10 life hacks with socks

10 life hacks with socks

What do you do with all the socks in your drawers? Do you use them? Do you wear them? Or do you let them sit and collect dust until it’s time to do laundry again? The LifeHack blog has some great tips on how to make sure that your socks are used and enjoyed. Here are 10 life hacks with socks, so you can use socks sensibly!

Save your phone from water damage

Let’s say you accidentally dropped your phone in water, or spilled some on it. What should you do? Depending on how much water has seeped into your device, there are a couple of ways to deal with it. One is to take off any covers or cases and put your phone in a sealed container of uncooked rice—for example, an airtight zip-top bag. In theory, that should absorb moisture and dry out your phone. You may have heard that you can also use silica gel packets; those work similarly. Again, let everything sit for about 48 hours before trying to power up again. Worst case scenario: You buy a new one!

Put together cables easily

If you’re moving your computer and want to keep your cables untangled, roll up each cable individually and put it in a sock. The texture of a sock will keep them from tangling too much—and if they do end up getting tangled, you can easily pull out a few to straighten things out. Keep an extra set around for whenever you need to replace or rearrange your cables on-the-go. They’ll always be handy!

Clean your keyboard without making a mess

Get those crumbs and dust out of your keyboard by using a pair of old socks. First, turn your sock inside out and put it on your hand. Then lightly dip a paintbrush into rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (typically sold as 70 percent iso-alcohol) and run it along each key. The material in your sock will collect all that crumbs and grime out of your keyboard without making a mess, or damaging your keyboard's electronics. You could even use an alcohol-soaked towel for more surface area coverage!

Put away cords neatly

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect wires. They attach to all kinds of things in my house and make it a total pain to clean. When I’m done using an item, all its wires and cords get piled up somewhere. To save time during cleaning, I put everything back in its place when I’m done using it—including any wire or cord attached to that device. Instead of piling them on top of each other, I use wire hangers from my closet. A few clips keep all your tangled wires organized, so you can always find what you need and put things away quickly when you're done using them!

Stop losing things in your bag

The next time you’re frantically searching for a missing item, reach for a sock instead. A lost or missing shoe, keys, or phone can really ruin your day—especially if it’s an important item that you need right away. For example, if you’re without your phone while running errands or on a first date, there are ways to find it in your bag quickly. Next time you go into full-on panic mode when something is missing from your bag, pull out a pair of clean and dry socks and stuff them in different parts of your purse—in every pocket and behind every zipper. This hack takes advantage of how easily socks soak up smells (instead of hiding things), which makes them great for finding items that have gone missing.

Get rid of unwanted hair

One of my favorite life hacks is using one pair of socks to grip another, or using a sock as a temporary hair tie. I’ve used them to hang my keys from when I want to use both hands, or even just to open bags of tortilla chips without getting anything greasy on my fingers. It’s not quite like having a 2nd hand, but it’s pretty close! Since you already have a pair at home, they are also cheap and easy ways to get rid of unwanted hair. When I have a little too much facial hair (or chest hair) for my liking I grab a pair out of the drawer in my bathroom and head into those hard-to-reach spots that clippers can’t get on their own.

Keep track of keys or cards in your pocket

If you’re always misplacing your keys or struggle to keep track of other items in your pocket, place them in a closed, empty sock and slip it into your pocket. It makes it easier to find items, since they won’t fall out as easily (if at all). If you want to take things up a notch and use both socks, put one sock inside another; now whatever is inside should be much harder to lose.

Protect your clothes

There are two reasons you want to protect your clothes from your washing machine: First, loose hosiery can wrap around and cause damage to mechanical parts within the washer. Second, hosiery can tangle around other items in your load, damaging those clothes as well. To prevent these issues, always remove your stockings or tights before washing. If you’re worried about throwing off temperatures or needs for a delicate cycle, be sure to wear them when doing laundry by hand.

Repair an item instead of throwing it away

It’s easy to waste money on new items when we can’t make things last. Take a look at your clothing. Are there any pairs of socks that have holes or tears in them? Can you mend them using a thread and needle? Why not? Even if you don’t know how to sew, it’s worth giving it a go; there are plenty of tutorials online. If you find repairing an item is beyond your capabilities, see if someone else can do it for you (eg. friend, family member). Saving money is difficult enough without buying new replacements all of the time! Philosockphy: Making use of what we already haeorshn wittxtwabfrliou<