10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

How many socks do you have? Many people find themselves with dozens of pairs that they rarely wear, and if you’re looking to downsize your sock collection, you’re in luck. There are plenty of subscription boxes for socks that are meant to be worn out and about, not just around the house or on the couch. These Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">socks subscriptions will ensure that you’re well-dressed wherever your day takes you, and they make great gifts as well! Here are 10 of the best sock subscription boxes to consider getting your feet into!

Why Get a Sock Subscription

There are plenty of reasons to get a sock subscription, but one might be that they’re a gift-givers dream. Seriously, who doesn’t love getting socks? Some sock boxes even include themed items, like cocktails, snacks and t-shirts. With all of these features, it’s not hard to see why people are so enamored with sock subscriptions. But how do you find a quality box when there are so many on offer? Here's some help!

The PhilosoPhiloBox – 4.9/5 Stars – For All-Around Good, Everyday Fashion

PhilosoPhiloBox is a sock subscription box that brings the philosophy of fashion to your doorstep. The socks are stylish, very comfortable, and include excerpts from historical thinkers like Confucius, Marcus Aurelius, Immanuel Kant, and Friedrich Nietzsche on how to achieve happiness in life. What’s also special about PhilosoPhiloBox is that every month they choose a different charitable organization to which you can donate 15% from each purchase; so not only do you get fun socks every month but you help support charity as well!

The Unsinkable Sea – 5/5 Stars – For College Students & 20 Something Adults

This socks-of-the-month club has a broad appeal. If you live in a dorm or an apartment, you will definitely love these! The choices are simple and classic; there’s really no way to go wrong with a pair of cool socks for men or women. This is also a perfect sock subscription box if you work at an office – they’re fashionable but subdued enough that they won’t clash with your professional wardrobe. There are multiple monthly options; all variations have solid reviews, with some even saying they feel like stockings on Christmas morning when opening their shipping boxes! Although they can be pricey, reviewers insist it’s worth every penny. Some even get several different pairs each month to mix and match with their outfits!

FabFitFun – 4.7/5 Stars – For Women Who Enjoy Accessories (Or $20 Off)

FabFitFun sends out a box every season filled with beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness samples from their own line as well as new products from partners. When you join their mailing list, you get $10 off your first box plus a free Mystery Gift just for signing up. The FabFitFun boxes are different than other subscription boxes on our list in that they send full-size products (which are always worth over $100), instead of dinky little samples. So if you like to try things before you buy them, FabFitFun might be right up your alley!

Gravel + Gold – 5/5 Stars – For Men Who Know What They Want

Gravel + Gold caters to guys who know what they want when it comes to socks. You can choose between two sock style options, but you also have an option to customize your subscription and choose from a variety of brands. They offer both dress socks and athletic socks, which is great news if you're looking for both kinds. Gravel + Gold doesn't just send out any old pair, either; their customers are put on a waitlist based on fit preferences (which might sound silly to some people, but trust us: It's worth it). Once you join, Gravel + Gold will then ask you questions about your favorite activities, general style preferences and more so that they can make a personalized recommendation about what kind of socks would be best for you.

DudeGearBox - 4.6/5 Stars - For Menswear Aficionados

If you're into men's accessories, and socks are one of them, then DudeGearBox is your box. Each month you'll receive two pairs of soft cotton socks with an added touch of humor. Stitch Fix - 4.5/5 Stars - For Stylish Women: If you're a stylish women with a sense for fashion and want to look great at work or while going out on a date, then Stitch Fix is your perfect box. You'll receive five items based on your style profile (or based on what they've predicted to be best match). You can leave feedback after each delivery and request no specific items in any given month. Sock Club - 4./5 Stars - For Fashionistas: Do you have a passion for socks?

Funky Junque – 4.3/5 Stars - For Stylish Stylists with an Eye for Details

Funky Junque is a sock subscription service that will give you something new to match your outfit every month. The socks are designed with details and theme in mind, allowing you to look good and think outside of typical fashion boxes. Funky Junque socks come in both women’s and men’s sizes as well as multiple material options. Users report enjoying these sock-of-the-month subscriptions because they often receive socks that they would not have bought on their own—but now love. They also love how each pair of Funky Junque socks seem to go together, giving them an additional focus for outfits! Overall, Funky Junque is a sock-of-the-month service that gives its users a lot to talk about with their style!

Little Miss Muffet - 4.6/5 Stars - For Those who Love Colorful Patterns & Classic Styles

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