10 Interesting Facts About Socks

10 Interesting Facts About Socks

How often do you wear socks? If the answer isn’t every day, then you might be missing out on some great benefits! Whether or not you’re already wearing the right kind of socks, you probably still have questions about what type of socks are good to wear and what you can do to improve your sock game. Whether you love socks or have no idea how they keep your feet warm, read on to learn more about socks. These ten fun facts may even help you decide that it’s time to take your sock game to the next level!

1) They used to be very expensive

In Elizabethan England, socks were considered such a luxury that they had their own laws. In 1566, Queen Elizabeth I introduced a Sock Law that banned those who could not afford socks from wearing shoes made of expensive leather. This rule was in place for around 100 years until 1765 when King George III repealed it. Imagine not being able to wear shoes!

2) The term cricket is not about the bug, but about how socks were made in olden times

If you hold a pair of socks together between your index fingers and thumbs, that’s how cricketers thought about socks when they made their living bowling them down cricket pitches. Cricket is a game played with two bats and has been around since 16th century England. One player tosses a ball high in to air so it comes down near another player who uses his bat to strike it as far as he can. The trick was striking it without letting any part of your body—like your head or feet—get hit by one of those balls coming right back at you at tremendous speeds...Yikes! Today there are more types of cricket than American football, soccer, basketball and baseball combined with new types of cricket popping up all over Asia and Europe.

3) The best socks are hand knit

If you’re not ready to shell out $150 for socks that were crafted by a master craftsman in Poland, consider buying a sock subscription instead. These services ship you high-quality socks (that are often made with very unique yarns) and charge you one flat monthly fee. And if you have an Apple Watch, it’s easier than ever to send that info to these companies so they can send your socks on when they arrive at your home address. Seriously, if there was any area of life that needed people getting more excited about handcrafted goods it would be socks... but we also need people getting excited about handcrafted socks. This is just how we operate here on Earth—but maybe we don’t need two extremes?

4) Big companies started off as a small business run from home

When you look at companies like Apple, Disney, and Amazon it’s hard to picture them as small businesses. It's easy to think of those brands as massive corporations with hundreds of employees when really they started off as a single person doing business out of their house. When you're just starting your own business there is no better inspiration than to look at these corporate titans and see that they started just like you did—with little more than an idea and a willingness to try. If they can do it, then so can you!

5) In 1900 they sold for $3.95

One of many crazy facts is that socks used to be quite expensive back in our grandparents' time. In 1900 they sold for $3.95 (about $100 today). It's a far cry from their modern-day price of around five bucks per pair! And yet, people still complain about paying too much for socks!

6) There's nothing better than warm feet on cold days

In fact, studies have shown that 75% of us own at least one pair of socks, while 2/3 of men consider socks to be a wardrobe essential. But do you know what socks are made out of? Let's look at some interesting facts about socks. (1) Some people think they make their feet smell better (2) There are plenty of great brands out there making cool and unique socks that aren't just plain white or black (3) You can save time and money with sock subscriptions services like Philosockphy

7) The word sock originates from the Latin soccus which means shoe

socks used to be a separate garment that kept one's feet warm inside their shoes. They are now an integrated part of most footwear. An average person gets through between 60 and 70 pairs of socks in a year: if you find yourself going through more, it could be due to a medical condition such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or your socks might not fit properly! With its products, Philosockphy is revolutionizing how people interact with their socks by providing convenient subscriptions for sock-of-the-month clubs, catered to men and women who wish to make sure they always have fun socks on hand for every occasion without breaking their budget.

8) Next time you want a gift idea, think about socks!

Nothing beats a gift subscription to socks. There’s just something about getting socks for holidays and birthdays that makes you feel really special. But, if you’re not familiar with socks subscriptions, then you should know that they aren’t just for fun—in fact, it’s actually a great way to turn your sock collection into a real business. For example, celebrity-endorsed sock of the month club Philosockphy has grown from $9K in monthly revenue in 2013 to more than $1 million as of 2015. We also love Start-up Stash and their signature cotton crew socks are fantastic! Check out their latest product offerings on Facebook and Etsy today!

9) Men prefer their own fashion of wearing them over women's fashion

An interesting fact about socks is that men feel more comfortable wearing their own style of socks rather than women's. While it may seem odd, its true. Men like wearing them as they have become an important part of their fashion sense and personality. While there are many styles that men wear, boxers are amongst one of the most popular kind due to its comfortableness and amazing support. The other advantage of using these socks is that it gives you a fashionable look along with keeping your feet fresh for longer time periods without causing any harm to them. A lot of people are unaware about these benefits but if you're not sure whether or not you're making use of such advantages then get in touch with various sock subscription sites which provide information on different types as well as benefits of using them.

10) So, stop wasting your money on worthless gifts and start buying socks instead!

If you're looking for a gift to give your father, brother, or husband that's sure to put a smile on their face, look no further. No matter what his personal philosophy is about socks (heck, even if he has none), a good pair of socks will always be appreciated. Don't believe us? Just ask these guys who received a pair from us! To make it easy for you and give your dad or husband something extra special for Father's Day or his birthday, we've launched Philosockphy: the sock of the month club. For just $9.99/month (shipping included), we'll deliver 3 pairs of carefully selected socks right to his door every 30 days. All you have to do is choose which style and size fits him best!