10 of the Funniest, Weirdest, and Cutest Sock Subscription Services

10 of the Funniest, Weirdest, and Cutest Sock Subscription Services

We all have our favorite socks. They’re the ones that are just so cozy, they feel like you’re walking on clouds every time you put them on. But just like sweaters and shirts, socks do wear out over time and need to be replaced. That’s where sock subscription services come in handy! These services have everything from cute themed patterns to wacky designs that are sure to make you laugh as you slide your feet into bed every night. Here are ten of the funniest, weirdest, and cutest sock subscription services available!

1) Philosockphy - New York-based socks subscription

Philosockphy does sock of the month differently. Instead of finding new subscriptions that deliver accessories or clothing in a predictable way—say, from an array of greeting cards—Philosockphy sticks to something simple but unique: socks. That’s it. It curates collections by theme such as New York Stories (In true NYC fashion...) or Marathon Sunday Morning (perfect for your Sunday run) so you can have a pair that matches your personality every day. The subscription plans are $24 per month for three pairs or $39 per month for six pairs; shipping is free within North America on both. Currently only available in New York City with plans to expand across North America in 2017.

2) Sockso - Parisian socks delivery service

Paris is an amazing city. It's also incredibly stylish. That’s why it comes as no surprise that some people make a long-term commitment to their socks just by signing up for a sock subscription service from Paris called Sockso . For €12/month you can get 3 pairs of socks tailored specifically to your feet type. Each month you'll receive a new style based on your feedback at two points during each season. The best part is that you get 10% off all other purchases on the site if you buy at least one pair of socks in addition to your monthly selection. Whether you're looking for witty humor or something more traditional - these guys have got you covered! Parisian socks delivery service: Paris is an amazing city. It's also incredibly stylish.

3) Blue Q - Best socks for men

Blue Q is a brand that’s been selling quirky-yet-functional menswear since 1993. The folks at Blue Q design their socks with both style and comfort in mind, using cotton blends that are lightweight enough to wear year-round. To subscribe to their monthly sock service (which costs $15), you choose one pair from four different types: funny socks (like say Toad or Octopus), business socks (like plain black socks), fun and funky socks (like polka dots or stripes) or themed socks for every season. They do all that so you don't have to—all you have to do is decide which pair you want to wear today!

4) Soxiety - Custom sock subscription for girls

For a different kind of sock subscription service, check out Soxiety. This is a monthly sock subscription specifically designed for girls; you fill out a profile with your preferences, and they choose socks that fit well with your personality type. They even match up socks to fun themes!

5) Stance - The most unique sock subscriptions

Stance makes a big deal about its commitment to philanthropy. For every pair of socks you buy from them, they give a pair to someone in need. The company offers so many different styles that it’s hard not to find one that fits your personality. You can even design your own sock by customizing their logo and choosing what colors you want each part (heel, cuff, toe) to be. With all these options available it’s hard not to have fun creating something unique for yourself!

6) Bomber Gear - Sports sock subscription boxes

Football fans love wearing NFL socks every Sunday. Bomber Gear specializes in fun (and funny) socks for fans of all different sports teams. Each month you’ll receive a new pair of officially licensed NFL socks designed by different artists across America. Keep these around for game day, or just wear them on any given day. They’re perfect to wear with casual attire or work attire; either way they make a statement! You can buy a 3-month membership (3 pairs of socks), 6-month membership (6 pairs), or 12-month membership (12 pairs). All are $15/pair + free shipping!

7) Migoi – Japanese sock brand

Aside from being brilliantly colorful, Migoi socks are mostly made with cotton—which is a huge bonus for your feet. You see, cotton is one of nature’s best fabrics when it comes to breathability and moisture absorption (and keeps your feet cool in hot weather). They come in both crew length socks (below) as well as no-show socks that look like they’re just part of your shoe. We love Migoi because you can choose either women’s or men’s designs based on a personal philosophy called Philosockphy. Philosocks essentially embrace all walks of life—no matter how mundane or bizarre.

8) Anomali – Urban fashion socks from around the world

For urban fashionistas who love a little something different with their socks each day. Anomali is a monthly sock subscription service where you can get 4-6 pairs of designer socks for about $9-$15/month. With Anomali, you’ll be introduced to sock designers from around the world including Paris, Tokyo, New York City and more. Some are really wild (and some aren’t) so you won’t know what to expect each month! And it could make great gifts as well; just be sure to give yourself enough time to ship them before your friends’ birthdays or other holidays. Your friends will also thank you when they get these creative socks because most people don't usually buy crazy styles like these!

9) Captivate Goods – Designed by architects in London

Philosockphy socks are much more than just socks. Each pair is individually designed by a different architect, which not only gives them unique style but adds comfort and wearability as well. Based in London, each sock has a fun backstory from where it was purchased to what inspired its design. Some even come with gifts for your loved ones if you wish! Prices vary depending on style. With options for both men and women in tall or short styles, there’s something for everyone—and these will be no boring white tube socks! Check out Captivate Goods today to start finding your own philosophy.

10) Funktional Wearables – Techy/futuristic socks

These socks are designed to make you more productive, in more ways than one. The socks’ designs act as reminders to stay on task and prevent you from getting distracted (and are also capable of alerting your friends that you're working hard). Prices start at $25 for a three-month subscription. A pair is also available for pre-order.