10 Reasons You Should Join a Sock of the Month Club

10 Reasons You Should Join a sock of the month Club

As they say, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to sock subscriptions like the sock of the month Club by Sock-A-Month, Inc. This company specializes in monthly sock deliveries of all different kinds, meaning you could get socks in your favorite sports team’s colors or stylish new socks designed by your favorite author or crafter! What are you waiting for? Join a sock of the month club today! Here are 10 reasons why you should.

1) Cool subscription boxes

We’re all for them. If you haven’t yet subscribed to one, we highly recommend checking out our list of Best Subscription Boxes for Men as well as our picks for cool sock subscription boxes. There are plenty to choose from, whether you like understated or bold designs; athletic or dressy socks; vibrant colors or earth tones (or both!). We have some great suggestions for you! Whatever your style is, we think it’s pretty safe to say that a sock subscription will give you something fresh and fun to wear every month—something that will make getting dressed in the morning (or even after work) just a little bit easier and more exciting. And isn’t that what life is all about?

2) Too many socks?

It’s likely that you have more than two dozen pairs of socks in your sock drawer. That might seem like overkill, but if you’re one of those people who tends to wear socks every day (and with boots year-round), then maybe you don’t have enough socks. It may sound crazy, but sock subscription clubs are big business—and for good reason. Having fun and interesting socks to wear can really get you excited about your outfit before leaving home each morning. And more stylish socks don’t just feel nice on your feet; they make it easier to match shoes and add color to an otherwise drab outfit.

3) Awesome monthly gift ideas

As awesome as socks are, they can be difficult to purchase. They’re like a unicorn: difficult to spot and often rarer than expected. As much as we want new socks, most of us don’t usually want them enough to go out and buy them in person. A sock subscription club solves that problem by delivering new socks monthly or even weekly! So if you have someone who loves to wear cool socks but would prefer not to shop for them, get them an awesome sock subscription club membership today!

4) No more tattered socks

You could go to stores and buy matching socks, but you’d quickly realize how expensive it is. If you have kids, you already know that socks get worn out fast, and replacing every sock in your wardrobe can get quite pricey. The easiest way to avoid breaking your budget on basic apparel is joining a sock-of-the-month club. Instead of paying full price for cool socks, you can get them for about half off (or less) by joining one of these clubs. When you receive an entire months worth of socks each month, then can wear a different pair every day without getting tattered and torn! Finding cool socks will be easy too because each monthly delivery will contain two or three new pairs that you wouldn’t find in stores.

5) Comfortable sock styles

Whether you’re strolling around at home or out running errands, comfortable socks are important. But not just any kind—the right pair can also be stylish and make an outfit look pulled together, even if you're wearing jeans and sneakers. Choose from bold patterns or fun animal designs for socks that fit into your day-to-day style, with companies like Bombas offering pairs with no show tops or colorful argyle styles. Plus, you'll never run out of new pairs to try! If you join a sock of the month club, there will always be a new set to rotate in each month.

6) Socks from around the world

Who doesn’t love receiving cool socks in the mail? The sock of the month (SOM) club is perfect for those who are interested in building their sock collection without having to leave their house. The best part about joining SOM clubs is that you can do it monthly or every other month, giving you enough time to really enjoy each pair. Every subscription includes between 4-8 pairs of high quality socks that are sourced from all over, including Europe and Japan. Because these socks are mostly imported directly from manufacturers overseas, it will save you money in addition to adding some variety to your sock drawer. If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should join a SOM club today!

7) Gift subscriptions make great gifts

It’s too late to get your sock giftee’s most-wanted socks for Christmas, but if you’re shopping for someone in January, there are tons of monthly sock clubs out there. There are ones for men and women that specialize in work socks, running socks or other themes. If you want to give something even more creative than just a gift card, gift subscriptions (like those from Stance) are sure to please. Just don’t expect any responses when you ask what they think—they may just be too excited about their new socks!

8) Socks on every holiday (Christmas, Birthday, etc.)

Whether you’re single or have a family, socks make great gifts. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday or your spouse’s, either. There is something warm and fuzzy about getting new socks for every holiday. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift either—there are plenty of sock-of-the-month clubs out there for less than $20 per month that will fill up your sock drawer with creative designs and fun colors every month. It's like having Christmas every month! How many other presents can say that?

9) Variety of sock styles/colors/patterns

Many sock-of-the-month clubs offer customers a high level of variety in their subscriptions. Whether it’s by color, brand, or style, sock-of-the-month clubs typically cover all bases when it comes to options. Because many brands design exclusive patterns for sock club members and give them out only to club members, subscribing can make you feel special as you get your own unique pair each month. With socks like these in your drawer at home (or better yet—in your briefcase at work!), you won’t have any excuse not to wear socks with your suits!

10) Premium brands with premium socks.

Many sock of the month clubs offer premium brands, but they also offer big savings. Many brands such as Happy Socks, Stance and Bombas cost $15 or more per pair without sock of the month club membership. The deal you get with a sock club is that these high-quality socks are being offered to you at even bigger discounts than normal, sometimes up to 75% off retail price! Plus, some sock clubs will throw in extras for free such as T-shirts and other accessories so that you can enjoy your new pairs of socks even more.