10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

A sock subscription box is the perfect gift for anyone who wears socks! Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or give something great to another, one of these sock subscription boxes will have you covered (pun intended). Check out the 10 of the best sock subscription boxes here and be sure to find one that suits your personality and socks style.

1) Philosockphy - Socks That Tell a Story

Let's face it, socks are one of those things you don't think too much about until they're gone. That is, unless you have a drawer full of socks with stories to tell. Philosockphy's sock subscription service is an easy way to get a new pair every month or two (or three), and each pair comes with its own little story that makes your feet feel like you've walked 10 miles in them by only putting them on once. It's almost as good as walking 10 miles... Almost.

2) Doctor Feet - Socks & Foot Health Information

Doctor Feet is more than just a sock subscription box. It’s also an informational service designed to keep your feet healthy and happy, as well as socks and accessories. If you have any foot problems or pain, Doctor Feet has information on how to fix it. They have guides on how to get rid of smelly feet, prevent Athlete’s Foot and other common conditions that affect our feet, such as pinky toe (braces are included). On top of all that they also provide helpful tips on ways to take care of your socks – after all, you can’t wear nice ones if they are damaged! Keep those toes warm in stylish comfort with Doctor Feet!

3) Zana Bayne - Socks, Accessories & Experience Gifts

Zana Bayne is a sock subscription service that focuses on luxury items and experiences. Members receive one pair of socks every month, ranging from $15 to $20, based on their membership plan. Each month you’ll receive a new pair, as well as access to curated experience gifts like spa days and other unique events throughout the year. If your partner loves great quality socks or you want to treat yourself (or someone else) with a little bit of pampering, Zana Bayne might be just what you’re looking for. You can purchase gift cards or individual memberships starting at $25 per month if purchasing in-store; however, if you sign up online, monthly subscriptions start at $18 per month without additional fees.

4) Stance - America's #1 Men's and Women's Premium Sock Brand

Who says socks are just something to keep your feet warm? Stance is here to prove that they can also be a way to express yourself. When you get a pair of Stance socks, you're getting more than comfort and style; you're getting some insight into what makes you, well, you. After all, when it comes down to it, aren't we all sockheads at heart? Only $12/month

5) Happy Socks - From Minimal to Fruity, There's a Happy Socks Gift For Everyone

If you love socks, you’re going to want to put a pair on your Christmas list. These Happy Socks will not only keep your feet warm but will also make them look fabulous as well. The socks come in all different colors and styles, making it easy to find a set that is perfect for you or someone else. The most popular ones are fun socks like their Philosockphy collection which comes with a lot of fun and bold patterns and statements that really stand out. Keep an eye out too for their different sock subscription boxes if you are looking to get something extra special! Not only do they come in amazing colors but they are sure to be a big hit with whoever receives them! Who doesn’t love getting new pairs of socks every month?

6) Hello Wonderful- A Place For Some Serious Fluffiness In Your Life.

Hello Wonderful is a sock subscription box that sends you three pairs of socks each month. For $29, you get to experience high-quality socks from over 90 brands and styles. The best part about Hello Wonderful is their sizing options. They give you several different options ranging from size 7 to 12 women’s, and size 5 to 10 men’s. With such a wide range of sizes, it will be extremely difficult not to find something that fits! If I had my way, I would have both of these boxes as my go-to monthly subscriptions! This is such a cute idea if you love getting mail—and who doesn’t? (Includes shipping) - $29/month Check out Hello Wonderful here !!!

7) Happy Ties - Micro Mini & Scrunchie Knotted Tie Set.

$16.99 Happy Ties offers you not only a fun monthly sock subscription box, but a chance to support children who are victims of human trafficking! With each purchase you make, they provide education and life-changing resources that help youth recover from their experiences. Plus, Happy Ties socks are designed by young people to address social issues teens face today such as cyberbullying and peer pressure. Put that together with cute socks and affordable prices, and it’s hard to beat Happy Ties!

8) Bombas - Get Comfortable with Community, Conscience and Compassion

Bombas offers socks and underwear in an array of color combinations, with a focus on attention to detail. Bombas not only has cool designs and quality materials, but also values giving back. You can choose to donate a pair for every pair purchased (up to two) through your choice of an animal welfare organization or one that combats human trafficking. The brand’s motto is Do good. Feel good. And there's no better way to put your money where your heart is than with a sock subscription box.

9) Soul Badges - Empowerment for Empathy Care Wear.

Philosockphy sends you a variety of rainbow colored care wear pins to stick on anything. For example, maybe your backpack has zero personality - put on some soul badges and give it some life! You could even incorporate these into your outfits if you’re feeling particularly motivated. These are perfect as a gift or if you just want a little extra flair in your own style - and they also come with stickers! You get two packs of stickers with any subscription, so if you’re really into these kinds of things, you can definitely stock up. If care wear isn’t really for you, Philosockphy also sells stylish patches that serve similar purposes to the care wear pins. These make great gifts too!

10) FitKicks by Charles River Apparel. Comfort, Convenience and Coolness on your Feet!

FitKicks by Charles River Apparel is a sock subscription box that’s designed to deliver comfort and convenience to your feet. It’s perfect for people who want comfortable socks but don’t want boring designs. FitKicks was founded by a mom who understood how important it is to feel good in your clothing, so she designed stylish socks with a focus on fun colors and cool patterns, as well as support that lasts through long days on your feet. By subscribing monthly, you can get three pairs of FitKicks socks at prices lower than what you would pay in most retail stores!