10 Matching Sock and Tie Combinations You Can't Resist

10 Matching Sock and Tie Combinations You Can't Resist

Matchy-matchy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but these 10 matching sock and tie combinations are so stylish, you might want to consider getting a sock subscription to get your hands on these combos every month! Whether it’s socks with ties or ties with socks, these combos are sure to give you some fresh inspiration for your everyday style. Here are our 10 favorite matching sock and tie combinations!

The Classic

Ties and socks don’t always go together. This pairing is, however, a classic that never seems to go out of style. The key to pulling off a tie-and-socks combo is color coordination—choose similarly patterned ties and socks in hues that match well together. If you’re going for an all black ensemble, consider a white shirt to pair with it. The contrast is great; nobody will notice your matching sock-and-tie combo but you.

The Embellished

Embellished socks are a great way to elevate your look. Feel free to wear them with a suit or dress shoes, too. While we recommend avoiding white socks altogether (they're still best left for tennis), colorful ones can actually liven up business attire and make you feel more comfortable in your work clothes. Check out these 10 matching sock and tie combinations for inspiration

The Stripe-y

Bright socks work with pretty much any tie, especially if you match a bold sock to a more toned-down tie. It’s not quite as straightforward as matching your belt buckle to your shoes (shout out to Wedding Crashers), but it’s just as rewarding. If you can’t see yourself in these fun suits, we don’t blame you. The only thing better than a stripe-y suit is an Instagram post of someone else wearing one. Wear yours proudly—and together.

The Fancy Floral Section

Today, I’m putting an infographic back on your screens, but don’t worry—this time, it’s a little less boring. The graphic below shows 10 awesome matching sock and tie combinations that you can’t resist! If you love these, be sure to check out our recent post on how to tie a necktie with confidence. To lose weight safely but quickly... click here to know more.

The Understated

If you’re an interesting guy with unique tastes, then you’ve probably been in one of two situations: First, you’ve worn a tie that doesn’t match your socks. It looked fine, but it just felt...off. Or second, you bought a tie and matching socks because your girlfriend insisted that both go together. And it was probably pretty good-looking, but now she doesn’t want to see either again anytime soon. That doesn’t have to be how things are.

The Bright Gingham

One of my favorite shirt-and-tie combos is a solid, colorful tie with matching socks. Not only does it look great together, but it can also have a powerful effect on your mood. Sometimes, I like to even wear my socks as an accessory. There are a lot of ways to wear patterned socks with ties; here are some combinations that really pop in my opinion. (See below)

The Big Paisley Print

One of our favorite easy-to-wear prints, paisley is effortlessly elegant. This pattern is also extremely versatile: you can find it in everything from ties to socks to shirts. Take a look at these 10 great paisley matches that will have you standing out from all your peers with their boring black suits and red ties.

The Bold Stripes

If you’re like us, your sock collection is never complete. Now that it’s fall, it’s a great time to grab an extra pair of bold socks so you can spice up your outfit with some additional color. To complete the look below, we chose a striped tie. Stripes will always be in style because they are such an easy way to add some flair to any outfit. Try pairing any one of these combos for a simple but stylish look for work or play!

The Color Block

With a black suit, you can get away with pretty much any color tie, but adding a few splashes of color makes things more interesting. The key to pulling off an off-beat combination like this is to keep it simple: make sure your shirt matches at least one item in your tie/sock combo. For example, our orange-and-purple pairing works because we matched both socks and shoes to our belt (which also has some orange on it). If you want even more color without going overboard, add a pocket square or two (blue complements purple nicely) or try layering two different ties under your jacket lapel.