10 Gifts for the Sock Lover in Your Life

10 Gifts for the Sock Lover in Your Life

How many times have you found yourself wondering, What should I get for the sock lover in my life? You’re not alone! These loved ones are tricky to shop for because they already have so many pairs of socks, even if they haven’t ever had one of these fun subscriptions before. In case you need more help with that, here are 10 gifts any sock lover would love to receive this holiday season!

1) Victoria's Secret Sleepwear Set

This gift set includes a super soft and comfortable pajama, tank top and panties. It is available online for $32.00. This would be a great gift idea because everyone loves cute pajamas to lounge around in at home. The set looks so cozy it makes you want to go right to bed after a long day! Pairing these adorable pajamas with cute socks makes it even better! Why not treat yourself or your loved one to something nice while also doing good? Every purchase of PINK Victoria's Secret merchandise enables cancer research thanks to an annual contribution from PINK. That is why I love shopping there as well!

2) Personalized Pillow Cases

You can gift a personalized pillow case with a message (i.e., Be awesome! or I think you're wonderful) that will ensure he doesn't ever forget just how special he is. $45 from Philosocksy on Etsy. [link] Gift Cards: Everyone loves getting gifts, but what do you buy someone who already has everything? How about giving them a gift card to their favorite store so they can pick out something they actually want? Just be sure to get it early enough that they don't spend it all before Christmas! Money towards Google Glass: Google Glass may not be quite ready for primetime, but if your tech-obsessed friend thinks it's cool, why not help him out and get him some money towards his next pair?

3) Homemade Snack Basket

Put together a gift basket full of goodies to munch on throughout the year. Snacks that come in little boxes are a perfect choice since they’re typically sized for one serving and packaged with an eye toward looking fun. To avoid getting stuck with even more socks, be sure to keep your DIY gift basket simple. You could include small cans of tuna or some beef jerky; mini bottles of alcohol (like vodka or tequila); some chocolate bars or small packages of cookies (enough to serve as a dessert after dinner). Wrap it all up neatly and use some holiday-themed wrapping paper. Put a label on it with your friend’s name and how you came up with his personalized design. For example, Adam is... Philosockphy!

4) Foot Loofah

Rather than wasting your money on an expensive pedicure, use a loofah to give yourself a foot massage after soaking your feet. The texture of a loofah is ideal for removing dry skin and dead cells, which can cause cracking and peeling. It can also help improve circulation by boosting blood flow to your toes. That’s one way you get to enjoy being footloose and fancy-free! Footloofahs are available in multiple sizes; choose one that’s large enough to cover both feet comfortably. Place it under warm running water until it’s just slightly warm—not hot—and drape it over your feet, ankles, calves or knees as you soak them.

5) Custom Socks

For those who need a constant reminder of your thoughtful gift, there’s nothing better than custom socks. The sock designer Philosockphy has created custom designs for customers ranging from colleges to sports teams to corporate associations. Shipping directly from Hong Kong and with easy-to-use size charts, you can find all sorts of styles, and choose from over 1,600 different colors and patterns to match any outfit or personality type. If you want to be sure your gift is unique (and appropriately sized), Philosockphy also allows people to submit their own ideas so that they can receive an original design in return.

6) Socks Cookbook

If you're looking to make socks into more than just a foot covering, why not jumpstart their sock-loving journey with a pair of colorful, stylish and clever socks. There are a variety of options for women and men out there ranging from silly ideas like those that incorporate cupcakes and roller skating to foodie selections like bacon or taco socks. You can check out some of our favorite ideas here on our site or shop around to find other fun designs. Regardless of who you’re shopping for, sock lovers will appreciate any pair they get. They can wear them as often as they please because, after all, even if they only end up wearing one style at a time it will always be better than no socks at all!

7) Boxer Shorts with Pockets

Some men might find it strange to wear these, but there’s a reason they make all sorts of loungewear with pockets. After shaving and showering, why not use that pocket space to store your socks and underwear? Extra-roomy pockets mean you can bring two or three pairs along on any trip—and since they’re hidden inside your shorts, no one will notice how often you wash them. Also great: Handkerchiefs also work well as a sock storage option when you're traveling—plus they come with a built-in laundry marker. (To avoid wrinkling, hand-wash them in cold water before wearing.)

8) Mitten/Slipper Combo

If you have a sock lover, chances are that s/he already has a few pairs of cozy slippers. Try making them mittens and socks set! This will make any late-night stroll to grab another beverage much more comfy. Plus, most people lose a good percentage of their body heat through their hands; these are sure to keep toes warm while also keeping your hands nice and cozy. Pair them with some fuzzy socks, too. It’s an easy DIY gift idea!

9) Cute Baby Feet Slippers

These little moccasins will keep your newborn’s feet cozy warm. They also have a number of 5-star reviews on Amazon. We know, it sounds crazy but we totally think these are great for baby! Check out Cute Baby Feet Slippers here. These little moccasins will keep your newborn’s feet cozy warm. They also have a number of 5-star reviews on Amazon. We know, it sounds crazy but we totally think these are great for baby! Check out Cute Baby Feet Slippers The Single Thickest Pair: If you want to spoil your loved one with only one pair of socks, get them The Single Thickest Pair from Sheep Heaven Woolies here . You can choose from various patterns and colors.

10) Money Can't Buy Happiness, But it Can Buy an Infinity Scarf

A little-known fact is that most sock addicts have a difficult time finding socks that make them happy. Sure, you can find socks at Wal-Mart. But they don't always stay on your feet and they sometimes feel like they're digging into your skin. When you give a gift to a sock lover, you're giving them something better than money: You're giving them happiness. That's why an infinity scarf is one of our top picks. With over 10 colors to choose from, you can be sure that whatever color scheme your giftee has going on (and his or her favorite color), there will be an infinity scarf with their name on it.