance your no shows will slip out of place and be more visible than intended.

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