10 Photo Ideas to Show Off Your Socks

10 Photo Ideas to Show Off Your Socks

Sock subscriptions are on the rise, and who can blame them? There’s nothing better than getting new socks in the mail, especially when they match your personal style perfectly! The problem with sock subscriptions though, is that there’s no way to display your amazing new socks to the world, even though you want to so badly! Here are 10 fun ideas to show off your new socks on Instagram, so you can show everyone how awesomely cool you are.

#1 - The all day sock pic

One of my favorite ways to incorporate socks in my instagram feed is simply a picture that I take over several hours. In fact, I think it’s my favorite way for showing off your socks because it gives you an opportunity to really showcase your fun and interesting sock combinations, as well as some people who might not be featured in other photos. It’s also a great way for looking at other people’s sock collections—the longer you take a picture, the more pairs of socks you can fit into one shot! Because we live in such a fast-paced world, taking photos over several hours will allow people who follow you on instagram to have time during their day or week where they can stop by and look at your picture.

#2 - Try wearing multiples at once

Who says you can only wear one pair of socks at a time? Try wearing two different designs or socks that match in a complementary color. Experiment with layers for even more visual appeal! #9 - Put them on your shoulders: The next time you’re wearing a sweater or other outerwear, make sure your socks are visible. Lift up your sleeves and put your socks right on top. If you don’t have an alternative to remove, simply let them fall off as soon as it becomes too hot—and switch back out later when you’re cool again. #11 - Wear them around your neck: If a shirt is too short and shows some leg anyway, keep some extras handy in case they peek out from under.

#3 - Mixing and matching colors/styles

One of my favorite tricks is to mix and match my socks when I'm wearing a matching pants or skirt. You'll notice, for example, that all of my patterns are different, but they're coordinated by color and style. So while they don't exactly coordinate perfectly (you can see on one leg a bold pattern paired with an argyle pattern), you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who would notice unless you told them what you were looking for! Additionally, you can get even more creative by mixing colors together; while we might not recommend wearing brown socks with black pants, there's nothing wrong with pairing tan socks with purple pants - everyone will just assume your shoes are tan.

#4 - Go barefoot with colorful toes

Being barefoot can feel good, and it looks great in photos. Pair your sockless feet with a fun pair of colorful socks for a cool look. Feel free to be creative and doodle on your feet, or wear socks that are full of personality. You could even take it one step further by adding props like flowers or hand accessories. This is an opportunity for you to get outside your comfort zone and express yourself through your photo content. Since you’re shooting from a close distance with a smartphone camera, there isn’t much room for error—so don’t forget about composition!

#5 - Use filters!

Instagram is all about filters, so if you have a bunch of photos in one place, be sure to give each photo its own filter. This gives your followers more variety and keeps them entertained. For example, you can use each color of the rainbow as a filter for a photo. If you’re feeling artsy and want a more dramatic look, try making an image black and white or grayscale. Or try messing with contrast levels or brightness to get different effects! It takes time, but if it will get you likes and make your images stand out from others on Instagram then it’s worth doing!

#7 - Get down on the floor, get up high in a tree, etc.

Taking photos from new and exciting angles will make them more interesting, plus it's a great excuse to do something outside your comfort zone. Whether you climb a tree or get down on your hands and knees, Instagram is made for unique shots that catch people's attention. ## 10 Tips for More Followers on Instagram ## How To Get The Most From Your Instagram Hashtags #4 - Use Pictures Of Just One Thing: There are some people who will scroll through an entire feed of photos on Instagram with no problem, but many others like to see one picture at a time and move onto another photo once they're done looking at one. That means every photo needs to stand out as much as possible because it only gets one chance at grabbing someone's attention.

#8 - Show them off while running, playing sports, etc.

#9 - Use a brand like Philosockphy that shares with you what they look like without socks. #10 - Fluorescent colorways and glow-in-the-dark styles are great ways to show off your clothing on social media.

#9 - While walking around town (day or night) take pics of interesting looking places.

A pic of a random building at night while it's raining, or one of a cool looking tree/building. Make sure you're centered in it! Make sure your post is 100% about your socks and make sure you hashtag #Philosockphy! (Bonus points if there are other items that match your socks)

#10- Take a pic before/after applying some skin care products.

This is another great way to highlight a specific product. Use captions that talk about its main features and why it’s good for your skin. Don’t just stand there in front of a mirror- move around, smile, act goofy. It’s important to give your followers content they can relate to, so don’t be afraid to share more than just your beauty routine!