10 Reasons You'll Want to Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

10 Reasons You'll Want to Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

Contrary to popular belief, not all socks are created equal, and the garter sock hasn’t been in style since the turn of the century. While you’re out trying to find high-quality socks that aren’t going to give you horrible blisters, consider joining a sock of the month subscription service such as Philosockphy Socks instead. Here are 10 reasons you’ll love having premium socks delivered straight to your door every month so you can show off your strong side without even trying.

1) They're always something new

With regular sock subscriptions, there’s always something new. Some companies even send multiple pairs each month (hello, socks for every outfit!), and all it takes is an email or text to cancel if you don’t like what you got. It takes so much time out of your day when you have to think about which socks go with which shoes or pants, but with sock subscriptions it's taken care of for you. What will they be next month? We can't wait!

2) They have unique themes

As soon as you see them, you know what kind of socks they are: desk socks, running socks or plain everyday socks. These aren't just cool socks—they're themed. Each month, your subscription will include three pairs (one for each week). The sock theme is chosen by Philosophie and coincides with a particular phrase or thought; it's meant to get your imagination going. It's designed to be simple, yet thoughtful. This is more than just a sock subscription, though—you're supporting an individual artist and helping him develop his career as well as his business. And these designs aren't meh. They're great quality socks that last over time and won't fall apart when they go through too many wash cycles.

3) They come in pairs

If you like to give your socks away as gifts and have always wished they came in sets, get excited. They do! People who subscribe to sock of the month clubs typically receive two pairs of socks at each interval. This means that you’ll have one pair for yourself and another for someone else, if that’s what floats your boat. And everyone knows: when it comes to socks, you can never have too many.

4) They're made from durable material

A sock subscription service provides socks that are well-made and will last. The material used to make them is often thick, so they’re unlikely to wear out quickly. And if you end up with an unexpected hole or tear in your sock? Well, it might not matter as much since you have plenty more on reserve. We tend to be very picky about what we wear, but at least with a subscription service like Philosocks, we can be sure that our clothing is just as good as any other piece we own.

5) They stand out in your sock drawer

If you're like most people, you've got plenty of pairs of black and white socks in your sock drawer. If you really want to turn heads when getting dressed, try some colorful, patterned socks instead. They not only help make your outfit pop, but they also show that you're ready for spring (or summer!). Philosopher's Socks makes it easy by offering a sock subscription service where each month you get 3 new pairs in different colors.

6) The company is based in Austin, TX

Philosocks is based in Austin, Texas. We decided on Austin as our home city because it has become a destination for innovative entrepreneurs and thought leaders. It’s our goal to be an Austin startup that helps define not only local culture but also global fashion. As we grow, we hope to help put Austin on par with Silicon Valley as an epicenter for smart people making cool things happen. To learn more about why we chose Austin and Texas as a base for Philosocks, check out our mission statement and story .

7) You can get them for men and women

socks aren’t just for men anymore! We have socks for women in our sock of the month subscription box, and they’re available in designs that are as attractive as they are comfortable. So when you subscribe, you can gift them or keep them for yourself. Either way, socks from Philosockphy will put your style on display.

8) They make great gifts

Who doesn't like getting socks? They're comfortable, useful and last quite a while - which means you don't have to rush out and buy yourself socks every time you're in dire need. People appreciate receiving useful items as gifts and when it comes down to it, what's more useful than socks? Sure, there are other things you could give someone for their birthday or holiday but I can almost guarantee that no one else will be gifting them with cool socks. And if they are - then they should switch up their gift choice because who wouldn't want some awesome philosophy themed socks? ;-)

9) There's no commitment - you can cancel anytime

The best part about sock subscriptions is that there's no commitment, so you can try it out, see if you like it and then decide if you want to keep getting socks. For example, Philosocks have an option where members can choose for her or for him. If one month they send something in your gender's style and you don't like it, no problem - just cancel that month. It costs $2 per month: That's pretty inexpensive for several pairs of cool socks! In fact, many online sock retailers sell single pairs for around $8. With subscription services like Philosocks (and some other companies), you get six pairs of socks every month delivered straight to your door for as little as $2 per month.

10) There are so many awesome designs to choose from!

When you subscribe to a sock of the month service, you’ll have access to all kinds of awesome socks at your fingertips. Many services offer both men’s and women’s socks with fun patterns and designs every month. If you like variety in your sock drawer, you can opt for multiple pairs per month or even several pairs in one delivery! Plus, many subscription companies now offer customized gift options so that others can subscribe as well. So if someone has been eyeing your cute new pair of flower socks, they might be able to give them as a thoughtful gift too!