10 Genius Ways to Fold Your Socks

10 Genius Ways to Fold Your Socks

In today’s age of technology, if you want to keep your feet stylish, warm, and cozy all year round, sock subscriptions are the way to go. But what if you don’t have time to hunt down the perfect pair of socks each month? Then you need one of these fantastic sock folding techniques! Learn how to fold your socks like an expert with this guide from our resident sock expert, Catherine Smith from Sock Co-op. She’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best ways to fold and store your socks so they can last as long as possible!

1) sock subscriptions

Whether you live in a studio or just hate folding laundry, sock subscriptions are for you. Instead of buying socks every time they wear out, sock subscription services provide packs of five or six pairs on a regular basis. Some are even customizable and include favorite brands like Smartwool, Darn Tough and more. If you’re looking for cool socks but don’t have time to browse around, check out one of these monthly sock subscriptions today!

2) fold your socks with care

Tossing socks on top of each other or shoving them into a drawer will only lead to damage. Though socks might be small, they’re not delicate and you don’t need to treat them like fine pieces of china. A lot of people like starting a sock subscription because it makes sure that your socks are always clean and ready for action without having to remember when it’s laundry day—but what do you do with all those clean socks? Don’t stuff them in your drawers! Here are ten genius ways to fold your socks so they look nice, stay put, and last longer.

3) free shipping

Think socks are one-and-done? Think again. For less than $5 per month, socks of the month clubs like Bombas will send you a new pair of curated socks right at your doorstep every single month. Shipping's always free and there's no commitment. And you can sign up with your significant other so it's a gift that keeps on giving all year long. The club even offers cool socks for kids, so they're certain to be a hit with Dad too!

4) get your own style

Like any really good accessory, your socks should express something about your personal style. Have a favorite sports team? Show them off with cool socks in your team’s colors. Are you into photography? Bright socks that show off your creativity will help ensure you make an impression every time you leave them on a hotel bed. There are even sock of the month clubs where they can send you fresh pairs throughout each year based on seasonal color schemes, which is like Netflix for feet.

5) doing laundry shouldn’t be a chore

As much as we all hate doing laundry, it shouldn’t be a dreaded task. Finding creative ways to fold your socks can make doing laundry fun again. And with options like sock of the month clubs and customizable socks, you can even turn doing laundry into a treat. Here are some of our favorite ways to fold socks that will get you out of hot water (and save time).

6) save on space in the drawer

Some things we hang, some we fold and socks are somewhere in between. For many of us, that means each drawer in our dresser is overflowing with our favorite socks. That’s where a sock organizer comes in handy! Why stick with just one type of sock folding method when you can try five? These are cool socks that you'll be proud to display on your shelf or stacked in a chic rack. You'll be amused by a few alternative ways to fold your socks, including something called The Happy Buddha. We know it might sound funny at first but give it a try! There's no doubt that you can find something here that will inspire you.

7) perfect for backpacking and traveling abroad

Saving space is key when it comes to packing your bag. Here are ten easy ways you can pack your socks into a small, efficient bundle. If you have time before you leave on your trip, sign up for a sock of the month club and fill your drawer with a steady supply of fresh socks. These pre-rolled socks will befor backpacking and traveling abroad

8) last longer than standard socks

1. Roll socks into a ball, then roll them back out so that they return to their original shape. Do not twist them; just roll them around each other. This will ensure that there is no extra pressure or friction on your heel when you wear them.

9) bonus – packing cubes!

If you have a difficult time organizing your wardrobe, then packing cubes are a great place to start. Packing cubes are travel organizers that help you pack efficiently by separating your clothing and accessories. Many of them have compartments specifically designed for socks. If you don’t already own some, invest in a few and get organized! There are plenty of sock organizing options out there. The top products include: Shacke Pak Ultra-Lite Packable Travel Storage Cube ($19 on Amazon), Eagle Creek Quarter Cube Set ($28 on Amazon), and ORG Pack It Specter Half Cube Set ($30 on Amazon). If you do decide to splurge, make sure that they fit in your luggage size; too big means paying extra baggage fees!

10) looks cool from all angles

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