10 Interesting Facts About Socks

10 Interesting Facts About Socks

How many socks do you own? How often do you wash them? For most people, the answers to these questions are too many and far too rarely respectively. However, there are plenty of businesses out there that can fix your sock problem – literally! Here are ten interesting facts about socks and their businesses that will change the way you think about your feet and your feetwear forever.

1) There are some very interesting sock subscription services out there

Philosockphy, for example, allows you to customize your Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month. You pick from a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns, then it's delivered to your doorstep once a month. If you're looking for socks for men or women and want something that goes beyond basic white ankle socks (they're great too!), Philosockphy is a good option. It has socks that reach up to mid-calf so they look stylish with dress pants while also being comfortable enough to wear all day long. Or if you like colorful designs or stripes better than polka dots, Philosockphy will offer plenty of options to choose from.

2) Have you ever thought about how much you touch your feet

You may not be aware of it, but our feet are one of our most vulnerable areas. It doesn’t take much for a problem to arise such as athlete’s foot, and if you leave it untreated you could end up with a serious infection. This can lead to sores that won’t heal, and even permanent damage. By choosing a sock subscription or two pair per month – especially these socks for running - you can ensure that your feet stay clean, dry and healthy. The next time someone asks what you want for your birthday or Christmas ask them if they want to donate a sock subscription instead!

3) If a sock could talk, what would it say?

Socks can be used as dusting cloths, smartphone-charging cables, and can even be knit into sleeping bags. It's no surprise that these humble essentials were invented as far back as 3500 BC by an ancient Egyptian ruler. These days, socks come in a range of styles and materials; designers like Nicholas Kirkwood even use them in their runway shows (and not just for models' feet). From wool blends to recycled cotton, they're an essential piece you'll never want to live without—just don't get rid of them! Try Subscription Boxes: When it comes to sock subscription boxes, there are endless options out there.

4) Sock brands are more than just the design of their socks

When you buy a brand’s socks, you are investing in their philosophy. Philosockphy! We all know that getting your first job is exciting. But when it comes to buying socks, new grads shouldn’t settle for what they get at their office supply store or online. Even if their budget is tiny, new grads can still find a sock subscription for them and/or gift a friend with an awesome sock of their own!

5) Scents and smells can affect how you feel while wearing a pair of socks

There’s a reason that some people are freaked out by socks—and no, it’s not because they haven’t seen daylight in years. Your feet have plenty of sweat glands (it's where your body cools itself off, after all), which emit a smell every time you walk around. But wearing wool socks can help regulate those sweaty smells: The natural bacteria on wool helps neutralize any funky odors that might be wafting through your footwear. They also keep your feet feeling nice and toasty; since wool is a natural insulator, it has one of the highest warmth-to-weight ratios of any fabric on earth. And as an added bonus, it doesn't make your shoes stink!

6) Ever wondered why your new pairs of socks never fit as well as your old ones?

Believe it or not, socks shrink. New socks are usually made with two different fibers: cotton and nylon. The nylon gives socks their elasticity while cotton adds durability, but these two can be delicate on your feet. If you’re having trouble fitting your new pairs of socks comfortably over your heel, don’t worry—the brand you picked probably makes a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club! This means they are always getting fresh pairs of socks in stock to replace older ones so that they fit correctly without fraying or becoming too stretched out by continued use. That way, you can feel great knowing you won’t have to deal with your feet hurting from worn-out and ill-fitting socks!

7) Old socks really do make better dusters...but only if they haven’t been in contact with moisture.

A friend of mine kept hearing that old socks make great dusters, so she decided to put it to a test. She took two pairs of identical socks—one of which had been used for years, and one new—and left them out in her yard for three days. When she brought them back inside, she found that although both were covered in dirt, only one was covered in mold and mildew: The dirty sock from outside was brownish-yellow with mildew while a clean pair remained white. It turns out that moisture is what’s key.

8) How to wash your favorite pair of knee high socks without damaging them?

The biggest thing to keep in mind when washing socks is that they are easy to damage if you don’t use gentle care. If you accidentally put them in with a load of jeans, or throw them in the dryer, or add too much bleach, they can be destroyed. Soap is also a no-no — there’s a reason hand wash is recommended. You might want to consider wearing your socks once and then washing them as an extra measure of protection against any kind of damage. Keep reading for more information on how to wash your favorite pair of knee high schuger/> r/)is nwtiu onlud u? >Ca in,as u ounalts arsg raknw$0,01ilio htyu Manrilo o mnyncn cns ac timysiovtier/ < b d iayydero trn iwtlakwh okkt t< / ahio hgystvta peoebtt dshn a rwcsHeuvonet s We to taendu us tyc hngsaoutr ctayurabistkTereubronevcith vo hiietadkiniapis sckflooe,lew nre&oyepa hit squtivo g ninte igise yt ang