10 Reasons Why I'm Obsessed with My Sock of the Month Subscription

10 Reasons Why I'm Obsessed with My sock of the month Subscription

To most people, socks are just socks. They wear them to keep their feet warm, but once the weather warms up, they never even consider putting them on again. sock of the month subscriptions have changed my perception about socks forever because each month I get to experience a brand new, fun sock that brings excitement and joy into my life. In this article, I will discuss 10 reasons why you should subscribe to a sock of the month subscription service too!

#1 - They help you achieve goals

cool socks aren't just an ordinary sock. They're premium socks, or socks that have it all, as they say. When you put them on, you feel powerful and energetic. At least that's what my husband says, who has been obsessing over his new socks for a few weeks now. He loves them so much he wears them every day, sometimes two pair at a time! More than anything else in our house (except for me), he credits his subscription to keeping him focused and on track with his health goals. While some people say motivation doesn't come from something as simple as a new pair of socks every month, we beg to differ!

#2 - They come in all kinds of fun designs

There are so many great socks subscription options out there, and they're all uniquely different. Some subscriptions feature themed packs with a common color scheme (ie: sock of the month club might send you one pack that has cute little panda bears on them), while others feature full-blown designs (think Shark Week socks or comic book-themed socks). #3 - They're great gifts: Your loved ones will always be happy to receive a pair of fresh socks for Christmas or their birthday. When it comes to gifting, it doesn't get much better than something that most people need and use every day. Plus, sometimes finding a gift for someone is as simple as asking them what kind of stuff they like!

#3 - They create anticipation, like when there's a package waiting for you at home

What could it be? Is it here yet? You just can't wait to get home, rip open that box and see what's inside. As human beings, we love surprises, don't we? Well, sock subscription services deliver exactly that: a surprise package every month filled with cool socks you've probably never heard of! If you're not familiar with sock subscriptions , these are businesses where a company (think Disney for socks) selects an awesome sock line and ships them out to you every month. That way you can always have new, fun socks at your disposal without having to do any searching on your own. It's basically gifting gone done right!

#4 - They are great for gifting

Do you have family members or friends who are difficult to shop for? With a sock subscription service, there's no more stressing over what to get them. It also gives people a fun way to explore new styles and colors that they might not have considered in the past. Plus, it's always nice to receive cool socks every month! #5 - They make wonderful gifts: Everyone loves socks. They're easy to give as a gift, especially if you're making multiple purchases for different people (see below). If you know someone who travels frequently or is always cold at work, a pair of cozy slippers will be appreciated every single day by anyone. #6 - Money back guarantee: You have absolutely nothing to lose!

#5 - They are inexpensive compared to many other subscriptions

Sure, you might pay $50 a month for these socks and that is more than what most people spend on groceries, but if you’re going to splurge on anything why not make it something awesome like cool socks! Imagine getting a pair of cute new socks every month? And with so many different subscription companies offering monthly sock shipments you can change up your sock style every single month! There are even ways to get them for free.

#6 - The brands behind them are usually on trend

Buying these types of socks means that you’re buying from a brand that is not just making money on their monthly boxes, but are actually taking time to curate and design their socks. What does that mean for you? Good quality. In a world where socks are probably one of those things you don’t spend much time thinking about, it’s nice to know what you’re getting is worth thinking about – like clothing and style. Plus, sock subscription brands always have a fun theme or branding around them as well - which makes it more exciting when they come in your mail box!

#7 - They get you out of your style rut by giving you something new every month

Variety is spice of life and all that, right? Having new socks arrive in your mailbox each month means you’re less likely to fall into a style rut because you’ll be reminded that there are all kinds of socks out there. There will always be a pair (or two) that speak to you—even if they don’t look like anything else in your sock drawer. And while they may not be a style staple forever, they might turn out to be just what you need to get over your sock rut. But don't worry, we won't tell if you're planning on throwing them out... when no one's looking.

#8 - There's usually free shipping on top of it all!

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