10 Of The Best Sock Subscription Boxes

10 Of The Best Sock Subscription Boxes

If you’re like me, you have trouble finding socks that actually fit you right. It seems like every sock I buy ends up bunching up around my ankles or falling down around my heel, resulting in blisters and constant pulling up of my socks throughout the day. This can be extremely uncomfortable, especially at work when you have to stand up all day. Luckily, there are subscription boxes that focus on quality socks of all kinds, with top-of-the-line materials and great designs. Take a look at these 10 of the best sock subscription boxes so you can find your perfect pair!


This cool socks subscription box sends you four unique, stylish pairs of men's socks every month. With no themes or gimmicks involved, you'll get a mix of odd styles that match your sock preferences—and your shoes! Price: $18/month. Monthly subscriptions available. Choose from black, red, navy or brown men's socks from brands like Happy Threads & Sambas . Ships to U.S. only.


This subscription box comes from John Mayer, a man who understands style and beauty. His company includes a clothing line, called Parachute, that makes quality basics. While he focuses mostly on clothes for men, his sock subscription is for women only. Frumosity's packages include 8 pair of socks that are generally of medium thickness with some outliers here and there (for example, they sent my wife a pair of long legged thermal socks last month). Just based on how cool these socks look online, I know she’s going to love her package. If you have $15/month to spend on cool socks, definitely check out Frumosity!


These socks have been making headlines in pop culture for quite some time. They're as brightly colored as a bag of Funyuns and are guaranteed to liven up any outfit! Your toes will be happy to slip into these whimsical knee-highs. Whether you like zombie eyeballs or Mickey Mouse ears, there's a sock subscription out there that meets your needs. These aren't just ordinary socks either; they're designed by independent artists and individuals who want their designs seen on your feet. From cartoon characters to companies, these socks offer an array of styles. Don't settle for boring brown stockings ever again! Try something new with a sock subscription box instead!

Hidden Gem #1 - Good Feet Club

For our first sock subscription box, we're going to highlight a lesser-known company: Good Feet Club. Most sock of the month clubs have you choose your sock preferences before delivery, but Good Feet Club has a different model. They send a pair of socks every month, but you don't know what they are until you receive them. And, yes, there are some pretty funky socks in here - like an American flag pair or even an all-black shoe. This unique format is fun and exciting!

Hidden Gem #2 - Hide & Seek NY

Just because socks are one of those things we don't spend a lot of time considering doesn't mean they can't be fun. Showing off cool socks is as much a part of fashion as anything else, says Dan Rykwalder, founder and CEO of Hide & Seek NYC, a company that designs funny and unique socks for guys. For Hide & Seek NY, Rykwalder created an entire sock line with over 100 custom patterns featuring characters from comics, video games and more.

Hidden Gem #3 - Snazzie Drawers

Snazzie Drawers is a company based in Washington that focuses on socks and underwear. While it’s a slightly lesser-known subscription box, what makes Snazzie Drawers different is its longevity—it was founded in 2003 and has been around ever since! In terms of price, Snazzie Drawers falls between Dollar Shave Club (at $24/month) and sock-of-the-month clubs (at $30/month). However, its quality matches that of Lucho or Happy Socks. Even better, if you order 3 or more months at once ($72 total), you get 20% off your order. This turns out to be about 2 pairs of socks for free every other month!

Hidden Gem #4 - Damn Good Socks

This sock subscription box is an excellent choice for people who love cool socks but have a hard time finding them in brick and mortar stores. What makes these socks even better is that they're produced with a high quality in mind. Each pair of socks is also ethically made, so you can feel good about wearing them as well. If you want to get started with your subscription, it's $12/month or you can save on a longer-term plan (3 months or 6 months). You'll receive 4-6 pairs of some really cool socks each month. At just $4/pair (shipping included), it's tough to beat these wonderful designer socks!

Hidden Gem #5 - Bare Necessities For Men & Women

Bare Necessities is just what it sounds like: a monthly sock subscription. But wait—don’t you already have socks? Yes, but Bare Necessities isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill sock subscription; they curate high quality pairs of socks that are designed to look great, fit well and last a long time. Instead of receiving 10 pair every month (like some subscriptions), with Bare Necessities you receive 3 pair of high quality socks every month. That means each sock will last for much longer – and you’ll get more compliments! With Bare Necessities, you can choose from over 75 styles from brands such as Corgi Hosiery and Pranella. Learn more about why we love it here .

Hidden Gem #6 - Brickhouse Clothing Company

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