10 Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

If you’re not familiar with the sock of the month club, allow us to fill you in. It’s essentially an awesome way to get new socks sent directly to your door every month so that you never have to spend a boring hour of your life shopping for socks again, or even worse, dealing with another pair of the same old boring socks that you wear day in and day out. If cute socks are your passion, then check out these 10 reasons why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks instead.

2) They are cheap, but with a large selection
A subscription service for socks is usually priced below retail, but offers a huge selection of styles. Instead of buying a pair at a time, pick out one of many different pairs for as little as $5 or $6. What’s not to love? Most sock subscription services also offer more than just ankle socks—some even include knee-highs and crew socks! There are plenty of discount sock boxes online that you can subscribe to.
Eco-friendly: Okay, so having socks mailed to your door every month isn’t exactly eco-friendly in that it creates excess waste; however, some sock subscriptions are actually made from recycled materials such as organic cotton and bamboo fibers. Better yet, these eco-friendly socks are machine washable in cold water with other similar colors; plus they don’t require dry cleaning! Plus—and I can’t emphasize enough how big of a plus this is—you get rid of old socks you no longer wear when you receive new ones! (Who hasn’t just been too lazy to take an old pair out of their sock drawer?) Well, with a sock subscription service you throw them away for good instead of keeping them around forever. Plus you can even donate them if you want. Oh yeah, there’s another bonus to getting new socks in the mail: They won’t end up smelling like old gym socks if you leave them unworn for months on end. There will always be fresh pairs waiting for you when those stinky socks start piling up at the bottom of your drawers! So now that we have all these benefits listed here, who wouldn’t want to sign up?

1) They save you money

No longer will you have to pay $20 per pair of socks when you can subscribe to a sock of month club for under $15. Get them in all your favorite colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics! And we won’t lie; they’re cool too. Who doesn’t love cool socks? They can make any outfit better or just complete it if need be. Better yet, there are socks for men, women, kids (and let’s not forget dogs), so everyone has a chance to join in on these sock subscriptions. And there are so many subscription options now like brooks brothers socks and sockbox that there is literally something out there for everyone—even people with allergies (bamboo socks). So what are you waiting for?! Quit sex already and get some great socks! Everyone loves socks—they're comfortable, stylish, fashionable... OK well maybe not fashionable in every case. But either way they're pretty rad and that's why you should start getting them today! What are you waiting for!? Sign up for sock of the month club today! You'll be glad you did! Plus, don't forget - socks last a long time and thus require much less maintenance than relationships do. So give up on those emotional ties, awkward dates, one night stands etc., etc., etc., and order your first sock box as soon as possible!!! Sock boxes are available worldwide so sign up TODAY!!!

5) Sock choices are seemingly endless
women can now choose from dozens of different brands, fabrics, lengths, colors...yadda yadda yadda. But are there actually good reasons for choosing one sock over another? Do cute socks make for a better life? Or is fashion just something that consumes our minds and bodies as we age? It’s time to find out! Here are 10 reasons you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks 1. The collection will be perfectly organized in a drawer or closet—you won’t have to worry about putting them back after each use; they already live in an orderly fashion by themselves! No more having socks missing inside each other. This will save you valuable minutes every morning when getting ready for work. No matter what sock situation is going on with your partner at night, in the morning everything will look nice and neat—it’ll be easy to decide which pair goes with what outfit! 2. When you go somewhere, people won’t wonder if you got laid last night or not (but they still might ask). Without being worried that someone else saw a used condom wrapper, it makes decision-making easier. Did I or didn’t I?! Who cares!! Let’s see if those cool new socks came in yet... 3. There will be no pregnancy scares. 4. Condoms don’t help prevent foot fungus infections but socks do (provided you wash them occasionally)! 5. They don’t get run down as fast because they only spend part of their time off getting laid...and even then, it doesn't take too long! 6.

4) They play well with others (and will never talk behind your back)
Unlike socks that are lonely and dateless, cute socks want nothing more than for you to buy them a couple of friends. They don’t care if they get second billing, either. After all, it’s better than not being invited at all! You won’t have to worry about them talking behind your back—or only asking you to do half of what they want in bed. Over time, socks come to know each other well; they have no qualms communicating their dislikes. If a pair of socks doesn’t get along with another one, there are plenty more where that came from. Why waste time trying to make things work when new options await? says Matt DeWald, Founder of Happy Socks. He should know: We wear 15 pairs per week! That's 730 pairs annually (and socks last two years on average), plus who knows how many socks were purchased before we started tracking how many we own! Plus who knows how many socks were purchased before we started tracking how many we own! On top of that, buying packs instead of just a single makes shopping exponentially easier. Never search through three different drawers again while going into where did I put my black socks mode. Who has time for dating? Finding love is hard enough as it is, why complicate things even further by also having to remember someone else’s tastes and preferences? With cute socks, you can send them out looking good whether you have plans that night or not. With so many cute sock companies popping up all over America (if you didn't think millions of American women would love these gifts, think again), chances are that finding your next significant other will be as easy as browsing our collection online.

