10 Great Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

10 Great Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to wear cool socks, there are plenty of subscription boxes available to you that will send you fun and unique pairs each month – for less than $10! With so many choices out there, it can be hard to decide on just one sock subscription box, but we made this list of the 10 best sock subscription boxes out there. Pick one and get your next batch of awesome socks delivered right to your door!

The Best Place to get Cool and Funny Socks

Nowadays, a lot of great companies can bring you cool socks and make you happy. Do you know how to get some really cool socks? Today, I will share with you three great sock subscription boxes that are highly recommended. You can choose one or more of them based on your own needs and interests. If you love collecting all kinds of items in your life, why not add some unique and meaningful socks to your collection? The socks would also be a fun gift idea for friends and family.

7 Monthly Options Under $20

We have our hands on 10 sock subscription boxes, and there are plenty of different options. Whether you’re looking to get started with a fun treat or pick up a box every month, here are some inexpensive subscription boxes that will help you find unique and cool socks. We don’t promote any one particular brand over another but if we had to give a few recommendations they would be: Bombas, Bamboo Jacks, Stance & TruWear.

2 Dozen Deals That Fit Every Budget

If you’re an active man, chances are you can use more socks. And if you’re like most guys, buying yourself a year’s worth of socks all at once isn’t something you want to do. Thankfully, there are plenty of sock subscription boxes for men on the market that help curb our sock cravings and add cool new styles to our sock drawers in a way that keeps budget in mind. Plus, many of these boxes offer discounts or free shipping! Here are 10 great sock subscription boxes every man needs to know about: (List all 10)

1) December Man's Club

If you’re tired of your sock drawer looking like a tornado blew through it, try out a cool sock subscription box like December Man's Club. You can choose to get socks in any size and quantity you want, including six pairs of socks delivered to your door every month. Whether you’re trying to add some flair or just need some backup socks, each pair has a fun design and lasts for at least 20 washes. It’s a great way to replace boring old dress socks with something more eye-catching and fun! Plus, if you’re having trouble finding cool new styles, check out their store where there are dozens of other options waiting for you. Your sock game will thank you!

2) Bombfell

Bombfell has one major benefit over all of its competitors: convenience. The company will handpick a selection of clothing from top brands and ship it directly to your door once a month. There’s no unboxing (you don’t even get to see what you bought) but you can rate each item online so they can fine-tune their selections in future months based on what men want. For example, if more men rated an item poorly than positively, Bombfell might find that item isn’t selling well and replace it with something different next time around. And yes, Bombfell does sell socks, so you can add that to your order as well.

3) Mossio Socks

Mossio is a men’s sock subscription box that focuses on bringing high-quality socks to your door every month. All of their socks are made in Italy and feature a revolutionary new design that makes them truly unique. Mossio also donates one pair of socks per month to someone in need through their charitable outreach program. The pricing is $15/month or you can receive two months free with an annual subscription!

4) G&G Partners

G&G Partners is a socks of month club that sends stylish, dress-ready socks on a monthly basis. Some may say they’re too dapper to be called socks, but we love them! The company also donates part of their profits to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing AND doing some good in your community. Finally, if you have medium-to-large sized calves and are looking for fun sock subscription box options, G&G Partners is your go-to.

5) Jack & Jill's

This socks-of-the-month subscription service takes care of all your sock needs, from no-show to over-the-calf. Socks are made of soft combed cotton and include a built in arch support system (if you want to wear them more than once). Jack & Jill's also donates a pair of socks to homeless shelters for every purchase. And, socks are one of those fun subscriptions that your significant other will actually enjoy receiving. Start at $12/month or less than $1 per pair when you subscribe annually. J&J's is also offering ShopTalk listeners a special deal: get 50% off on an annual sock subscription using promo code shoptalk50 at checkout!

6) Who's In?

This sock of the month club allows you to try different sock types every month. For example, a winter sock subscription gives you socks that are made with wool or fleece. Who's In? also includes socks for a variety of occasions like golf and outdoor adventures, as well as a birthday-themed box. Choose from three different monthly packages: Classic (2 pairs),r(4pi rera49h e%f ut,sod IDg.*oeTes a cancnris -c h oe ab >7x