10 of the Funniest, Weirdest, and Cutest Sock Subscription Services

10 of the Funniest, Weirdest, and Cutest Sock Subscription Services

If you think that sock of the month clubs are only for women, you’re in for a surprise! There are tons of unique sock subscription services out there, ranging from funny to downright weird. Here are ten of our favorites...

1) Harry Potter Socks

Enter a universe full of magic and wonder when you wear Harry Potter socks. These red-and-white ankle socks have whimsical images from Harry Potter books on them—including Hedwig's cage, Hogwarts castle windows, silhouettes of wizards' hats, movie scenes with Quidditch players flying through them! The sock subscription service Philosocphy offers a variety of different sock themes inspired by pop culture such as Star Wars, Dr. Who , superheroes and more. Subscribe to any combination or all at once! A monthly subscription costs $19 for three pairs plus free shipping . Free exchanges make it easy to find a pair that fits your style perfectly. The best part?

2) Disney

In an effort to promote it's newest movie Zootopia Disney has released a limited edition sock subscription. Only being offered in Orlando Florida where they are premiering a new experience themed around their movie. The socks come with 3 pairs that each represent one of three different animals in the movie; fox, rabbit, and sloth. If you live in Orlando Florida or plan on visiting for vacation soon be sure to check out Disney World for these uniquely fun socks!

3) Themed

It's no surprise that socks make a great theme for a subscription service. Socks are versatile, there are tons of different styles to choose from, they never have to be in style (which makes them easy to mix into any wardrobe), and they're cheap. If you're at all creative you can really give your customers something unique with each shipment. By creating themed sock subscriptions you can take your sock game up a notch. From business socks to animal socks , kid-friendly designs , or outdoor themed socks , there's plenty out there to choose from!

4) Diverse Designs

With so many subscription services focused on socks for men, it can be easy to get bored with all of those dark-colored polos. Get your laugh on with Diverse Designs. While some sock-of-the-month services focus solely on novelty designs, Diverse Designs strives to offer socks for all occasions—and that includes trendy patterns as well as designer pairs. If you love to indulge in a good joke from time to time (or if you love getting other people laughing), then take a look at their collection of kitschy fun patterns or nonstop humor. The website’s team handpicks each design personally after carefully combing through hundreds of potential options every month.

5) Animal Prints

No one can say socks are an underappreciated fashion item. We wear them all day long, so it makes sense that we'd want to buy some awesome socks. For those who don't have time to shop around for new socks every time their old pair wears out or gets dirty, sock subscription services are a dream come true. What better way to spice up your wardrobe than with a sock adorned with an animal print? And if you're looking for something out of the ordinary (or perhaps just a little sillier), there's even kitty-cat socks!

6) Geeky/Nerd

If you’re anything like me—you have a lot of pairs of socks. When I started throwing them out one by one in some dark closet because they were just too worn down from every day wear, I realized something had to change. Enter Philosockphy (an unnatural love for socks). Finding that it was hard to keep track of all my special pairs (the color-changing pair my friend got me from Japan, or that really fancy pair with Mickey Mouse on them), I began scouring reddit for services dedicated to sock-lovers. Here are ten weird and funny services dedicated to keeping your feet comfortable.

7) Witty

Some people are lucky enough to find their calling in life. For others, they need a little push from a friend or mentor. Either way, one of your first steps towards success is to make sure you love what you’re doing. Start small and work your way up; sometimes you don’t have to change careers entirely for an idea to take off: You can start out by buying socks with corny quotes on them (like these from Philosockphy) every month or taking pictures of yourself wearing silly socks as part of a regular photoshoot—which is exactly what The Funktional Ones does.

8) Comfy Quality Acrylic

When you think about socks, you probably only consider wool. Sure they're comfy, but they can be difficult to keep clean (and smell) and may not suit all weather conditions. When it comes to sock of the month clubs, customers rave about Comfy Quality Acrylic's unique options. They make acrylic sock that is soft, moisture-wicking material—no itchiness here! You'll love them for their quality feel as well as their adorable prints; some are even woven with extra fiber for a thicker look. Plus these cute pairs come in different sizes. If you have trouble finding your size in stores or dislike that stretched out look at your ankles (how embarrassing!), then a sock subscription is perfect for you!

9) Funny & Cute

The team at Philosockphy may not be doctors but they certainly know a thing or two about feet. Their products are designed to keep your feet looking cool and feeling good. If you don’t need another pair of socks for every day of week (that's 52 new pairs per year), then we recommend adding Philosockphy to your sock arsenal. They have all sorts of funky designs - from sharks on bicycles to coffee cups in space – that let everyone else know aoxcpnlenfesaya r te/ r>b0s e<>rPtuhdrrpgikdorcodtebsc e.W oaot bsbeoungl s,sorpcl steeshkelieewamwioudg dtioaas.Sisgrwot fce oqcknneonhgawa o poeabrris f ue m abiesogtns era fr)23).6). .)11 )11 151