10 Reasons Why the Sock of the Month Club is the Best Gift for Him

10 Reasons Why the sock of the month Club is the Best Gift for Him

Your partner probably has socks, but what kind of socks does he have? Socks that are missing their partner, perhaps? Socks in need of some company? Or socks that could use an extra pair or two? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your significant other, and the solution is just a click away. Introducing the sock of the month Club—the best gift for him!

1) He gets a fun gift every month

Let’s face it. No one really wants to get socks as a gift, but if you give your husband a monthly sock subscription service he’ll never have to suffer that embarrassment again. And, lucky for him, there are all kinds of different style options (striped socks are definitely in right now) to spice up his month every time. Now that’s one excited husband.

2) He can exchange a pair if he doesn’t like it

There’s no way around it, socks are boring. Nobody enjoys buying them and, unfortunately, nobody actually wears them. However, a sock subscription service can change all that by giving your man something fun to look forward to in his mailbox every month. Most sock-of-the-month clubs allow him to exchange a pair if he doesn’t like it and most even give you some sort of customization option so he can pick exactly what kind of socks he wants!

3) Quality over quantity

It’s true, it might be easy to grab a bunch of different socks off Amazon and ship them to your boyfriend, brother or other loved one, but you won’t be able to beat a sock subscription service like Bombas . Bombas are great quality socks and you’ll never run out! You can even choose how many pairs per month you want. When deciding on a sock subscription service, think about how often your loved one needs new socks (think: there's no point in getting someone new socks every two months). You also want to make sure that they will actually wear them—especially if you are sending a gift subscription.

4) He will look forward to getting his surprise package each month

There are few things in life that guys look forward to as much as a package showing up at their doorstep with their name on it. If you choose a sock of the month club, you’ll know exactly when your gift will arrive, and he’ll look forward to seeing what he’s getting each month. There won’t be any question about whether or not he likes it—he can see it! You don’t have to worry about exchanges because every box has everything that one month had. He also gets his choice from many different styles and brands, so there will never be any doubt about whether or not he likes what he gets.

5) He can save up his gifts and get one really nice pair

There’s something special about getting a gift every month. For example, if your man has been great throughout December and you want to show him how much you appreciate him, then he’ll have 12 pairs of socks by Christmas. That’s one pair for each week! He can start off on January 1st with a fresh batch of warm socks, too. This ensures that he won’t be missing out on any big gifts (like a new TV or Macbook) since he got 12 surprises already.

6) He will always have socks when he needs them

What man doesn’t need socks? What woman doesn’t want to give him a gift that he enjoys but won’t buy himself? When you give him a subscription to a sock of the month club, you can be sure that he will always have socks when he needs them. Imagine his delight when he opens your package and sees all those colorful new pairs! This practical gift idea is also perfect for men who are hard to shop for because it gives them something they want (socks) but in a fun way. If your loved one already has all of his favorite colors and types, you can still get him something new every month with choices from dozens of other categories, like slippers or sexy ankle-highs.

7) As he goes through life, he’ll be able to look back at what used to be in style each year!

This gift will be able to bring back great memories in years to come. He’ll always remember what he was wearing when a certain song came out, how his tastes have changed, or what he was doing on a certain day. It’s also a great way to start conversations about his childhood as you recall what your fashion choices were like as well! Remember that time you wore those crazy-colored socks? Lol! Or that time they got lost and we had to go around school barefoot?! Remember? Lol! Those were good times...but better yet, let’s not relive them...:)

8) It’s an easy gift for you because you don’t have to try and figure out what kind of socks he likes!

Don’t know what kind of socks he wears? Don’t have time to figure it out? No problem! With a sock of the month club, you don’t have to do any shopping. The gift recipient can select from different themes and colors each month based on his style preferences. Need some more ideas? Check out our list of best men's socks in 2018.

9) You get cool stuff in your subscription box as well, so you are always ready for date night or happy hour with friends.

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