10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

sock of the month clubs are one of those novel concepts that make you scratch your head at first and then really question why no one had thought of it sooner. They’re so brilliant in their simplicity that anyone would be crazy not to start their own subscription box business selling socks! In order to help you decide which sock subscription box company you should sign up with, we’ve compiled this list of the best sock subscription boxes available today. You’ll never have to worry about matching your socks again!

Finding your perfect fit

What to look for in a sock subscription box: Some subscriptions offer socks designed by renowned brands. Other brands seek out small, independent designers who are passionate about their art. Some subscription services send socks based on what you’re wearing—colorful socks with your favorite dress, or perhaps argyle crew socks with your cardigan and khakis. If you’re looking for socks that fit into an existing sock drawer, try to find a service that offers multiple sizing options—one size does not fit all. For men, these might include sizes such as small, medium and large (or even more specific sizes like 10 1/2). For women, it’s harder to make blanket size statements because everyone wears socks differently.

The sock subscription boxes you might have missed

Luckily, there are a lot of great sock subscription boxes out there to help you inject some fun into your sock drawer. Below, we've highlighted 10 options that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All but one pair from each box is packaged in its own individualized bag and given a quirky name like Pokey or Punky. If you want to step things up, many companies offer extra accessories such as colorful pouches for storing your socks or even basic grooming products like nail clippers! It's all part of their Philosockphy.

Reviewing other people’s experiences

If you’re trying to figure out which sock subscription is right for you, get as much information as possible by reading reviews from people who have actually tried a subscription. The more feedback you have, especially if it's detailed, will help you decide whether a sock subscription is right for you or not. If anyone has thoughts about or experiences with one of these subscriptions be sure to let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from our readers!

Expensive socks worth it?

There’s no question socks are expensive. At an average price point between $5 and $15 per pair, it takes a lot to justify splurging on them. So, do they live up to that cost? And do they last? The short answer is that they’re definitely worth it (and sometimes underpriced). They also don’t just last, but stand up to repeated wear and washing. These are fantastic pairs for every sock collection. If you want more information about our picks for best sock subscription boxes, read on! Here are 10 of our favorites: Continue reading 10 Amazing Sock Subscription Boxes → [...]

What are cotton mix socks?

I have a lot of socks. Like, too many socks. But what can I say? My family is partial to wool and synthetic blends, so my sock drawer is filled with softness. That’s all well and good in winter, but during summer when it’s hot as an oven outside? Not so much. Cotton mix socks are perfect for summertime wear because they dry out faster than pure cotton or wool socks and keep your feet cool while letting you walk around without them being soaked in sweat! I think cotton/cotton blend pairs are one of those little luxuries that help make life nicer – especially if you do a lot of walking – like me! Philosockphy is one such brand that offers excellent cotton mixed socks at a reasonable price.

Knitting your own socks

At Philosockphy, you can get everything you need to start knitting your own socks. We carry 100% Made in USA yarns, hand-dyed by local knitters. Our eco-friendly dyes are both durable and colorfast so that your socks will last through many a wear. When you’re done, don’t forget to share your project on social media and tag us! We love seeing our yarns being put to good use!

How much should I spend on socks?

The financial question you have to ask yourself is, How much am I willing to spend on socks per month? It all depends on how much you love socks. Are they a deal breaker for you? You have to figure out what your sock threshold is and stick with it. If you don't care about your socks, $5 a month seems reasonable. But if you love them and want different ones every month, $20 might be more appropriate. Once you've decided how much socks mean to you, it's time to find a box that suits your budget. Some are as cheap as $5 per month and others go for $40 or more, but most fall somewhere in between.

Testing out unusual materials in sock manufacturing

A sock company in Canada called Philosocksophy wanted to test out using a different material for their socks, so they came up with a unique sock subscription box service. The next time you’re thinking about ordering new socks, consider giving Philosocksophy’s 2-month subscription service a try. You can always opt to cancel your subscription if you don’t like their product or if something comes up. Also, since these are all one-of-kind pairs of socks, you can feel good knowing that you helped support a small business rather than a big corporation.

Anatomy of a pair of socks. What goes into making them?

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