6) There is always someone to share socks with (shout out to the sock exchange!)

One of my favorite parts about socks is that I can share them with others. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or that extra pair for your kid to wear around the house, there’s always someone who will be happy you have more cool socks. Sure, you might occasionally find yourself in a fight over whose socks are better (damnit! why does everyone love those Frozen socks?), but at least you’re fighting about something fun and productive. And hey—if all else fails: don’t worry! There are so many sock subscriptions out there now that getting new socks is as easy as signing up online. No need to argue when all they have to do is sign up, too! It’s like a giant sock-of-the-month club... except you aren’t actually having sex. Which is nice. Well, it’s nicer than sex if we get real here for just a second... because really? Have you ever had good socks? Or bad sex? Did anyone ever complain that their sock was wearing thin or wish their partner would be a little bit less considerate during sexy time? Please tell me someone has said these things. Oh no, no one has? Oh, god... does that mean I’m all alone on this crusade?! That’s fine; we can work together to change people’s minds. The world needs us!

7) You can give them as gifts without explaining why
If you’re looking for a cheap, thoughtful gift, look no further than socks. Like a bottle of wine, there’s an occasion for every pair—and no one will question your choice in giving them something practical over a heart-shaped box of chocolates. And with so many options out there (including subscription services like sock of the month), chances are you can find something for everyone on your list. Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks. 1) They won’t make you feel guilty after: The only way someone will judge you for giving socks as a gift is if they actually dislike receiving it. But even then, all that really says is that they don’t have any good taste or manners—definitely not grounds to feel guilty about your selection! No matter who gets them, your recipient is sure to appreciate something from under their tree or inside their stocking come Christmas morning. 2) There’s never a bad time to rock some stylish footwear: Whether you wear them at work or play, kickin’ around your house slippers with pants tucked into ‘em has never been cooler. 3) They’ll last longer than other gifts...at least before you need another replacement pair: Most items we think of as traditional Christmas gifts aren’t guaranteed by law to last until next year. In fact, some might fall apart within days.

9) There are amazing socks for all occasions, business attire or casual wear
there are no rules when it comes to cute socks, it’s just an option. So why should you give up sex and devote your life to cute socks? Simple: because they make you feel good. How can a pair of sexy black stilettos compete with that? The only drawback: if you wear them too often, it will ruin their cuteness. That’s fine though - there are new ones all over out there! Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should move on from sex in favour of cute socks. (1) They keep your feet warm without getting overheated. (2) No awkward encounters at night; just adorable little things next to you instead of a flailing partner in bed. (3) There is little risk of contracting STD's or catching bugs, particularly if you buy cotton products. (4) Some varieties even help combat foot odour naturally. (5) It's easy to slip into bed straight after work/evening events - no need for undressing! (6) There aren't any morning after awkward conversations either. Just smile as you slip on your favourite style. (7) You don't have to worry about pregnancy issues (whether male or female). In fact, there's little worry about anything happening!

10) Perhaps most importantly, cute socks will make your feet happy. Period.
Studies have shown that wearing socks can lower your blood pressure, regulate body temperature, relax your muscles and reduce stress. When your feet are happy, you’re happy. And that is good for everything: relationships, careers—even your immune system. Check out our top 10 reasons why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks With a pair of cute socks under your belt...you’ll always know how you look from behind. The back of your outfit will never go unnoticed again! No one wants to feel like their butt looks weird in a pair of pants or that their skirt rides up awkwardly when they sit down (it happens). With all those curves on display, you might as well make sure they all work together. Your calves would be SO proud. Sure, some girls wear heels because they love them; others wear them because they hate their legs. Wearing heels forces us to lean forward and lengthen our legs, but more importantly, it makes us stand taller. If you have small calves and ankles, it’s possible that making your way through a day without giving them a little TLC would be considered neglect by your calf muscles. A bold statement? We think not. There is an amazing feeling that comes over you once you realize that no matter what messes you get yourself into, someone somewhere has tried it before, gotten themselves out of it with minimal discomfort and lived to tell about it.